STALLED – Conservative ‘Coup’ Against May Hits The Buffers

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According to Lewis Goodall writing for Sky News the European Reform Group gathering this morning “felt like a gathering of the defeated.” Even Jacob Rees-Mogg was forced to adopt a defensive tone as he said “patience is a virtue and virtue is a grace.”

David Davis was present but Boris Johnson apparently was not and when it comes to the postmortem on the failure of the ERG thus far to successfully oust May both must take some responsibility. Every challenger to a Conservative leader since the fall of Margaret Thatcher has been haunted by the specter of Michael Heseltine and the persistent fear that ‘he who wields the dagger never wears the crown’. This has obviously cowed both Davis and Johnson who have savaged May’s deal but fallen short of direct attacking May herself and calling for her replacement leaving Rees-Mogg to carry the torch pretty much alone.

Rebellious MPs are apparently now occupying a holding position, waiting to see if May loses the ‘Meaningful Vote’ on the deal in Parliament and so are some Cabinet Brexiteers so we cannot definitively say that she is safe yet. The deal still may not yet make it even to Parliament as France and Spain are beginning to express dissatisfaction with its terms. So, this is far from the end but the ERG’s initial failure to organise and campaign effectively does not bode well for the future.


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  • 804
  • 804

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    WE MUST ALL REMEMBER THIS LACK OF ACTION BY THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY. ….. Just as the Lib/Dems hold a contra view to the majority of the voters, and Labour is changing to Marxism with Islamic overtones, so the Tory Party can be seen to have no wish or stomach for the correction of an anti democratic insistence by its leader !
    It takes many years to overlook Party Political inaction and error, and I guess that Tory MPs will have to learn the hard way. In the meantime our UKIP should capitalise on their failure and cowardice. It is our National Duty !

  2. Robert Bryant says:

    They could do lots but they are all good loyal Tories, loyal to their salaries and their party, but controlled by CCHQ, who selected and imposed them on the constituency they represent.
    Don’t expect anything but treachery from them. Salvation will come from the EU beaking up with the Visigrad Group plus Italy refusing to take Merkel’s moslems off her hands.

  3. Cliff Taylor says:

    Not one man (or woman) with balls to “Step up to the Plate” who cares if you don’t wear the crown, it only takes one hero to put the dagger in. Essentially what this says is that these men and women are so riven with ambitions and ultimately selfish greed, that they cannot help their country. I cannot believe there are not even 48 Conservatives who feel it’s their duty to submit a letter to the 1922 committee. The ones that have should be given a medal.

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