Batten SLAMS May’s “Naked Betrayal” Of Gibraltar

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Gerard Batten MEP has slammed Theresa May’s “double-talk” over Gibraltar. He also highlighted the fact that Britain’s armed forces command and control are still being merged into an EU military structure and “Without an independent military, Britain is below the status of a vassal state – it will become a colony of the EU.”

Spain’s Socialist Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez said over Gibraltar that Spain has “won” and talks on “joint-sovereignty” will eventually begin.   However, Gibraltarians consistently vote to remain British rather than Spanish. In 1967 they voted by a margin of 99.6 percent in a referendum to remain British, and they also decisively rejected “co-sovereignty” arrangements pushed by Tony Blair’s Labour government by 99 percent.

Mr Batten said: “Gibraltar was key for Britain during the Napoleonic Wars and both World Wars. It gave access to the Mediterranean; essential for the efforts of the Royal Navy. It would have been impossible for Montgomery to defeat Rommel in North Africa without it. The Spanish claim to Gibraltar was vigorously pushed by the Fascist Dictator Francisco Franco and he will be smiling in his grave after this capitulation. Never in my lifetime did I think that a Prime Minister would commit such a naked act of betrayal. By her actions, Mrs May betrays every person who died defending ‘the rock’ and all those service men and women who fought to preserve Britain’s freedom throughout the past three centuries. “

It seems everything is up for grabs as Mrs May and no price is too high to pay to appease her EU masters.

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3 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I am already giving friends and associates that vote for, or tolerate the Conservatives, a full unlimited broadside, for being anti British ! I have already told Michael Ellis MP, that with much regret, I will not give him my vote now, due to his Tory membership !
    Gibraltar is British. Its inhabitants want to stay British. That is the end of discussion on this matter !
    Mrs May should check up on the history of Prime Ministers. I am sure she does not want to go the ‘Mr Percival way’ !

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    It might not be such a bad idea that at least we would get a new slant on the matter. and it might just shock the establishment to think more carefully about their actions.

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