GREAT BREXIT BETRAYAL: Tommy Announces Protest Date Change

Gerard and Tommy would "wipe the floor" with Remoaners says Lord Pearson.
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Tommy Robinson has previously announced that he was taking the lead organising a march against what he called the “biggest betrayal of a democratic vote ever” and called a march for December 1st.

However,  the march will now take on Sunday 9th December Tommy said earlier today, the day before the vote on the deal itself on Monday 10th December. This is one of the reasons Tommy cited for the change.

Holding the Brexit march on on December 1st would have clashed with veterans demonstratrations against the persecution being brought about by investigations into events during ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

Speaking alongside Tommy, Gerard Batten said that it is important “thousands and thousands” protest against Treason May. The referendum victory was merely the first battle in the “war” to leave the EU, Batten said.

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4 Responses

  1. Chris FAREY says:

    Where’s the demo being staged?

  2. Alec Yates says:

    I could not believe last night that I would ever hear a Prime Minister defy the will of the British people when she said that we could have no Brexit at all. In 2016 we instructed the government in the largest voting turnout in our history to Leave the EU. There was nothing about any sort of deal on trade we were just to Leave, any deals should have been done after we had formally left.

  3. Matthew Jenkins says:

    People power doesn’t work when the interests of “the faces” come before the cause itself.
    Because the likes of Batten and Robinson want a stage, to boost their own egos, it all has to be planned with authorities that will sabotage any positive impact that could have been created.
    It is not even in UKIP’s interests for us to achieve a clean Brexit, for if Brexit were not being betrayed the party would already be over.
    Where is UKIP when it matters? On the weekday events when Thereasonous Mayhem is actually in Number 10?
    Where was UKIP yesterday?
    I like many supported TR over his outragous imprisonment, and the establishment attacks on freedom of speech, yet cannot fathom why we want TR fronting Brexit?
    He has barely mentioned Brexit until now and, though I disagree with our opponents view, Tommy is toxic to them.
    How therefore is such an event supposed to win them over?

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