Kipper Central’s News Editor Returns With His Thoughts on Brexit

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It has been over a year since other work commitments (and quite a long illness) forced me to temporarily leave my role as News Editor at this site. A lot has happened since then. Henry Bolton has been and gone, new UKIP spin-off parties have appeared with varying levels of success, and Gerard has come in to steady the ship and perhaps slightly alter its direction. But one thing has always been there – or rather it hasn’t – and that thing is Brexit.

The language we use to describe politics is often hyped up and inappropriate. We call things a ‘tragedy’ when we only really mean a ‘disappointment’, we say we have been ‘betrayed’ when we really mean ‘let down’ and we talk about ‘stabbing people in the front’ or ‘chopping them in bits in my freezer’ when all we really mean is that we want to see them gone, politically. However, there is only one word that can realistically and genuinely describe what has taken place in Westminster this week – and that word is BETRAYAL. The withdrawal agreement being presented to parliament, and by extension to the British public, is the sort of negotiated settlement that makes Arthur Scargill look like a master tactician in comparison with what he came out with at the end of the miners strike of the 1980’s.

I hate being a member of the European Union with a passion, but I would rather remain in it than accept this deal which, I suspect, was the whole point all along. A negotiation that was pre-destined to end in supposedly ‘heroic’ failure with the PM telling us that she had got everything that could reasonably have been achieved, that she had done her very best, and that it was a case of take it or leave it. She did, of course, expect us to leave it but has to persist with the pretence of trying to force it through parliament, knowing full well that the numbers are not there and never possibly could have been with what she has bought back. We will have to watch the charade of the EU backing the deal with a ‘heavy heart’, telling us how many ‘concessions’ they have had to make to the UK, and remonstrating that there can be no more negotiation if it fails to pass in the House of Commons. After the bill falls, May will tell the house that the only option now is for ‘No Deal’ unless some other solution can be found. She knows that even the most particularly clueless members of her party are not stupid enough to vote for another General Election, and so the inevitable outcome of all of this is that momentum will build for a ‘ratification vote’ from the public as a way to get us out of the mess. MP’s, most of them by now in a blind panic about the prospects of exiting without a deal, will reluctantly agree once the prospect of a fresh election has receeded. Even Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, who absolutely will not want this outcome, will be powerless to resist the tidal wave of pressure that will come from the vast majority of the parliamentary party, aided and abetted by the rest of the opposition (sans the DUP) and plenty of extra bodies on the government side.

You may think that if I am returning to paint such a bleak picture then perhaps it is better that I should have stayed away a bit longer (!) but I am calling the reality of the situation as I see it and how, to be honest, I have expected things to pan out ever since the referendum ended with Theresa May in charge. Despite ‘Token Brexiteers’ having been involved in the process from time to time, it was obvious from Day One that the clean Brexit needed to ensure our future prosperity and independence was never, ever going to happen under this Prime Minister.

The only surprise is that, after two years of ‘noise’ the public are only just starting to realise that UKIP, Nigel Farage, Arron Banks, Leave Means Leave, Gerard Batten and countless others were right all along. Brexit never has meant Brexit to Theresa May – and she certainly never was going to ‘make a success of it’. Yes, there are still things that COULD save it – but they are not going to happen either. The Tories COULD send in their 48 letters, vote May out in the confidence vote, and then present Jacob Rees-Mogg along with a remainer candidate to a ballot of Conservative party members. In that scenario there would only be one winner regardless of who the second candidate was, and Brexit might yet be saved. However, only one of those three possibles is likely, in my opinion, to happen. I think that we might stagger along to the 48 letters being sent in by early next week but I think that the PM will then hang on in the confidence vote and, in the unlikely event that she didn’t, there is little or no chance that Rees-Mogg will emerge as a candidate. We would probably end up with something like either Gove or Javid versus Rudd, and whichever one got over the line would not make a bit of difference in the wider scheme of things.

I am returning because for all its faults, and there are many, UKIP remains the best vehicle currently available to UK citizens for delivering the Brexit that they voted for. Indeed, it is pretty much the only show in town with a realistic chance of shaping the outcome. The ‘sleeping giant’ that the party still is stirred today to quickly overtake the Lib Dems back into third place in the latest opinion poll and it would be a very complacent political commentator indeed that would write the party off. Indeed, if Gerard continues to develop the party into a sort of Tommy Robinson style street movement that could become a ‘Momentum’ of the centre right (anyone that describes Robinson as ‘Far Right’ has clearly never read a single word he has ever written) then we could see a subsequent General Election campaign that could really scare the pants off of all the establishment parties and finally deliver something approaching a peoples parliament. However, for that to happen UKIP would have to start organising with a discipline that has never been there even in the glory days, and for the party to show a unity of purpose that has rarely been on display except possibly in the Euros of 2014. If Gerard can continue to rally the troops in that direction, and the social media wizzards of Akkad, Dunkula and Joseph can work their magic with the younger audience, then we could approach a situation where ‘all bets are off’ and reach the heights that even Nigel never quite managed to achieve.

It is because of that potential, even though I still doubt it will happen, that I have been tempted back to re-enter the fray. I hope very much that the party can prove me wrong.

Westmonster Dave is the News Editor of Kipper Central.


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6 Responses

  1. skipper says:

    Good ponderings and observations, Dave – and spot-on!
    Brexit = a clean and no strings attached leave!
    You bet – Britain WILL prosper and be a success, which is why the EU has done everything in their power to obstruct. Let me say: what has EU to say about Britian leaving anyway? It’s none of their business – British voters decided to leave, so be it!
    The dread for the EU club is that Britain will show other countries that it’s better to stay outside the EU – so the club in Brussels will use every dirty trick in the book to make it look like a country cannot rule itself – that a country needs mother EU!
    Has everyone forgotten that countries has ruled and existed by themselves for hundreds of years, w/o an elitist club in Brussels?
    Britain will prosper and make deals with the whole world, at leisure. And be sure: the EU will come crawling to make deals also.
    Just like you, Dave – I hate everything smelling of EU!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    First off, – welcome back Dave ! .…. Your right about the over reactive words that have come in to descriptive English, which is a shame as our language contains all that is necessary and more. Many lazy Journalists are guilty !
    Since the 1980s I have not liked, what has now become the EU. I now hate everything about it ! (Hate is an unusual word for me to use but accurate in this). ….. Mrs May is the worst PM we have ever had, and we have had some really poor ones. OK, so what are we going to do about it ? A Government like this one, might push us over the edge and bring in anarchy !

  3. VB says:

    My comments are this….No there is no way that I want to remain in the European union either way!!!!
    We should just crash out altogether and take the WTO That’s it…I would never vote tory again unless they brought a Brexiteer team in to do the final negotiations which can still be done
    Did you hear Merkels speech about the European army?? is that what we want..No so staying in is not at all the right thing to do. UKIP need to be bigger and better than they were before

  4. David says:

    Welcome back. When the vote was announced I just knew that the Soros funded remoaners would do everything in their power to stop the will of the British people. I for one will not stand idly by while that happens. If it comes to violence on the streets then you can say “I told you so” The poll tax riots are nothing compared to the venom that will be unleashed against the milks sops in Westminster.

  5. steven wood says:

    the only chance left for Brexit is Mr mogg and the MPs write a official letter to the queen highlighting that a serving prime minister has committed treason against the British people and state for not delivering a majority view on the referendum result from June 2016 and furthermore committed tyranny against the crown as part of this agreement clearly states removal of all uk sovereignty , laws, borders and state controls without royal consent.
    I believe its in the national interest to not only arrest this prime minister but dissolve parliament as it no longer serves the majority of this island abolish the house of lords as it clearly represents the best wishes of the European union over the British state this surely to any monarch is acts of high treason and all should face the full power of the criminal justice system.

    we ask the queen to appoint David Davies as a emergency prime minister and lead a coalition government of Brexit MPs to save the realm from imploding into violence and disorder as lives could be lost over this soon.

  6. Jules says:

    Let’s stop all the talk of “crashing out” and “cliff-edges”.
    And let’s keep the phrase “No Deal” to private meetings – ‘cos “No Deal” plays to Remain’s narrative of an empty void of uncertainty.

    Over half of out trade is on WTO terms or through EU agreements – which of course need no Single Market “acquis” of laws interfering with domestic matters – or the Right to Settle (aka F o M ).

    We have a trade surplus of £47 billion with leading WTO countries – and a £96 billion deficit with EU Single Market?
    So WTO hardly seems the model to panic over !

    And the default into WTO terms is familiar to HM Customs and many businesses.
    The boss of HMRC says so – and non-EU import/export businesses have said so – if their EU exporting friends would listen.
    So NO “cliff-edge” !!!!

    The Customs boss, Jon Thompson also told MPs that every few WTO shipments are inspected – contrary to the Remain broadcasters who claim that “all” WTO shipments MUST be inspected.

    It is true that more shipments would have to be pre-registered – but that happens between the N. Ireland and the Republic already – so again – no surprises (or “hard” border) – just a larger database to monitor.

    And when asked about tariffs on 30th March 2019 Thompson also told MPs. (wtte)
    “No tariffs can be collected until Ministers have given us a schedule – and they haven’t done so.”

    And Article 24 of WTO allows “temporary” tariff arrangements …. lasting up to 10 years …. so the EU and UK can keep zero tariffs until proper trade negotiations run their course.
    Again – no “cliff-edge”.
    [ Q. Why do these “cliff-edge” merchants never ask the EU “Which goods do you plan to tariff ? or “Which lorries to you plan to stop in France or R.O.I. ? ]

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