OPINION: Culture Is The Reason Why Knife Crime Is Rocketing

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Knife crime is on the rise and not just in London. Statistics show a 16% increase on last year crimes involving a knife or sharp instrument at their highest recorded level since 2011.

Why is this?

I believe it to be the disconnect between culture and identity.

A majority of the people convicted of knife crime in London have been from predominately working-class backgrounds, this trend shows that they are using crime as an escape route from their position by making a name for themselves.

Due to the lack of real employment and a nice little mix of Tory austerity and Large-scale immigration has caused the working-class communities to either completely withdraw from society or take to the streets and use violence and intimidation as a way to make money.

With regards to culture, the so-called “rave” scene has exploded with more people attending this styled parties with anti-establishment vibe trending has made it easier for people to connect with grime artists who promote a culture of drugs and just plain sexual relationships have led many of generation Z astray and left in the field.

This has in return left a society with zero moralality and hatred of society which are the reasons why generation Z may be the conservative but also the most incontent generation of them all.

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1 Response

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    Please stop being politically-correct, describing the perpetrators of knife crime as simply ‘working class’. They are predominantly black youths from an Afro-Caribbean background, particularly from South London. The majority of drive-by shootings and street muggings are also carried out by black youths. This says something about their ghetto mentality, as they try to ape New York gangs from Harlem and the Bronx. In addition, one has to ask where are the supposed father figures to these young men. Mostly fled the scene years ago. Let’s stop beating about the bush and lay the blame where it belongs; on out-of-control young black men, who lack parental guidance. Oh also a few white young men in places like Nottingham and Durham.

    When are you going to print one of my comments, by the way?

    If you want the truth, please try asking front-line uniformed officers from the Met, not their politically-correct senior officers. The Macpherson Report did no-one any favours by describing the Met as institutionally racist. The reason that more young black men from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds were and are stopped on a ‘stop and account’ basis is simply that proportionately they commit more crimes than other members of the community. When was the last time you heard of multiple stabbings or drive-by shootings by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs or white Christians?

    Start telling the truth as our pathetic Conservative (really Liberal) government habitually fails to do and our revered Met Commissioner Cressida Dick dare not do.

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