OPINION: If The Tories Can Topple Their Greatest PM, Why Can’t They Get Rid Of Their Worst?

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Editors Note: This article first appeared on Politicalite with whose kind permission we republish. 
MARGARET Thatcher was arguably the greatest PM since Churchill, but in November 1990, after a divisive run of 11 years, the “men in grey suits,” — better known as the 1922 Committee, toppled their best election winner… over Europe.
Fast forward 28 years to November 2018, and the we need to ask, do the Tories have the balls to get rid of their weakest link, Theresa May?
She can’t win an Election, she has no authority over her own party and quite frankly, this weak and unstable stubborn woman, who thinks her refusal to drop her doomed deal, is being ‘Resilient’, well Tezza, it’s really not. You are no Iron Lady.
This week, the weak PM revealed her true Brexit hand – a deal that will tie Britain to the EU indefinitely and break up the United Kingdom.
Margaret Thatcher famously ‘got her money back’ from the EU.
In 1980, she called for the UK’s contributions to the then EEC (Now the EU) to be lowered, if not, Maggie warned that she would withhold VAT payments.
“I want my money back!” she screamed, whilst the French Presidents driver revved his engines and began to read a paper.
In the end, Maggie won. She had fight, resilience and refused to back down to the EU.
Theresa has fight, resilience, but she uses that on her own colleages and Brexiteers.
Remainer May voted for Remain, she backed Remain – her deal is a weak soft Brexit deal – and it cannot be accepted.
In 1990, the former secretary of state for the environment challenged Maggie, she said No! No! No! to the planned European Union that would take away Britain’s sovereignty.
Maggie, just like may vowed to “fight on and fight to win” when first challenged.
She won the first round – but not with the required majority, she later resigned, shocking the world that Britain’s Tories had deposed their greatest leader since the War.
“Once again Margaret Thatcher has put her country’s and party’s interests before personal considerations,” said then Tory Chairman, maybe Mrs May needs to do the same.

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  • 1.3K

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2 Responses

  1. Pat Peacock says:

    Because all the politicians of today are gutless corrupt to hilt they want to stay in the EU so later down the line they get on the graving train like Kinnock and his off spring there all in for their selfe they don’t give shit about the country or the people they are all greedy barstard the fucking lot of them.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    THE REASON IS ….. either the Tory MPs are as confused as we all are, due to Mrs May, saying one thing and then changing her view because there is an ‘R’ in the month, or whatever nonsense runs her thinking capacity, ….. OR. ….. With the game of musical chairs now taking place in the Cabinet of this farce of a Government, there is a real incentive to keep Mrs May as PM, so that all Tory MPs can be addressed as ‘The Right Honourable’. (It’s only a matter of time before the Downing Street cat is called into the Cabinet, and from what has been seen so far, the cat might make a better job of it) ! ….. The Right Honourable MeeOw !

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