OPINION: Nigel Farage’s Hypocritical ‘Coup’

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Nigel Farage’s attack on Gerard Batten MEP and the allegedly “shameful” route he is allegedly taking UKIP down by appointing Tommy Robinson as a personal advisor beg some interesting questions about the case of Martin Heale.

Mr Heale was Mr Farage’s election agent,  a UKIP County Councillor and Chair of South Thanet branch. However, he was also a member of the National Front during the 1970’s. Amoung things the National Front promoted biological racism and is widely characterised correctly as being fascistic in its ideology.

It seems Mr Farage was distinctly lacking in shame when it comes to this episode. Heale himself describes his work with Mr Farage as “one of the most interesting periods of his life”.

I do not really need to labour the point, the double-standard is obvious. However, there is a further double-standard in his actions. We are literally a couple of weeks away from the deceisive meaningful vote on Treason May’s sell-out Withdrawal Agreement and what would Mr Farage have us do? Rather than spend our time building the national march on Sunday December 9th, for example, he wants to launch a leadership contest.

If you remember back to last year, the nuts and bolts of calling a vote of no confidence in a UKIP leader means even if the process pans out we cannot realistically expect a ballot until the end of January/beginning of this February. Two weeks of Christmas holiday during which nothing can be done means the very earliest that an EGM can be called for the members to vote will be in January.

This would mean that a leadership election wont realistically happen until February. Brexit day, or should we say the day that the Article 50 process ends is on March 29th. So, Mr Farage, that great proponent of focusing on Brexit wants us to spend the lions share of the time, if not the entire time,  in the run up to March 29th not attacking the government but potentially engaged in a bitter leadership battle.

This is not consistent with a ‘Brexit-first’ approach. In fact, it is the complete opposite of a ‘Brexit-first’ approach. It smacks of vanity and egoism especially when Gerard Batten has publicly declared he will resign in April to trigger a leadership election then. This means we can take stock after March 29th, soberly reflect on our position and make a determination then in light of the doubtlessly new reality we will face.

Nigel can of course offer himself as a candidate then if he so wishes and Party members discontented with the inclusion of Tommy Robinson will be able to vote accordingly. So, if democracy will still be served. At least today has brought some consolation for the European Reform Group whose badly organised coup is faltering because it appears there are worse coup planners than them and his name is Nigel Farage.

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  • 371
  • 371

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30 Responses

  1. VB says:

    I have to admit I am surprised at Nigel Farage of late….He seems since being on LBC to dismiss certain things going on with this country…He walked away after getting votes to get someone into House of Commons for UKIP voters …Once the Brexit was voted for he then went on his own path and forgot about all of the voters who had voted for UKIP…That is where it all went wrong…the government then knew UKIP would not win the next year to defend Brexit

    • Dodge says:

      Farage has been bought……………. his role seems to be one of acting as an agitator wearing a hollow crown…….. if he were true he would never have stood down, grateful as we all are for his past efforts UKIP needs to become the voice of the silenced……… every single one of us who have been labelled racist, islamophobic, far right …………….. just for being concerned for our collective futures under the cosh of eruophillic dhimmitude ! Wake up, circumstances have changed………the people of BRITAIN are waking up!

  2. Cllr Philip Winter (UKIP) says:

    I sincerely hope Gerard Batten stands for leader of UKIP again. He has achieved much, and is in my opinion a steadying pair of hands.
    What we must also be wary off, is creating discontent and infighting which our opposition would welcome!
    As a Politician representing the Party in South Gloucestershire, there are positive signs in my Constituency that the public are beginning to be more friendlier to our stance in this County. If replicated around Great Britain, we are on course to take at least 25% of the election vote share.
    I support my leader, and I will rally to defend him from stupid fools who will destroy our party at May’s Local Authority elections and possibly a snap General election too?

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Hi Philip,

      The reply is simple. Nigel started this.

      Kind Regards

    • John Ferguson says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Only problem is GB doesn’t know when to just shut up banging on about TR, when it’s time to just drop it & leave well alone. It was wholly inappropriate & utterly crass to be coming out trying to table & force this ONE ! man’s joining issue down the membership’s throats on a day of wall to wall leaving the EU crisis coverage . You talk about being wary of creating discontent & infighting. Well maybe you should have told that to GB earlier because, contrary to popular belief, not everybody is as ecstatic, charmed & obsessed by TR as he obviously is, instigating a divisive issue that has already caused tremendous damage & disharmony amongst the membership in itself. At least common sense did prevail at the NEC meeting to just can it for the time being. But that decision has proven shortlived, no, rather take that on board, respect the spirit of the collective decision taken & backing off, GB is back just 5 days later in the midst of a Brexit crisis rubbing everyone’s noses in TR once again. Indeed, GB has achieved much, but then the tragedy is he goes off & spoils it all by continually harping on about all this never ending TR stuff regardless, to the fairly apparent detriment of everything & everyone else.

      • Dodge says:

        It’s nothing to do with an ‘obsession’ with TR, EVERYTHING is to do with saving our country……….. irrespective of creed, religion or class ……… WE must ALL rise up and be counted for our collective goal………to live as a free people adhering to the rule of OUR law within our own lands…….. one law , one people……… one destiny!

      • Dodge says:

        You have a choice, stop whinging about TR, who has done far more than anyone by standing up to the establishment on issues dear to the people ……… FFS it’s OUR daughters and granddaughters being sacrificed on the altar of dhimmitude and you are apparently upset at the very mention of the name of a man who’s got more balls than any weazly politician or YOU! Either accept the future and stand up for what you need to do or LEAVE UKIP! Your party is finally getting real…… WAKE UP

  3. Pauline says:

    We don’t hear from Nigel from one day to the next and then he does this! At least UKIP has been given some publicity!

  4. William Yockey says:

    I think UKIP needs to find a way to get rid of Nigel Farange. I am convinced his controlled opposition for the elite have caused untold damage to UKIP and he must be denounce for what he is: controlled opposition. I wonder how much the International money lenders and wire-pullers deposit in his secret bank account monthly?

    Farange would have us all debating immigration in a nice civil manner (until the end of time, or we are wiped out…whichever comes first) and make sure we don’t offend a culture that performs 200 million FGMs worldwide, with FGM here in Britain. In fact now our overstretched police are tasked to fight it and the FO has decided (for our own good) to dispense another £50million pounds of taxpayer’s money to counter this primative culture; whilst our people drop dead on wasting (sic) lists; NHS consultants fix the damage so these woman can pee whist police keep an eye on the borders.

    OK Nigel, we can all sleep better knowing no hate crime was committed, no hurty feelings ensued — you certainly WOULDN’T want to risk the thought police just because people languish on 22 week waiting lists for consultants and can’t get any dental work (extractions accepted) just for criteria’s sake right mate? 4 million UKIP voters last election; why don’t YOU do some prison time to protest no sitting MPs in parliament. That will be the day.


    • Malcolm Jackson says:

      Spot on. My own guess is that Nigel Farage sold out to Islam some time after 2010 when Nigel handed control of UKIP to the odious Steve Crowther.
      By 2014 Farage was actively visiting Mosques and recruiting Muslims into UKIP as prospective candidates and Party officials.
      This showed up a massive rift in UKIP between the membership and the Crowther controlled NEC, and all the MEPs who had been selected by Crowther for their support of Islam.
      If Gerard is elected leader, I hope his first priority is to expel Farage, Crowther and all Crowther’s minions from UKIP.

    • Dodge says:

      Well said!, ivory towers

  5. Cliff Taylor says:

    Murder rate off the radar, moped thefts, rapes, muggings, knife crime Skyrocketing — and the police have no funds to act; but the government has unlimited resources to combat online hate — with what money??


  6. Grumpyashell says:

    It is interesting to read all the opinions and all are for Gerard … it is also interesting if you read all the comments on the Tommy Robinson page on Facebook… his supporters seem to be excited by the news and are joining the party

    • Dodge says:

      Yes we are, I’m sorry if we seem unworthy and are viewed as knuckle dragging scumbags as portrayed in the media, but some of us are highly educated professionals resurrecting your party’s finances to make you fit for the fight ahead. All of us deserve respect NOT labels, we come from all walks of life but above all we are PATRIOTS each and EVERY one.

    • My wife and i have been loyal members of ukip for 20 years and we are shocked after listening to Nigel on the Radio and TV. His attempt to discredit Gerard is naive, hypocritical, and frankly offensive. Judging by the number of views and comments in support of Gerard it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    • Dodge says:

      We ARE! About time all the old kippers woke up! WE are funding your rise from the ashes but if we are disrespected for our contributions remember…. FOR BRITAIN is only a vote away and you will be turned to dust!

  7. John Ferguson says:

    All this puerile, oh look at what what he did whataboutery stuff is irrelevant. Most of the voting public has ever heard of this Heale guy, or gives two hoots about who or what he was. But I suppose there’s no shame in trotting out a load of old cobblers.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Its very relevant – if there is one thing people hate in their politicians its hypocrisy and Nigel’s is one reason evenl Louis Theroux sees Nigel as yesterday’s man

      • John Ferguson says:

        But the point is, they’ve never heard of Heale , so how would they know whether he’s a hypocrite not. Which makes the matter, true or not, largely of academic interest to anybody, other than Farage’s detractors. But hey, I suppose in all fairness, you could be telling quite a large audience of them what they want to hear on here,…….but nobody else.

        • Darrell Goodliffe says:

          That is precisely why an article needs to be published. If the MSM were fair and balanced they would be asking Nigel questions on this issue but we all know they are not….

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN NIGEL FARAGE WAS UKIP, for so many of us ? He left under his own steam, and endorsed the Bolt-on extra ! UKIP has not changed its view of things, and its message of leave the EU has not changed ! Nigel has changed, and his attack on our leader confirms this ! ….. There is a big question hanging over our NEC, who have fudged the matter of Tommy Robinson’s membership and their attention to Nigel’s recent input will be ‘interesting’ ! IF THIS PARTY DOES NOT ALL PULL TOGETHER, WE CAN SAY GOODBY TO ALL THE ADVANTAGES HANDED TO US BY LIB/LAB/CON !

  9. john urquhart says:

    Do behave , Tommy Robinson is giving PERSONAL advice to Gerard Batten ,what is you actually find wrong with
    Tommy Robinson may one ask ?
    By the by this “everyone else” is definitely NOT inclusive of me.

  10. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Nigel should read the comments at the end of this article.
    UK: Nigel Farage seeks to topple UKIP leader Gerard Batten for “fixation with Tommy Robinson and discussing Islam” https://wp.me/p4hgqZ-Fj3 via @jihadwatchRS

  11. Grumpyashell says:

    Tommy has posted the BBC interview with Gerard on his Facebook page and a message to his supporters that it is time to join UKIP…..it will be interesting to see the next membership numbers

    • dodge says:

      They will rise but if the bilious rhetoric continues to flow from Monsenior Fromage will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on new membership and obviously finances……. I for one will campaign vigorously for all new members to join the ranks of FOR BRITAIN Should the views of fromage be adopted by the NEC….. FOR Britain certainly seem to be far more egalitarian in their outlook at the present time…… I am open to offers should they wish to ontact me direct! By the way you can’t be ex BNP or EDL to join UKIP but you can be Marxist, Communist, and even ISIS……..says a lot doesn’t it………..WAKE UP!

  12. Chris Conway says:

    I USED to be a keen supporter of Nigel Farage & if it wasn’t for him our Country wouldn’t have had a referendum to LEAVE the EU…BUT I cannot understand his thinking of attacking Gerard Batten??? All that will do is ensure the failure of UKIP in the next General Election :O We need to stand together against the Traitorist May & the terrorist communist Corbyn!!

  13. Phil Stevens says:

    Let’s just see if Nigel has made any moves or if this is just him making noise to distance his ‘brand’ from being associated with positions that he does not want to publicly defend/debate about.

    Looking at the twitter of people more behind the scenes for team Farage they don’t really care. Dan Jukes has said nothing, Gawian Towler made 1x negative comment, Arron Banks made 1x general comment saying if Gerard leave that leaves a vacancy for Nigel, so I don’t think team Farage is on a war path.

    It will be old news and forgotten about. The news cycle goes quickly.

    Anyone remember a “Jo Marney”? Feel’s like it was many years ago.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      The meeting he is hosting on Wednesday of MEPs to oust Gerard argues differently…..

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        With regret Darrell, I am inclined to agree with you. What an utter damned shame ! Nigel could have had high status with very genuine respect for an ‘elder’ of the Party. Instead he has become a once well loved dog, that now spends his time biting at himself, and making his condition worse, and becoming a real embarrassment to everyone !
        UKIP could have had GERARD + NIGEL + TOMMY R + NEC + MEMBERS, and then + MPs and even GOVERNMENT ! If the Party can not sort itself out, then today’s advantage given unintentionally by Lib/Lab/Con, will have been squandered.

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