EXCLUSIVE: Stuart Agnew MEP On His Dismay At No Confidence Call And Supporting Gerard Batten, Lord Pearson And Tommy Robinson

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I woke last Friday to hear Radio 4 announcing that Nigel Farage was urging a vote of no confidence in Gerard Batten.

I refuse point-blank to support this initiative and am very dismayed that such an incident has occurred.

Gerard and myself had been members for several years before we finally met in 2003 for the first time. Regional list candidates had recently been chosen for the Euro Elections the following year and we were all on parade at Conference. Gerard contacted me a few months later to express his genuine concern at the suitability of one of the Eastern Region upper list candidates. This individual was a minor celebrity and, as such, the darling of the National Party, where it seemed he could do no wrong. I had known the person from an earlier life and was in full agreement with Gerard.

It took the leadership another five years to come to the same conclusion.

Gerard usually sits on my left in the Chamber, so I have got to know him fairly well. It is impossible to be more Eurosceptic than Gerard Batten and it is hardly surprising that he was a founder of UKIP. We sometimes wonder if he takes it too far. However, I was wrong and he was right when it came to supporting an engagement in the Article 50 process. He said it would lead to a Brexit in name only, which is exactly what has happened.

Since taking over the leadership of the Party, out of a sense of duty, last year he has improved both membership and finances. A most creditable performance.

He strongly reminds me of my political hero, Ian Smith, of Rhodesia. There were others in Smith’s cabinet who were more eloquent, media friendly and better connected than Smith. He, however, was able to appeal to poorer whites and, crucially, Africans, being a fluent speaker of Shona.

Smith, like Gerard, deeply mistrusted Conservative politicians and was subsequently betrayed by them.

Gerard has, in recent years, become aware of a thoroughly unpleasant cultural practice slowly undermining the social fabric of this country. Increasing numbers of women are being reduced to their status in the Dark Ages, mere possessions of men. Our politicians pretend this is not happening and vilify those who expose the truth.

Fortunately, Gerard is not alone in his concern. Lord Malcolm Pearson is equally motivated and we witness in UKIP the strange partnership of an aristocratic Scottish laird alongside a working class East Londoner. My idea of a dream team.

This is not their only similarity. Both were aware of the EU threat years before it became fashionable and both were prepared to stand against the tide.

Many of those in UKIP, who are now critical of Gerard, walked into polling booths in the 2001 General Election to vote against the UKIP candidate. They did the same in 2005. Gerard and myself were UKIP candidates in those elections.

So, what is the problem?

A highly motivated member of the public, Tommy Robinson, has opposed the generic mistreatment of women by Asian men. This is a very, very driven man who is incapable of resting until he sees a fundamental change. Like Nelson Mandela, he has not been a paragon of virtue in trying to get his voice heard.

Robinson, who did not have the advantages of my education, has been searching for a vehicle to help take his mission forward. He initially turned to the BNP but eventually realised their gratuitous racism, anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial was too ingrained to ever be substituted for a useful objective.

He formed the English Defence League, only to see it taken over by yobs and thugs, obliging him to leave it.

His campaign to improve the lives of a section of female society, and secure justice for the most appalling crimes committed against them, has seen him harassed, threatened, vilified and finally imprisoned. The courage of this man is humbling. He strikes me as the conscripted soldier with a dubious background who embraces army life and becomes a first-class NCO.

Gerard is willing to take Robinson seriously. So is Lord Pearson. These are decent, genuine individuals willing to risk their reputations to support another genuine person’s genuine cause. Some in UKIP are frightened to tackle this problem in society because of being labelled ‘racist’.

I would regard myself as an out and out coward if I failed to support these three men.
Robinson will be viewed very differently in 30 years’ time. It is important to think long-term.

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  • 402
  • 402

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24 Responses

  1. John Ferguson says:

    Having waded through all the humble beginnings, misty eyed storyline preface to this lengthy eulogy. Thankfully, the author’s eventual conclusion in the last sentence, succinctly sums up everything anyone needs to know, to make the only political risk calculation necessary in this case. Long term intellectual thinking is all very high minded, well meaning & good. However, unfortunately Brexit, UKIP & most of the rest of us, just don’t have the luxury of spending 30 years accompanying someone in rehab, waiting till the voting public come around to viewing things very differently.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thank you Stuart. Total, absolute agreement with you. Nothing to add as you have said it all !

  3. uklcr says:

    Outstanding piece of literature. Well thought out, succinct, Comprehensive but not verbose. Covered all the points, made comments that those who know the history would understand.

    Genuine interest in the party and a genuine interest in the issues. Not a coward, not necessarily brave but a man I would have confidence in.

    Congratulations on a splendid letter.

    The endorsement of Tommy Robinson should be understood exactly the way he is explained here and not through the prism of the MSM.

    In today’s UK with flip-flop political posturing the men mentioned in this letter are stalwarts of UKIP and by extension all the UK public. You can rely on straight talking. Batten in particular is outstanding defending UKIP against all the BBC, LBC and other MSM hatchet men.

    Think hard and long why Farage would do such a thing. It’s possible that on reflection Farage may have a change of heart.

  4. Rob Bryant says:

    Mr Agnew has laid out the truth of the matter regarding the strange behaviour of Nigel Farage towards Tommy Robinson.
    Farage has colluded with the Remain camp to split UKIP in the hour when we need to unite against the betrayal of the nation in its attempt to escape being shackled to the EU corpse.

  5. Howard Keating says:

    I completely agree Stuart. Well said!

  6. Pauline says:

    I am sorry Nigel has taken this path, I think he needs to align with UKIP or walk away for good.

  7. Alec Yates says:

    Well said Stuart. You only have to look at Breitbart to see how many people are now anti Farage and showing their support for Gerard. Also I agree with you regarding Lord Malcolm Pearson who as you say is a member of the dream team. It is interesting to see his interview with Ezra Levant where he says he met and became friends with Tommy Robinson.


  8. Barry says:

    I am sure Tommy Robinson is a good man. That is not the problem. What is happening at the moment with Brexit means that UKIP needs to be a strong force NOW. Not it 10 years, NOW. To be able to be a force in todays politics we need voters. NOT 100,000 but 10 million.
    Gerard talks about Tommys influence regarding votes but its a drop in the ocean. Labor and conservative voters will walk away in droves if Gerard stays and links UKIP with Tommy. If you think Tommy will get UKIP more votes you are dreaming. UKIP needs to win… Win Big at the next general election.
    Sorry Tommy,

  9. John says:

    Well said Stuart, though I must pick one point that needs correction, these are NOT Asian grooming gangs, they are Pakistani Muslim rape gangs!
    The previous targets for these jihadists were Sikh girls, for decades, and the term Asian does every other group from that part of the world a severe disservice.

    Other than that, which the MSM continue to push, Gerrards stance is the way forward…

  10. Mark Burke says:

    Ian Smith was also a hero to me and many more . My family almost moved there in the 50’s so I would have been in the bush war. Well done Stuart, showing us all the way ahead. UKIP must be there in London on the 9th Dec in force.

  11. Carol says:

    Well said Stuart and absolutely spot on. I hold Gerard Batten in the highest regard, a true statesman in my humble opinion which was confirmed when I attended the Bedford Brexit SOS meeting, saw and heard him in person. I fully support Lord Malcolm Pearson. As to Tommy Robinson, I am a Bedfordian too and he speaks the truth. Once people have seen him on Youtube or wherever and actually listened to what he says, their minds are changed. Tommy is our ‘local boy made good’ and I fully support his appointment in the role of personal advisor.

  12. Clifford Hammans says:

    I am confused . I thought Nigel Farage had left UKIP , as after the referendum , He said he wanted to get his life back . After some very poor decisions by some in allowing , the last leader of UKIP , who dragged Our party’s name through the mud , Gerard Batten has done some amazing work in getting UKIP back on track , and I am convinced that without his knowledge of european affairs , and his attacks of this sell out of Brexit , UKIP would now be history .

  13. Frank Guest says:

    Farage is entitled to his views as anybody is. He has done a brilliant job in leading when all we wanted was a referendum! Leave means Leave though is just a movement & will not bother the Tories or Labour for a moment as they are not going to lose any votes to them. A lot of people have a poor opinion of TR probably because of the media portraying him as some kind of fascist (which we know is untrue) but he’s not ultimately going to be relevant. Supporting the only party (UKIP) that is capable of fielding candidates is the only important act which voters can do which could have an effect on matters. If either of the main parties begins to see that UKIP is a gathering storm for them then they will take notice. All we need is half (or more better still!) of the 17+ million that voted leave to vote for & in the meantime become a signed up member of UKIP then it WILL make a difference! UKIP/ Gerard should reach out to the Democrats& Veterans & the Peoples Revolution party & see if they can be persuaded to throw in their support for UKIP wherever they are unable to field their own candidates? We do need Nigels support but am not sure if that will be forthcoming for the time being..? From what I have seen & heard from Gerard I have great trust in him & do hope he will continue to lead the party.

  14. Adrianne Smyth says:

    Excellent post from Stuart and I heartily endorse his views. The MSM are very much against UKIP and will do anything to smear us. They like the status quo – it is comfortable for them, while at the same time they shut their eyes to twenty years of child abuse,rape and torture from the Muslim gangs.
    Gerard has done a fantastic job since taking over and deserves all the support we can give him and Lord Pearson.

  15. F Knighton says:

    I was baffled by Nigel Farage’s comments that TR followers are tatooed thugs, and by inference, spoiling for a fight. I witnessed 2 demonstrations in the summer and everywhere you looked there were reasonable people protesting in a civilised and good natured way. Why did you do it Nigel? I’m so disappointed that you should turn to the BBC to air your unfair views.

  16. > Asian men

    This euphemism is an unsuccessful attempt to be semi-politically correct or to avoid being called “racist” or to avoid giving offence.


    More than half the world’s population is Asian. Less than half of Asians are Muslim.

    In the last decade, about 90% of convictions in England for being part of paedophile (or near paedophile) rape and sex-slavery gangs are of MUSLIM MEN.

    Of these, about 80% are of PAKISTANI ethnic origin.

    It follows that about 70% of such convictions are of Pakistani origin males, though only 2.2% of the population in England is of Pakistani origin (1.2 million out of 66+ million in the UK, but almost all of them are in England).

    So, a 30+ times (70 divided by 2.2!) over-representation.

    Stuart, this is not the way to avoid giving offence – instead, you give unintended offence to loads of Chinese, Indians and other Asians living here, who are as appalled as you are about what’s been going on while those who should have been protecting these girls contrived for decades to look the other way.

    Standard Explanation to the Constabulary, or others prone to misinterpreting numeric data:

    Nothing in the above implies or even suggests that the vast majority of Pakistani Muslims in England feel anything other than abhorrence for these vile acts.

    Only a small percentage of the Pakistani origin population is involved in these crimes; the point is that this small percentage is nonetheless about 30 times greater than the percentage of the non-Pakistani origin population involved in them.

  17. Aelfred says:

    I fully support, Gerard, Lord Pearson and all patriotic UKIP members, supporters and voters. who have looked into the eye of storm and see what awaits this country if we do nothing .

    Through the very hard work of UKIP staff and leadership of Gerard, UKIP has risen from the ashes. You all overcame the attacks that were being made against UKIP. And should be proud of yourselves.

    UKIP is for all walks of people of all walks of life. In fact I would think if members and supporters of the labour/liberal/conservative parties looked. They would find they have more in common with UKIP than their own parties.

    T. Robinson has an in depth knowledge of the extremist elements of Islam. Any who live in cities or large town are increasingly becoming aware of these violent terrorising and criminal elements. And it is simply for that reason that Gerard rightly believes T. Robinson can help. T. Robinson has helped thousands more join UKIP and no doubt can help thousands more. If he were to be ignored those new members supporters will be lost. And UKIP made to look foolish.

    If UKIP wants to talk class than it should remember. UKIP is the party of all classes as in UKIP they are equals. Unlike within the lab/lib/con/ msn media/EU (who increasingly act like the the axis powers). (Didn’t Nigel often say “the peoples party”)

    Nigel is wrong in what he said and I hope he comes round. Through Gerard’s leadership and decision making UKIP has risen, gained strength and will march on. The proof is in the pudding. Gerard has been right. All patriotic UKIP members, supporters, and voters are for Batten.

    Let us remember UKIP’s aims are FUll COMPLETE AND PERMANENT BREXIT and sound, effective local and national policies.
    These are UKIP’s aims and must be continued to be promoted and fought for. UKIP must not be distracted from these. Lets get on with them.

  18. Cliff Taylor says:

    He initially turned to the BNP but eventually realised their gratuitous racism, anti Semitism and Holocaust denial was too ingrained to ever be substituted for a useful objective.

    What an ill-informed, ignorant comment and a perfect example of the kind of generalisations that get people HATING politicians. Almost every politician in Britain has said the same about UKIP and perhaps you’ve forgotten what David Cameron comments about UKIP?? I’m not in the BNP nor am I a Nick Griffin fan but he was elected as an MEP; to denigrate those voters as deplorables is stupid indeed when they are being terrorised by gangs, child rape and drugs.

    The BNP had several Jews working in their front office, not exactly what I would call a racist or anti-Semitic party and nowhere in their manifesto is racism or anti-Semitism listed as official policy.

    Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party are now accused of being anti-Semitic, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Today any criticism of Israel will have them accusing you of anti-Semitism, even if you don’t like seeing children burned to death in Hospitals by White Phosphorus bombs and modern jets supplied by the USA in the name of security and self-defence. Thank goodness some can still read a history book and discover that UN Resolution 181 (tainted by coercion) never officially set up any state in Palestine; it was only a feasibility study into partitioning Jews and Arabs because of violence caused by Jewish immigration to Palestine and the British desire to leave the mandate. intense pressure by Zionist groups in the USA prompted President Truman to officially recognise (only the USA) the illegitimate state of Israel and subsequently drive 750,000 Arabs off their land between 1947-1949.

    Supporting the BDS movement will automatically bring calls of hating Jews and being an anti-Semite. I doubt very much if Stewart Agnew has the moral courage to stand up to the Zionists and denounce Israel for war crimes in Gaza for fear of being called an anti-Zionist (anti-Semitism now according to the US State Dept.) or being anti-Semitic.

    As for Holocaust denial again I refer to the ability and rights of historical researchers and academic freedom. In Germany denial of the Holocaust is illegal and brings a jail sentence. Is that what Stewart Agnew wants? It would surprise me greatly if any politicians took the time to to research the many witnesses discredited for having lied at Nuremberg right up to the present day; or the overwhelming scientific evidence that cast doubts on the EXACT figure of 6,000,000. Scholars are not even able to research or discuss any of these points in history as Germany and many other countries — say it is illegal. ORWELL had much to say about those who control the past.

    Must the truth be enforced with a jail sentence? Unless a more sinister cynical motive is being played out here. Countess millions have lost their lives in wars right up to the present and many trillions of dollars have been wasted. No — just shut up and go along. It is not hard for anyone not tainted with bias to see the connection to 1948 and even the Balfour letter before that.

    Perilous times indeed.

  19. Stanley Cutts says:

    Nigel Farage was once my hero. Who could deny that the man has considerable political talent?
    However, he has shown some terrible misjudgements since he left the leadership of UKIP. For a start, he bad-mouthed Anne Marie Waters, dismissing her as a Nazi!. Indeed she would, being the front-runner at the time, have taken the leadership of the party easily, were it not for Nigel, who favoured the disaster that was Henry Bolton. And for some reason known only to himself, he refuses to acknowledge the greatest threat to our country , which is the ongoing Islamisation of the western world. Now he is trying to rubbish Gerard Batten with a No Confidence Call.
    In doing this, he demonstrates that his bloated ego reigns supreme amongst UKIP members; well, I’ve got news for you, Nigel – you are yesterday’s news; and in the present political atmosphere, Gerard is UKIP’s only hope – get used to it or join the Tories !

    • Carol says:

      I only voted for Henry Bolton as Nigel supported him, my favourite withdrew before that. I don’t care that Henry had left his wife, that was up to him, but to have cavorted about with a bracelet who proceeded to write such damaging tripe and then not dump her unceremoniously, showed a lack of fibre I look for in any leader. Gerard Batten is a true statesman.

  20. Aelfred says:

    Well done Stuart your article was a breath of fresh air.

  21. Aelfred says:

    Gerard is in the correct party, the party he was a founder member of, UKIP. You don’t get more UKIP and patriotic than that.

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