BREXIT BETRAYAL: Back UKIP Or Brexit Is “Finished” Says Gerard Batten MEP

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Speaking as Theresa May’s government implodes with the surprise resignation of Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab this morning, Gerard Batten MEP has revealed that the UKIP Head Office is being “swamped” with phone calls as angry Brexiteers join the only Party now committed to Brexit: “The only way for a true Brexit is to punish the government at the ballot box. Our Head Office is being swamped with phone calls, emails and membership requests – they know that UKIP stands alone as a party committed to a real Brexit.”

Mr Batten said Brexiteers had no choice but to now back UKIP: “From this day onward, any Brexiteer who associates with the Tories may as well be a europhile campaigning to remain in the EU.┬áThe 17.4 million people who voted to leave must back UKIP or Brexit is finished.”

Mrs May’s deal is a “total capitulation” Mr Batten said which makes “Neville Chamberlin look like Winston Churchill.”

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  • 1.2K
  • 1.2K

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2 Responses

  1. VB says:

    This is a real bad time…Not because of brexit but because of the rubbish people in charge..We still have Tony Blair the War Monger piping in…We should never vote Labour as we will end up in debt once more. Also the young people need to be educated this time..Otherwise they will all be voting the wrong way…they have not concept of history at only have to listen to them when asking them questions about why they vote a certain way and their views. Especially students who have been manipulated at Universities. So UKIP needs to be seen with a really good leader who is sounding strong too..As nigel farage did….They need to be Seen much more than they are.

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    The British people do not seem to deserve Independence. Our country seems to be full of whingers and scroungers and people who cannot see the wood for the trees. we are definitely led by donkeys but what do you expect when we have a population of snowflakes. We need more physical demonstrations to put the wind up the establishment or we will become a Banana republic.

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