TOTAL SURRENDER: Fishing For Leave SLAM Final Deal And Warn Scottish Tories

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It took European leaders just 40 minutes to accept Theresa May’s unconditional surrender of British sovereignty and right to actually leave the EU as opposed appear to leave without actually leaving. One of the worst affected communities in Britain will undoubtedly be the fishing community who have suffered under the yoke of the Common Fisheries Policy and who will continue to suffer.

Fishing For Leave have dubbed the deal the ‘second surrender’ of British fisheries. In a press release they said:”We condemn the Withdrawal agreement for both the Transition – which means re-obeying detrimental CFP rules post-Brexit – and because it also gifts the EU a weapon to lever Britain into the EUs Future Relationship demands. The Transition will be fatal to so many – but to compound the danger Markets and Access ARE linked in the Agreement. This despite Ministerial and White paper commitments that it would not be and with the PM lying in the commons saying they are not.”

However, FFL are not taking this betrayal lying down. They issues a stark warning to Scottish Tories. They said that voting for the deal will not just threaten their seats in Parliament but also the Union: “Voting for this deal will cost Scots Tory’s their seats and with that the Union they say they desire above all other things to protect. Self-interest, party and country are now all interlinked and all best served by voting against the PMs worst deal in history.”

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron has warned that Britain could be forced into the Customs Union if the EU is not allowed its own way on access to British waters and other issues. He described the backstop as ‘leverage’:

Sadly, before the vote there is little opportunity to punish May at the ballot box. Mobilisation for the Brexit Means Exit demo on 9th December has become a matter of life or death for Brexit itself.


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  • 929
  • 929

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Probably without realising it, David Cameron was responsible for asking the right question on the ballot referendum form, IN or OUT ? To many, it was a surprise that the people voted to LEAVE THE EU. Why ? – Because it heralded the end of a premier Nation of the world. Long gone thankfully, are the days of Empire and gunboat diplomacy, but deep down the British people considered that this Nation still had a role to play in this world, and the consumption of this Nation by, and into a new Super Power would not be of benefit to us, or anyone ! Demonising Mrs May is incorrect; she is what she is, and so is her Party ! – Climbing a mountain is hard going, but dropping by parachute can be pleasant, fun, and is easy ! I think that this Government headed, not lead by Mrs May, chose the easy option of dropping rather than climbing. To her annoyance, there are still too many British folk who are aware of our history, and at the Remembrance Season now, realise that millions gave their lives for our independence, and they are not prepared to take a dump on their memory and sacrifice, just for an easy life ! The idea of somehow having one foot out, and one foot in the EU, IS NONSENSE. It has to be one thing or the other. – The referendum result from the people on 23rd June 2016 was to LEAVE, and that means all items of EU connection are ended. All that remains will be cooperation between Nation States, and that can include the EU !

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