BREAKING: UKIP Decision On Tommy Robinson DEFERRED Until After March 29th

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UKIP have sent the following press release out:

“Today, the UKIP NEC were presented with a motion proposed by our Leader, Gerard Batten to consider a ballot to members to allow the membership of Tommy Robinson. The NEC voted to defer the motion in light of the recent Brexit negotiations. 

“The NEC passed the following motion:

‘As the focus of the Party must be on Brexit and as Brexit has this week reached a crucial juncture, any question of Tommy Robinson’s membership should he apply should be deferred to the first NEC meeting after 29th March 2019.’
“This motion was accepted by a majority vote and will be added to the agenda as described in the motion.”

Mr Batten had proposed a motion calling for all members to be balloted on his membership, instructing the NEC and Chairman to organise the ballot then following it proceed according to the majority vote.

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  • 657

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23 Responses

  1. Nigel Ely says:

    I’m fine with TR becoming a member. Not sure on the rather wet reason why, ‘As the focus of the Party must be on Brexit and as Brexit has this week reached a crucial juncture,….” Brexit will happen or no. Someone please tell me what UKIP can do before a general election? My argument is, Brexit is a massive battle, but we, UKIP will only be listened to come the next General Election. I see no point in educating the enemy, as vile and corrupt and dangerous this tyranny is. But, I’m really looking forward to doing battle on 29 March with the LibLabCon racist Nazi Globalists.

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    So Nigel Farage and Steve Crowther still control UKIP NEC.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    FOR GOODNESS SAKE, THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT ! The NEC were being asked if the membership could be given a vote on this matter, and the members of UKIP would decide on Tommy Robinson’s entry to the Party !
    Instead of that simple decision, we have ‘Brexit takes priority’ ! Of course it does, but are our NEC only able to deal with one matter at a time ? I think the membership is able to handle the priority of Brexit AND the overdue item of Tommy joining the Party !
    We have all the fudge we can handle from bloody May, without our NEC joining, as a matter of stupid fashion !

  4. Grumpyashell says:

    Deferred to after the Brexit date and just a few weeks before local elections where UKIP have real chance of taking seats…kicking can down road…comes to mind

  5. Jim Hammond says:

    Tommy if you are really serious about joining Ukip, and I believe you are, you have been handed a great opportunity with this announcement – take it!
    Brexit is a pre-requisite to tackling the Islamisation and march of cultural Marxism, and it’s host of attendant evils. Promote Ukip as hard as you can, recommend as strongly as you can that your followers join/support Ukip to enable the party to exert the maximum pressure possible, and required, in saving our Country, and make it clear that that is what we are fighting for, the future of our Country (and Europe and derivative civilisations)
    Do that effectively and there can be no believable reason for refusing your membership and taking the fight forward in strength.

  6. Paulski says:

    The voting public are constantly told UKIP is a one trick pony and it is only concerned with Brexit and our views on other policy areas was difficult to get through to the electorate.

    So our NEC basically says we can’t do ANYTHING else until the 29th March. How does this not play into the view that UKIP are a one policy party?

    Stop kicking the can down the road. I want Tommy in UKIP, he would be an asset and he would broaden our appeal beyond the one policy area that the majority of the public knows us for. But let the members decide.

    This is a ridiculous decision and makes us look inept. It also cements the view that we will have nothing to say on other issues.

  7. Stanley Cutts says:

    Typical UKIP – can’t make a decision to save their lives. Kick it into the long grass, why don’t you? I’m so glad I left the party, and this is the reason: LIONS LED BY DONKEYS !!!

  8. Jon Doe says:

    You idiots… a new member I give up! We needed more people with a voice (and a following)!

  9. R.A.Howe says:

    As a new member I would humbly ask the NEC to reconsider their unwise decision to refuse the admission of Mr Yaxley Lennon. If they cannot offer him membership then I can see NO ALTERNATIVE …… I shall join the ranks of ‘FOR BRITAIN’! I am sure many other new members will also follow suit!!…it looks like you are using the names of PJW, AKAAD , Dankuka etc for your own ends…you will be deserted en masse ……. you have been warned!

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Well said RAH and Jon Doe. The UKIP NEC couldn’t manage a cock-up in a brothel ! That’s why I resigned from the party. The For Britain party, I can assure you, couldn’t be more different. Come over and smell the coffee !

  10. skipper says:

    Bad decision.
    Having no strong spine will backfire on UKIP.
    With Tommy in UKIP there would be hundreds of thousands more, if not millions, backing UKIP.

  11. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Are Farage and Crowther about to remove Gerard Batten as leader?
    Mr Brexit RETURNS: Unelected Batten Step Aside, or Farage Will Launch a New Party –

    • R.A.Howe says:

      If Nigel Farage returns to depose Gerard Batten, who has admirably held the party together in his absence whilst striving to address issues other than Brexit to develop the party far beyond the scope of the one trick pony it once was I shall definitely be leaving to join FOR BRITAIN! Nigel no longer represents the concerns of the NEW membership, he is focused on one issue only and it is evident from his ‘comfortable’ arrangement with LBC that he is too afraid to confront the Islamic issue head on or stand up against the establishment……. he has become part of it!……….. discus…….

  12. Howard Keating says:

    Gerard Batten was prepared to trust the Membership to make the decision regarding Tommy’s proposed joining UKIP. Apparently a majority of the NEC do not share that trust.

  13. Skippy says:

    The NEC knows best, just like CCHQ does. The members are useful fodder, who make financial donations and give their time voluntarily to deliver leaflets, man stalls etc., but we’re not interested in their opinions, because we know what’s best for the party and there is a possibility they may vote the wrong way. Shame on UKIP and the NEC, just one more political party on the UK landscape run by people who are out of touch with their voters. If you’re a Tory quisling, you’re welcome, if you’re an ex-Lib Dem wet, you’re welcome, in fact we’ll elect you as our leader, but if you’re someone who feels very strongly about the establishment looking the other way whilst underage white girls are raped and tortured by organised gangs of Pakistani Muslim paedophiles, thus condoning these atrocities, please go away because we like the bubble we have created for ourselves and you threaten to disrupt that. We are a one issue party and neither we nor our members are capable of considering any other issues simultaneously.

    Ps. This is only a “Transition Period” and we will consider your proposal for a voice on this very important issue at some indeterminate time after 29th March 2019, or 20XX if you insist we be more specific.

  14. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We have the media against UKIP. We have Lib/Lab/Con against us. Due to all those telling lies, presently the majority of the people are against us. So what do we do ? …….. We mobilise our Rule Book into an irrational ball and chain that will stunt the growth of UKIP ! Did the rules fall from heaven, or were they made by UKIP people ? Would it not be more intelligent to change the rules, not just for Tommy Robinson, but for the future good of the Party ? UKIP should be inclusive, not exclusive, but also uprate the ability to dismiss any member that brings the Party into disrepute. A worthwhile attitude and rule change for the Party’s future !

  15. Pauline says:

    What has Brexit to do with whether TR joins or not? I don’t believe that is the real reason at all and I’m fed up with the lies coming out of parliament without UKIP adding to them!

  16. Pauline says:

    Why can’t a decision be made now? Brexit has noting to do with it – we have enough lies and deceit coming from parliament the NEC needs to man up and make a decision of resign!

  17. Steve says:

    The TR issue is hugely divisive for the party – not everyone is in favour of him joining. Every time the subject is brought up there are huge arguments on social media amongst supporters and followers.

    With Brexit being betrayed we need to be laser focused on holding May and the remainer parties to account and fighting for a WTO exit from the EU. We can have the TR vote when things have settled down.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Jim Hammond, and suggest that in the meantime Tommy gets his followers to join and support UKIP, as without Brexit we won’t be able to address other issues. There is nothing to prevent TR doing this and it would show that he is an asset to the party, helping make his case for joining.

    Also if his supporters join, then they can vote to admit TR when the time comes, making it more likely if that’s what they really want.

  18. R.A.Howe says:

    As a NEW member, i respectfully remind you that if TR is denied you will be seen to be as divisive and snake like as all of the other political parties! Whilst Mr Farage espouses change from the comfortable confines of his LBC/ establishment contract ………you will have USED the goodwill of Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon and Dankuka to your own ends….. ENOUGH! Don’t you get it? WE THE PEOPLE NEED A VOICE! A political movement we can believe in! Give us the vote on TR …..otherwise, like all the other mainstream vipers in the HOC and Lords it will be YOU that are denying DEMOCRACY! As a paid up member I DEMAND A DEMICRATIC VOTE NOW!

  19. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Any Club, Group or Party need rules, that is obvious ! When those rules are seen to hold back endeavours, it becomes clear that the rules are either out of date, do not cover a new situation, or are being applied foolishly, and change is required !
    Without members, this Party of UKIP will wither and die ! All the good and brilliant proposals for Government, then die too ! Is this what our NEC want ? No, of course not ! WE HAVE TO CHANGE IN ORDER TO BE A RELEVENT PARTY ! This goes way beyond the membership question of Tommy Robinson, as it covers the future for UKIP !

  20. Elaine Howard says:

    As the nec directive is for the party faithful to concentrate on one thing only, Brexit, I find it odd that there been no mention in Kipper Central of the Brexit march of 1st December.

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