Coburn Tells UKIP Scotland: ‘May’s Plan Is To Lose Commons Vote’

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UKIP’s Leader in Scotland David Coburn MEP told a meeting of around 50 members in Edinburgh this evening (Saturday) that Theresa May’s plan for her so-called ‘Brexit Deal’ had all along been to lose the vote in the House of Commons. Coburn said that insiders close to the negotiations in Brussels had told him that the deal had been deliberately structured in such a way as to ensure that it could not possibly get through a vote in the house, with ‘triggers’ inserted to upset both Leavers and Remainers. This would allow the Prime Minister to be able to argue that she had done everything possible to try and get the deal through Parliament.

In a wide ranging meeting both Coburn and the party’s leader in Wales, Gareth Bennett, argued that the issue of devolution should be looked at again and that it shouldn’t be accepted as a finished issue that both Scotland and Wales had to have their own separate parliaments. Bennett said that on a recent speaking engagement in UKIP’s Northern Ireland branch, he found unanimous support for winding up the NI Assembly permanently and it was noted that economic performance in the province had been better during the last two years in which the parliament had not been sitting, than in the two years previous.

It was also suggested from the floor, and agreed by the panel, that freedom of speech issues should form a major part of the offer to voters during the next election cycle in Scotland. Examples were cited of the recent actions to ‘no platform’ speakers on university campuses and the recent calling off of an evening in London with UKIP members Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula after the venue, the London Irish Centre, had been targetted by cultural marxists on Twitter.

The meeting was told that there had been a surge in membership of the party north of the border, and that local organisers had recently had to check and then re-check figures after if emerged that the Edinburgh branch had trebled in size in the space of a month. The importance of getting to know and work with all the new recruits was stressed and the Scottish members of the panel each commented that it was the first time in several years that they had attended a meeting where they didn’t know the majority of the audience personally.

There was a brief discussion on the Tommy Robinson situation, but the general consensus was that nothing more should be said on the subject until after the situation wih Brexit was resolved in one direction or another next year. The meeting was also told that UKIP had appointed candidates for two forthcoming local council by-elections and that the main focus of the party should always be in democratic politics and to ensuring the party always fielded as many candidates as possible at every electoral opportunity.

Such was the interest in the debate that the meeting overran by almost half an hour and it was also notable that there was a wide age range present at the gathering, with the youngest audience member aged 16. It is widely assumed that the party in Scotland has struggled in recent years but on this evidence there are clear signs of a revival and the stirrings of a recovery of the party’s fortunes, with some attendees reporting that Gerard Batten’s leadership had attracted them to the party.

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  • 1.6K
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3 Responses

  1. Tristan says:

    I suspected this all along buthonestly had my doubts as well. I was sure she was either very clever and was going for a no deal or she was so demonstrably stupid that she was convinced she’d get a deal that suited her wallet and we still ended up with no deal. I’m not sure I can credit her with that intelligence but if that was her plan all along and it’s becomes provable then i tip my hat to the good lady, If however she just bungled it then atleast wer can be thankfull for that.

  2. AlexB says:

    I don’t believe it. Unless he has actual evidence to the contrary, I think she’s pushing this deal unironically. Would be nce to be proved wrong though.

    Great to hear Scottish numbers are going up. Hope it continues.

  3. Mark says:

    I think this was all planned out in the 9 months before article 50. The Blair plan was to make N.I the fly in the ointment of a clean Brexit.
    Also note she has stated that she wont stand down if she looses, so what are the options then?………. wait for it!……..second referendum……No?….have to be cancellation then.

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