Tommy Robinson: UKIP Will “Walk” Next Election After May’s “Brexit Betrayal”

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Tommy Robinson has claimed that UKIP will “walk” Britain’s next General Election if May is not replaced as Prime Minister after her “Brexit betrayal” deal.

Tommy wrote that Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement with the EU is a “betrayal of the people” and predicted victory for UKIP in the next election if a “genuine Brexiteer” doesn’t take her place.

He wrote: “4 ministers have now resigned from the government due to Theresa May’s betrayal of the people and disregard for democracy.

“If the conservative party do not force her to step down now and replace her with a genuine Brexiteer then I predict UKIP will walk the next general election and take huge support from the two corrupt established parties.”

On Sunday, UKIP’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) will take a vote on whether to hold a membership-wide ballot on whether or not to admit Robinson to the party, with tens of thousands of activists desperate to join along with Tommy.

With the Brexit situation looking direr by the day, many UKIP members are hoping that Tommy’s increased campaigning on Brexit will be enough to get UKIP into parliament and save Brexit.

In an earlier post shortly after May’s agreement was published, Tommy ripped into the deal, arguing that she has “raised the white flag or surrender” to the EU.

He wrote: “Based on reports of the Brexit paper it would appear this joke of a Prime Minister raised the white flag of surrender last night to the EU in what can only be described as the biggest betrayal to British democracy. She needs to go!

“The biggest ever democratic turnout in British History voted to leave the EU. This pathetic ‘deal’ is the weakest deal you could have dreamt up at the start.

“Trump told her she should have started with no deal (and no money to the EU!) and then asked them what they could do that is better than that! That is because he is a good businessman and not a career politician who has no clue how the real-world works.

“Instead this weak corrupt Government have spent 2.5 years trying to find every way possible to not really leave the EU. Despite laying down red lines on public record she just went on to ignore everything she has said. Same old politicians tell the public what they want to hear and then just betray them and do what they want anyway.

“We need to push for a NO DEAL not some deal that lets Europe decided our laws without us having any say in it what so ever…. Insane.”

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  • 5.7K
  • 5.7K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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16 Responses

  1. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Brilliant stuff from Tommy Robinson at Kipper Central.
    UKIP debating this coming Sunday to give the membership a vote on admitting Tommy to UKIP.
    If UKIP want to win the next General Election, UKIP needs Tommy Robinson on board.

    • Rowena Muldal says:

      Sadly, despite Tommy giving UKIP support … they continue to refuse him the right to join, yet expect his supporters to join them. … what a load of crock.

  2. Jim Hammond says:

    Tommy, if you really believe in UKIP then recommend to all your followers that, if eligible, they join UKIP now and not wait to see if you get membership or not.

    If there are thousands of followers desperate to join UKIP and fight for Brexit and the other massive challenges our country and way of life is facing then what is the alternative if you are not admitted to UKIP at this time and they therefore don’t join? None politically unless all the other small anti-Brexit parties get together, and there is no sign of that. So just sit on their desperation and do nothing?

    If you really believe that UKIP is essential then do that and demonstrate to all, including your detractors (the haters will never change) that you truly are a patriot putting country above self interest. Your membership of UKIP will sort itself out in due course, certainly when the general awakening occurs, as it must.

    • Freddy Vachha says:

      A sensible suggestion.

    • Jim Hammond says:

      Should have read -Brexit parties, NOT anti Brexit parties. It’s been a rough weekend and emotions running high.

    • Rowena Muldal says:

      Why should he get his many followers to join a group who insult him, and refuse him membership? … The constant prevaricating and delays in getting him in, do not bode well for UKIP. If they want numbers, they have to show that they truly are the new Conservatìve party. The current conservative party has become Left leaning, and Labour has moved so far left it is lying on its left side.

  3. VB says:

    Yes Tommy Robinson must join UKIP HE IS NOT FAR RIGHT and the sooner people know that the better. However UKIP must NOT let the Far Right Activistis infiltrate UKIP OTHERWISE ITS OVER
    I agree wholeheartedly that if Tommy Robinson is allowed in then i will vote UKIP AGAIN

    • Rowena Muldal says:

      Why should he get his many followers to join a group who insult him, and refuse him membership? … The constant prevaricating and delays in getting him in, do not bode well for UKIP. If they want numbers, they have to show that they truly are the new Conservatìve party. The current conservative party has become Left leaning, and Labour has moved so far left it is lying on its left side.

  4. Chris FAREY says:

    The world is a fast-changing place of shifting allegiances, emerging fast-growing economies and hitherto unforeseen huge movements of vast numbers of people. The need for governments to come together to deal with this new world order is alarmingly apparent but requires such enormous co-operation that any move to address these issues results in little being done and toothless overseeing bodies left bereft of sanction. From mass-immigration, open borders and free movement of labour within the backdrop of being part of the world stage ‘bigger picture’ of global government, being an MEP is to be a far more exciting prospect than simply representing only one’s own countries problems. EU membership ensures involvement in world affairs on the world stage and an International lifestyle and salary to match. To leave the EU is to be outside of this top club, and remain simply a minor voice during top-level discussions about important issues such as environmental issues, poverty erasure, world peace, economic trade agreements and global warming to name but a few. The Referendum was supposed to be a win by a close majority for Remain as a clear demonstration to Brussels of what could happen if Britain’s voice and requirements on major issues such as Schengan, our Fishing industry, the Islamic invasion to name a few were not given proper consideration. Unfortunately, the Referendum backfired. Merkel’s ‘Gaff of the Century’ in allowing free entrance from the middle east was very badly timed because it marked the final straw for many in Britain. Ordinary Britains voted Brexit in their millions as a result. Governmental discussion and debate ever since has been about how best to turn this disaster to our advantage when dealing with Brussels, but at the same time not alienate the voters. Setting up a bogus ‘remain’ versus the ‘leave’ campaign has been a charade for the people. The whole thing has been a game to hoodwink the people into believing there was a two horse race, when in fact it was just one.

  5. I want Tommy in Ukip,he has the same ideas as me throw out the Labour Marxist threat of Corbyn,and bring common sense to our country.

  6. Freddy Vachha says:

    Whoever wrote that speech did a fine job!

    Our job is to give what SHOULD happen a chance to ACTUALLY happen. Organisation!

    I’m on my way to thegates of Downing Street.

    • Rowena Muldal says:

      This Wednesday, November 21, 2018 @ 10:00 people who are for BREXIT are being asked to come to Downing Street, to try and show en masse, that we are against this hideous agreement, which has actually been finalised bt Treasonous May, because the EU are saying no changes?

  7. skipper says:

    Tommy and the UKIP are correct!
    The elite politicians want to stay with the EU, so they can all get a fat contract in Brussels once the population of Britain throws them into the gutter as worthless and useless!
    In the dictatorship EU HQ they can live happily everafter with a fat paycheck and tax-free goodies – and best of all: the populations can never throw them out again, because once inside the EU-elitist-club, they protect each other, without interference from stupid voters. They can reap the deep coffers of EU as much as they want, as long as they want.
    A club membership sure is nice! For the elite, that is!

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    THE EU WANTS FREE MOVEMENT ACCROSS EUROPE, so why don’t the EU lovers just move to France or Germany. After all, they are sure of having no love of this Nation, so they would get what they want in leaving. WE WOULD GET WHAT WE WANT, WHICH IS TO BE SHOT OF THESE SUDO BRITISH ! House prices are generally lower than ours except in main cities. – JUST SOD OFF, OR SHUT UP !
    Now, why am I a Kipper, yet TOMMY ROBINSON’s membership of UKIP is in doubt ? His comments are four square with my own, so why the problem and delay ? UKIP must become inclusive, instead of exclusive which it is at the moment !

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    TOMMY RONINSON’S opinion of the EU, and our Tory Government, is just the same as mine. Why then am I a member of UKIP, but a big question hangs over whether he should be allowed UKIP membership ? If our NEC are of the view that we should be an exclusive, little Party, let them say so, and I can leave UKIP. If they want to get stuck in to Lib/Lab/Con then they must become inclusive ! Tommy says the same as me about the EU and this Tory Government, so what is there to consider ? Tommy WAS daft in his right wing interests, and I WAS daft in my interest in Communism. – WE BOTH GREW UP ! Come on UKIP, you too can grow up !

  10. Skippy says:

    I joined UKIP many years ago and have actively campaigned on their behalf, distributing leaflets, manning stalls, working as a teller during the referendum etc. I let my membership lapse when the odious ex-LimpDumb and ex-UN lickspittle Boulton was elected as leader, believing the rot within the party to have reached saturation point. I rejoined when Batten took over the reins and, since Farage departed, this is the first time I have some confidence that UKIP will indeed rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

    I absolutely and resolutely believe the impending decision of the NEC on whether to allow the membership a vote on the acceptance of Tommy Robinson into the party will be a watershed moment. If there are more closet lib/lab/con officers on the NEC, or cowards who still believe we are fighting by Queensbury rules, and the motion is voted down, I will leave the party forever because indubitably it will be headed for oblivion, in the same way as is the erstwhile Conservative party. We need people of action, people who will walk the walk, not just talkers who care more for their own self-interest than they do for the country and future generations.

    And to anyone on the NEC who might consider voting against allowing the membership a say on this issue, I would challenge them to go for a few walks in places like Luton, Rotherham, Bradford, Dewsbury, Birmingham, Rochdale, Oldham and many other towns the length and breadth of these isles, to better understand the concerns of ordinary people. They would then have the opportunity to ask residents in those towns the same, important questions that Tommy asks, such as why have successive Governments, and all of the state apparatus beneath them, deliberately hidden and thus condoned the gang rape and torture of thousands of underage white girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslims. No? Thought not. I would bet my house that not one of those inclined to deny Tommy membership in the party would have the courage to do so, because they themselves are cowards or they simply don’t care what is happening in this country. Such people will be more concerned with their own rise within the ranks, climbing the greasy pole for power and influence in the political arena and all the attendant perks that go with it. We have two Houses of Weasels stuffed to the rafters with politicians without principles and the people of these islands deserve far better.

    As other commenters have stated, now is the time for UKIP to grow up and stand up for what is right and for common sense to prevail. And if the UKIP NEC is indeed infested with a majority of those who believe its future relies upon such luminaries in the mould of Evans, Boulton, Nuttall and Carswell – yes, remember that Tory plant? – then good luck to them, because luck is all they will have and there won’t be near enough of it to make a scintilla of difference in the political world.

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