BREXIT BETRAYAL: Tusk Mocks “British Friends”

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European Council President Donald Tusk sure knows how to kick a country when it’s down, a typical Eurocrat then, he tweeted:

The last few days have, of course, been exceptionally painful and infuriating for Brexiteers. Mrs May’s sell-out deal has been by the news this morning that prominent Cabinet so-called Brexiteers such as Michael Gove and reportedly Andrea Leadsom and Penny Mordaunt have effectively betrayed Brexit by remaining in the Prime Ministers Cabinet and by implication submitting to collective responsibility. Both Michael Gove and Liam Fox have publicly backed Mrs May as has the Daily Mail as former Brexiteers submit to her combination of duplicity and her own persoanal ‘Project Fear’.

Latest reports this morning indicate however that a vote of confidence in Treason May’s leadership is likely.

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  • 2.3K
  • 2.3K

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4 Responses

  1. skipper says:

    Britain WILL be prosperous and successful with a NO DEAL!
    The dictatorship in Brussels knows this and fears this, as it will lead other memberstates to also want an exit!
    This is what ALL and EVERTHING is about: to put up as many roadblocks as possible, and scream threats, fear and havoc on each street-corner, to scare Britain into giving in and continue under supreme control of the EU!
    Britain – please don’t give in to this – leave with NO DEAL!
    Be proud and confident that Britain will again be a great country!

  2. Chris Dark says:

    I hope UKIP puts up a candidate against Fox next time….he’s been left pretty much unchallenged but surely not next time.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    POLITICS AS A CREER is a rocky road to travel. As a career, it is only worthwhile if you have a firm idea of what you want, and come hell or high water, never make allowances for compromise ! Of course, you do need to know your facts, and stick to them.
    I remember Tony Benn, whos politics I never agreed with, but I had considerable respect for his dogged consistency with his own views ! What we have with Mrs May, is simply none of the above ! She has failed as a negotiator ! Her way is to compromise on everything to the point of total surrender ! I think she has said so much that she forgets what she said at the beginning !

  4. Steven Banach says:

    Seems like quite a nice thing to say?

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