Labour Council ‘Refuses To Name’ Schools That Serve Non-Stun Halal Meat

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Kirklees Council, which is run by Labour, is facing intense pressure from parents and even local MPs to name the schools that are serving meat from slaughtered animals that have not been pre-stunned. They say its “inappropriate” for parents to be told which schools serve the meat.

However, their stance has set them on a collision course with the local Labour MP, Tracy Brabin,  who says parents should be “informed” despite, of course, adding the usual PC byline about “religious sensitivities”.

Conservative Councillor Lisa Holmes (Liversedge and Gomersal) has submitted a written a question asking if  Kirklees Council is the country’s “biggest user of meat from animals that have their throats slit while fully conscious – despite 80% of all UK halal meat being humanely stunned first, which is accepted by the Halal Food Authority?”

Meanwhile an online petition calling for all meat served in the borough’s schools to be stunned before slaughter has been signed by more than 5,600 people.

You can sign the Parliamentary petition demanding an end to all non-stun slaughter here



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  • 488

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8 Responses

  1. uklcr says:

    That’s a really strange position to take. If a Muslim group or individual asked for that information it would be forthcoming. It would be appropriate for cultural religious reasons.

    Many people are opposed to non stunned halal meat for their own cultural and religious reasons, and they may also be opposed for ethical and moral reasons.

    • John Cookson says:

      You are exactly right but for some reason if you ask any question you are automatically labelled a Racist, Xenophobe or a Bigot when all you want is parity of treatment and the same protected religious rights as Muslims & Jews have with regards to having the right to have Meat/Poultry Slaughtered to their religious standards. Why can’t non-Mulsims/Jews have the right NOT TO BE FORCED INTO either buying it or eating it without knowledge of that fact which can only happen if legislation is passed to enforce labelling of ALL Religiously Slaughtere Meat/Poultry whether Stunned or Not-Stunned?
      DEFRA clearly states Religiuously Slaughtered Meat/Poultry slaughtered under exemptions granted for Religious Freedoms MUST BE INTENDED FOR CONSUMPTION BY MUSLIMS AND JEWS so why is it being sold to non-Muslim and Non-Jewish consumers without there knowledge?
      You must stun all animals before you slaughter them unless an animal is being religiously slaughtered for halal or kosher meat.
      You must meet all of the following requirements for halal and kosher religious slaughter:
      it must take place in a slaughterhouse (abattoir) approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)
      it must be done by someone who has a certificate of competence (CoC)
      the slaughter must be done in a way that follows Jewish or Islamic religious practice
      the meat must be intended for consumption by Jews or Muslims


  2. John Cookson says:

    You will find they will not tell you even if you submit a FOI because they will use the excuse they contract out the catering and no doubt they will suggest you contact each individual school in the area (Wigan Council have done this aswell). But what may tell you is that is is not Halal even though it may have been slaughtered as Halal. As soon as meat leaves the Slaughter line retailers, Butchers, Supermarkets, Restaurants and catering companies can simply serve it as non-halal because he UK Government voted against labelling of Religiously Slaughtered Meat/Poultry back in 2014 ( because they believed labelling could Stigmatise Muslim/Jewish Food and it could also affect meat sales. What many people do not realise is that religiously Slaughtered Meat also includes Kosher Slaughter. This meat is also passed on into the mainstream food chain without labelling ( & )) because Jewish Communities protested about Kosher labelling because they believed the price of Kosher would have to rise because the effect of labelling would likley reduce the sales of off cuts of Kosher meat if they knew it was slaughtered without Stun but they also played the Anti-Semitic Race card aswell which was likley a contributing factor in why labelling was not implemented for both Kosher and Halal ( This matter was also raised int he EU but also ingnored because of the very same reasons. See Annex 5: Animal welfare labelling and religious slaughter
    Read page 141 (only 2 Short pages)
    This problem is not just Kirkless. If read the following link you will discover more info on this matter (Is religious Slaughtered Food being served in your School and to your Children without you knowing? At the end of this report there is a letter you can send to your school to make your wishes known that no Religiously Slaughtered food is to be served to your children.

  3. John Cookson says:

    I submitted this FOI so let’s see what becomes of this one:

    It may be helpful ifpeople could do exactly the same for your own councils by simply replacing the first para with this:

    I am looking at the provision of Meat/Poultry products being served to pupils of all faiths at schools within this council area and therefore I am submitting this request to you in the hope this information can be clarified.

  4. NJ ANDERSON says:

    Labour are now firmly in the grip of Moslems .. And have been for years !!.. They ( Labour ) look the other way at the antics & anti British predjudices that this group conduct.. whilst Labour have looked the other way .. The anti Semitic behaviour is at that groups core & uses the Labour Party to continue their anti semitisumn..

  5. Chris Conway says:

    What about the religious sensibilities of those who are not radical muslims & jews??? Hindus,many Christians,Buddhists,Sikhs etc etc plus British people who do not believe in animal torture.This barbarity does NOT belong in this Country.If religious fanatics cannot live without it why did they come here in the first place??? The Qoran does NOT require this but of course RADICALS do not follow Islam & Qoran because they are out to cause violence & trouble even to non radical muslims

  6. Paula Walters says:

    We have another petition to call for labelling of all meat products so that people can make an informed choice. Please don’t leave it to others, only by all doing our bit can we bring about change. Please sign, share and add to pages that you follow

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Non stun does not improve the meat ! UK/GB is a ‘nominal’ Christian nation, and genuine concern for animals is being eroded for the minority wishes of newcomers ! If there is real religious reasoning in this, then there are many ways of transport for the newcomers to leave this Nation, for their home Nation residency. We should not be obliged to accommodate their wishes in our Nation ! In short, if they don’t like our ways, then they should sod off ASAP !

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