BREXIT BETRAYAL: MP’s CHEER ‘No Brexit’ Threat By May

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The Prime Ministers statement to the House earlier was, unsurprisingly, heated. Theresa May had her own There Is No Alternative moment when she told the Commons that the choices were between her deal, no deal, or no Brexit. However, if you want an insight into the hive mind of our rulers then watch the below. MP’s cheered, whooped and hollered as Mrs May threatened them with ‘No Brexit’ showing us clearly that we have a Parliament which is in no way committed to delivering Brexit.

True, the Prime Minister is a problem but also there is a wider issue with the mind-set of our ‘managerial class’ MP’s who think they can run our lives and our country better than us and this is cruelly exposed in the video below.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    OK so that is clear enough ! We have a PM who wishes to be a Dictator ! An anti Democrat !
    She could get away with it until she has to call a General Election, as there are sufficient gutless Tory MPs that will back her up. Come to think about it, so many Tory MPs will lose their seats, following this farcical Government’s exposure !
    Labour is smacked by Marxism and PM Brown leaning on the Police, to favour the Muslim Rape Gangs won’t go well with voters !
    There has never been a better time for UKIP to lead the way !

  2. VB says:

    What….PM Brown …and the muslim Gangs …what the hell is that about i have not heard of that…This is going too far….and shows that there is a real problem higher up the authorities and government wishing to keep this quiet…are there people there who are involved. We know there is a connection with the Hierachy there always has been. As for the PM and her followers she should be ashamed of herself trying to keep us in a dictatorship EU….And the Remainers who say they are not happy with the Brexit Draft Deal…No because they want another referendum…that is why they want it to fail

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      It is true that it has been said, VB ! A letter was sent to all Police force heads, to lay off taking time to make enquiries about Muslim Rape Gangs, due to girls having made decisions about their own sexual activity. (The fact of the girls being under age, brings this Law into the area of being ‘Bent Law’) ! With so many Police Forces, and therefore so many letters, all that is required is for one letter to make its way into the public arena, and Gordon Brown, (Son of a clergyman), will have effectively taken out all decent Labour voters !
      I bet locks have been put on all Police file cabinets, or their is a smell of burning in some Police offices !

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