FARAGE COUP: Veterans Leader Backs Batten And SLAMS ‘Assassin’ Farage

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RB Inman, a leading figure in the Veterans Against Terrorism group and of the UK Freedom Movement, said that Nigel Farage has chosen this moment to try and “assassinate” the leader of the only British Party other than the DUP to stand for a “full British Brexit”. He questioned the timing of Mr Farage’s announcement coming as it does at a critical time for Brexit saying there is “something not right about it”.

He pointed to Mr Batten’s achievements while being leader of UKIP and said that he has given the British working class “some hope” after its abandonment by the “hard-core Marxist” Labour Party. Gerard Batten is “100% committed to freeing Britain from the European Union” and Mr Inman also asked is “Nigel a poacher turned game-keeper”? It seems like this move has been “deliberately timed” to put the skids under UKIP just as the establishment plot to betray Brexit reaches it’s height.

The Northern Ireland Veterans march on December 1st and Brexit Means Exit December 9th are key events which you can get involved with by following the link to the Facebook events here and here.

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  • 307
  • 307

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8 Responses

  1. Dodge says:

    Nigel Farage bless him brought us together to fight for our freedom but unfortunately has become part of the comfortable establishment as a Punch and Judy character on a politically biased radio programme………. in other words STFU Farage …… YOU ARE NO LONGER REKEVANT TO THE CAUSE! You muppet! TR on the other hand sacrificed his liberty for the cause he is a MAN!

  2. uklcr says:

    Nigel Farage has made himself irrelevant. Thanking you for past service. Your position is no longer available. Good luck with your future choices in life.

  3. John Carins says:

    Nigel’s comments are disappointing. Rather than it being a conspiracy though. it might just be the realisation that some one else is now the leader and going a good job. That must rankle with Nigel after his years of control; to see his plaything led by some one with different ideas. It puts Nigel in bit of a bad light: petulance and even political vanity. My advice to Nigel would be: stand as leader at the next opportunity and start supporting Gerard and UKIP rather than criticising from the media side lines.

  4. Ron. Hughes6 says:

    When it comes to the members vote. I will vote. No ron

  5. kevin payne says:

    Nigel you left for greener pastures you did not care about UKIP then. Gerrard had to save the party sorry you are not special envoy to the USA tough break but stay away from UKIP NOW.

  6. ogga11 says:


    No need for rhetoric , heard the call for all men to come to the aid of the failing ersatz tory party.

  7. uklcr says:

    Would be nice to see Farage united behind Batten. He could be better friend than a spiteful enemy.

    Is it possible?

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    This makes good reading and very helpful when dealing difficult people.

  8. robert izzard exeter says:

    hi farage had his chance now we got a new leader support him because that’s the only chance we got to leave believe me I been labour all my life but they are going the tha same as the tories out means out not half in don’t forget 17.million voted out just think if they vote ukip we will have a bloody good chance to change this country for good more fairness for the working class the let the posh boys pay for it can be done the world is changing god save england

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