EXCLUSIVE: Veterans Against Terrorism Urge UKIP To Back “Visionary” Batten To Avoid “Catastrophe”

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The leaders of the influential Veterans Against Terrorism movement have urged UKIP’s ruling body to back the party’s leader, Gerard Batten, after former leader Nigel Farage pledged yesterday to “get rid of” him.

Writing to members of the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), the three leaders of the veterans movement said that their members are joining UKIP in their masses because of Gerard’s “visionary leadership”, arguing that removing Batten at such a stage would be a “catastrophe”.

They wrote: “Just over a year ago our group, Veterans against terrorism, began reaching out to UKIP for a political direction, simultaneously Gerard Batten began talking to us as a result of this the Veterans (a group with 18,000 members) decided to give UKIP their full backing.

“Gerard has supported the veterans and been a great friend to us. Many of our members have joined UKIP because of Gerard’s visionary leadership.

“We are dismayed by the attempt to unseat him and even more shocked that the person who is attempting to have him removed is Nigel Farage, a man who we all hold in high esteem because of his great patriotism and steadfast support for our military.”

Farage pledged yesterday to “get rid of” UKIP leader Gerard Batten, hitting out at the “shameful” direction he is taking UKIP and at his “fixation” on pro-Freedom activist Tommy Robinson.

The group, led by Richard Inman, Sean Smart, Dan McDevitt and Simon Beane MBE, was founded in 2017 to rally against extremism and terrorism, and has held a number of protests against Islamism and for Brexit, often amassing tens of thousands of followers.

They continued: “We value your leadership and dedication to restoring the UK’s sovereignty, and we hope that you will appreciate our concern that Gerard is NOT removed from office as this would be a catastrophe for the party and the country at such a crucial stage in the Brexit process.

“We implore you to give Gerard your full support and we as veterans will do exactly the same.”

Many UKIP members have rallied behind Gerard, noting that the membership rejected Nigel’s opinions on Henry Bolton and urging them to do the same again.

Others, however, have argued that Nigel is right about Gerard, claiming that he is too focused on Islam and is harming Brexit.

Concluding their letter, the veterans wrote: “Gerard won the loyalty of the veteran community and that support to Gerard from us and to the party under his leadership remains steadfast, UKIP could be on the verge of an even bigger political earthquake than Brexit.

“Let us turn our fire on the Tories and Labour and leave the friendly fire for our enemies.”

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  • 1.1K
  • 1.1K

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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11 Responses

  1. Pauline Davies says:

    Well said.

  2. Charles Clifford says:

    Excellent Testimonial to Gerard Batten from V.A.T. there are millions of us, who have the same aspirations as Gerard and Tommy, all patriots, V.A.T. F.L.A. D.F.L.A. Britain First, Fore Britain, we can vote as one, elect UKIP with Gerard Batten, UKIP must move forward with Gerard Batten, it’s not Gerard that’s wrong, it’s Nigel Farage, he seems to have joined the ranks of the left on the Foreign Ideology, refusing to admit it is a huge threat to our Historical Judeo Christian Culture, that has made this country what it is and will be for our kid’s kids, we can all rally to UKIP’s Flag, ignore the Fake news that’s on it’s way through MSM….UKIP for GOVERNMENT…..

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Yes Charles, I’m in total and obvious agreement. Unity within UKIP is a must, and if that is accomplished then nothing is impossible for the like minded. We could have it all, Gerard + Nigel + Tommy R + NEC, and so many like minded groups = 17.4 million votes !

  3. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Why do Farage and Crowther want to wreck UKIP?

  4. David wilkinson says:

    Well done Reece Coombs.Keep it up ! We need more intelligent young people like you

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have given opinions and answers to so many of these UKIP blogs, but why is it that this one, centered from our Veterans, stands out as being special ?
    I think its because its nice, rather than nasty ! It’s also because it points a finger at UKIP having it all. – Gerard + Nigel + Membership + NEC, all together, perhaps not in total harmony, but at least all pulling together in commonality of purpose !
    Every Kipper, whether from the politically Left, Right or Centre. Whether pro Tommy Robinson, or against. All with a focus upon one ideal of The United Kingdom of Great Britain, regaining greatness. Not in the old way of greatness, but in an altogether new form of greatness. Our Party shaping the Nation’s independence for the benefit of all. In no way an exclusive little Nation, but a Nation that trades with the world and champions international respect, Nation to Nation !
    Now it is possible that I have been overtaken by an Advanced Christmas Spirit, but I see nothing bad in that ! If our Veterans can shine the light, then all we have to do is concentrate our attention on the items that unite us, which are many, and learn to tolerate a few of the items that we have differences with. The other new groups that hold the same wish as us for UK/GB Independence should have no problem in seeing a unity of purpose, whilst keeping their individual characters !
    If differences within UKIP can be healed, then this contagion could spread in unity, and if it were to take hold of the 17.4 million voters that wanted to leave the EU, the result would change our Government conclusively for ever, to all our benefit ! ….. Think of positive and bin the negative. Friendly Association rather than enmity and lack of trust within the same Party. DO THIS, AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Gerard, Nigel, Membership with Tommy R, and NEC, with backing of similar groups, against Lib/Lab/Con. JOB DONE !

  6. Andrew Tranter says:

    Speaking personally (not as a member of VAT, Veterans Against Terrorism)
    My thoughts on Nigel Farages comment and attempted coup is in rather bad taste to say the least 🙁
    I think UKIP are the only real choice for the voter that wants a real Brexit
    UKIP has a Brand and name of working for the peoples interests not their own, which Farage is now trying to destroy with yet another attack on the Parties savior as far as I am concerned?
    I think Nigel Farage is as two faced as they come, after abandoning the party post Brexit vote he then went on a world tour seeking fame and fortune.
    He is now trying to get the NEC of UKIP to back a no confidence vote in Gerard Batten the current leader of UKIP?

    The same NEC he not so long ago insulted. mocked and derived?

    Nigel Farage deserted UKIP (and “deserted” is the only word for it), he said and did absolutely nothing when UKIP almost went bankrupt due to legal fees incurred whilst fighting a legal battle with Labour, he refuses still to this day to speak out against Radical/Political Islam, one of the biggest threats to this country at this time.
    Gerard Batten (after a series of poor to incompetent leaders) became leader (reluctantly) and rescued the party from bankruptcy’s and boosted its members by thousand, so for Farage to now claim he knows best smacks of complete hypocrisy.
    Having said all that I personally (nothing to do with VAT) think that the appointment of Tommy Robinson was ill advised and could back fire, I do not believe Tommy Robinson is a racist as the media and far left claim (always trumping out the founder of the EDL when mentioning his name and never he left the EDL when he could no longer stop the rot of racists that had infiltrated the EDL, at the time he was the medias darling for it).
    I did support Tommy being allowed to join UKIP as a member and still would for the above bracketed comment but to make him an advisor on prisons and grooming gangs is a mistake that will cost UKIP votes in future elections as he, like it or not has rather effectively been painted a racist by the media and the authorities for his stances.

  7. Cliff Taylor says:

    How can you IGNORE being focused on Islam when half of London does NOT even speak English and vital resources are going down a black hole? ISLAM is not compatible with British values in any way, shape or form.
    The UK is impoverished and PEOPLE laugh it off, but others come and ask: what happened to all the British people!? If you point this huge glaring perception out you’re accused of being a racist by none other than Nigel Farange himself. This proves that Farange has always been in a controlled opposition holding pattern in the hip pocket of the elite. All those thundering performances in the EU parliament were nothing more than fake theatrical BS.

  8. Love Liberty says:

    With a bit of luck the farce of May’s surrender plan to the EU will offer an opportunity at a grand re-arrangement of voting. The Tories could be swept away and replaced by UKIP, but to do this requires an audacious plan that is more than just being pro-Brexit.

    The second challenge is how Loony Labour can also be swept into the history bin. I think that For Britain should target Loony Labour and UKIP should target the ConTrickservatives.

  9. ogga11 says:

    Many thanks to Nigel for services rendered , he resigned the party leadership the party never left him.
    He is now working to another agenda and there was a great deal of truth in that poster,
    I am behind Batten 100% and do agree with his Tommy Robinson stance.

  10. John Wright says:

    I’ve commented previously on this issue & although I still hold Nigel in esteem, he is utterly wrong in trying to remove Gerard Batten. He had a chance to lead UKIP on to becoming a force to be reckoned with & he walked away, plunging the party into complete disarray leading to virtual bankruptcy & the loss of millions of UKIP voters. This was Nigel’s doing & will remain his legacy leaving him to ponder on what might have been under his leadership!
    Go away Nigel, you’ve done enough damage & have found yourself a nice little spot with LBC.
    Leave UKIP alone. Please!

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