OPINION:Crisis? What Crisis? Reports Of UKIP Membership Surge

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You may not have noticed, as another MEP departs UKIP’s shores, but there are reports of something of a membership surge into UKIP.

UKIP’s Basildon & Thurrock Branch posted the below on Facebook.

Not bad going for a Party that is apparently circling the drain of terminal decline is it? Nor can all these new members be fairly attributed to Treason May’s sell-out Brexit deal. Some of course will have joined for precisely that reason but we can say with equal confidence some will have joined due to Tommy Robinson’s appeal for people to join and to argue otherwise is to deny common sense and objective reality.

On average, under Gerard Batten, UKIP have added between 4-6% in the polls. This means that at worst, those people simply don’t care enough about the issue of Tommy Robinson to be put off UKIP and at best they share some of his concerns.

People say UKIP should be polling higher but they are dismissing, once again, objective reality. Brexit fatigue is a real phenomenon and it is one Theresa May is seeking to exploit in her campaign to foist the sell-out deal onto a weary populace. Also, UKIP was decimated organisaionally following a succession of poor leaders and a kamikaze Chairman in Paul Oakden. So, UKIP’s poll rating is a solid foundation on which to build.

Proponents of Mr Farage’s coup deny objective reality an awful lot which tells us that if there is a crisis it is an existential one which is in the collective mind of the Party. It is an identity crisis which actually has been playing out since the referendum victory about what role and purpose UKIP has in the new political reality we find ourselves in. Going back is not an answer that has any long-term sustainability. In fact, under the more moderate but totally incompetent Henry Bolton, UKIP nearly winked out of existence.

It is Mr Batten alongside Mr Robinson who are providing the only solid answers to this essentially psychological crisis. Not only that but their answer is bringing material results. More needs to be done, beyond Brexit and Islam, voting reform is another key issue UKIP needs to seize on to fix our visibly broken political system which is failing in its first function, to represent people properly, by betraying Brexit.

However, Mr Farage’s ill-judged and opportunist coup is crumbling precisely because the man himself provides no coherent, objectively based, vision of how UKIP finds a new identity. So, I ask again, crisis, what crisis?

UPDATE: The 400 new members have been confirmed in an email from Gerard Batten to members. UKIP’s membership now stands at well over 24,400 according to the email. 

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  • 3.3K
  • 3.3K

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25 Responses

  1. John Ferguson says:

    Sounds like the oh Jeremy Corbyn supporters argument, consoling themselves about how they’re doing so well, whilst realistically nowhere near the poll numbers they should be notching up politically, given the crisis the Tory Govt. are mired in. Meanwhile the majority of the great British public still don’t like the look of them or their leader to vote for them. Truth is, as the party who brought everyone Brexit, UKIP’s membership & poll numbers should already have soared to a multiple of where they’ve currently crept up to. Meanwhile the author of this, not to worry, don’t panic article is busily consoling everyone that TR’s chums, relatives & mother in law are about to join, which will dramatically swell the numbers & change our politiacal fortunes amongst the country at large. I don’t know if the wider membership can handle any more of these politically astute observations & notions, emanating from the primary school playground. But never mind, just create further consensus amongst the fully paid up members of the personality cult, by telling them more of what they want to hear.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      UKIP aren’t soaring for the reasons outlined. Serious Brexit fatigue is setting in with the wider population. 8% for the hardcore Leave Party about matches the 9% that the hardcore Remain party, the Liberal Democrats, have so the figure seems about right to my mind. Your expectations are not based on political reality but a measurement against the past totally different situation. UKIP does need to broaden its horizons now and become a party not just of Brexit but of government because a government with UKIP involved is the only one that will deliver Brexit. The Islam issue is one amoung many that need addressing as I pointed out at the end.

    • uklcr says:

      Hmmm. Not a fan of UKIP. Or you disagree with the direction UKIP has taken. Under Batten the party has reversed its fortunes. It was sinking into oblivion. 180 degree turn has it aimed at the sun.

      So what is the problem? There are problems of course and you picked some out.

      I would contend the enemy of UKIP is MSM. Do some research and find positive comments about UKIP.

      It’s worse when you look at what David Lammy has done. https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/david-lammy-calls-for-massive-demo-to-oppose-tommy-robinson-brexit-march

      There is no doubt that what he has done is disgraceful and should warrant a police investigation. He has called for a violent reaction to a political rally – Yes Robinson floated the idea and is a good organizer – but Lammy has twisted the narrative away from Brexit. The purpose of the Rally is Brexit. There probably will be violence now because Lammy has revved up the radical Antifa mob.

      There will be veterans, grandparents and children in attendance. Lammy should be censured by Labour and also in Parliament for his reckless behavior.

      This event is also a recruitment drive. Lammy is interfering in a political rally to inform members and invite new members to a political party. This is perfect textbook fascist behavior and explains why antifa are in bed with Labour. Labour should distance it’s self from violent radicalism – but it can’t because it forms a base from which to launch violence and be at arms length.

      A lot of work goes into the security of these events by the organizers and Lammy and his gang have organized a counter protest with one purpose. To provoke violence to provide a narrative for the MSM.

      Counter Protest organized by:
      Stand Up to Racism
      Muslim Council of Britain
      Unite Against Fascism
      Democracy for Brasil – UK –

      These organizations should not involve themselves with Lammy. The racist tone just oozes from him.

    • John says:

      John, stop fooling yourself, UKIP is heading away from your Tory eurosceptic alternative party model.
      UKIP is widening its appeal and becoming more than the one issue protest party…

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Farage and Crowther almost finished UKIP off, especiallywith their choice of ‘Leader’ Henry Bolton.
    If it was not for Gerard Batten UKIP would have been gone by now.
    Gerard needs to clear UKIP of all Farage and Crowther’s minions, and get Tommy Robinson fully on board.

  3. Love Liberty says:

    Was there something special about that weekend that can be said to have brought in the 400?

    • Nicole says:

      The previous day Batten was on BBC talking BREXIT and Farage was calling all of us who have marched with TR skinhead tattooed thugs……

      Who knows what motivates each individual……. One thing they all have in common is the attempt to slur UKIP isn’t affecting their decision to join….

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Yes we are gaining new members, though not enough. Right now we want more, many more.
    That being the case, why is Tommy Robinson still outside this Party ? He wants in. The majority of Kippers want him in. So why is he still outside ? Thankfully many folk will vote UKIP, without having membership of this Party, though being a card carrying kipper is so much better. Our membership tally is not yet wobbling the other Parties, and that won’t happen until we become inclusive as a Party rather than exclusive. Come on NEC, STOP WORRYING AND ADJUST THE RULES FOR EXCLUSION WHEN A MEMBER BREAKS FAITH !

  5. UKIP needs to directly address the 17.4m who voted for a clean Brexit. No one is representing them vocally or, for example, with boards on College Green when TV interviews are taking place.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    There has never been a better time for UKIP ! The Party is at last stable, thanks to Gerard. One ‘personality’ is waiting to join (T.R.) ! Government and Opposition can’t get their acts together. The people want real Brexit over and done with, and the leavers of EU know that UKIP is the only Party with an unambiguous, and united wish to totally leave a dictatorial EU.
    How I wish I could say ”Job Done” ! I can’t, because some in UKIP want to shoot the Party in the foot ! There are those who thrive on making mischief, but the rank and file of the Party must not allow that continuation to take hold !

  7. Grumpyashell says:

    Everybody is supporting Gerard and what he is doing but there is a problem with the media,do not expect to get get any good coverage of UKIP as it is always called “ far right,rascist or extremist”, therefore UKIP has to use other means. Yes,we now have influential bloggers leading the way but we have to be seen out there to the public….having stalls every week in every constituency seems to be the way…to me that is,local,grassroots and approachable…let’s have a co ordinated stalls blitz

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      We have always had that problem Grumpy, before Tommy it was Count Dankula, PJW etc, before that it was….my point is that if Tommy Robinson didn’t exist the media would invent him as a stick with which to beat us…

  8. Stuart Beaker says:

    Darrell, what an intelligent and productive summary of what seems to be happening in the party atm.
    Psychological crises always feel like existential threats, and are often projected onto events, or the world outside, or your opponents in the case of politics. To manage the coherent development of our own viewpoint – our own appreciation of who we are, what we stand for, and what leaving the EU has always stood for beyond the issue itself – the values, culture, history and future of our nation – is the only answer to such a crisis. And I see signs of that starting to happen now, especially in the way that the absolute necessity for a broader belief in ourselves as a nation with a future, seems to be attracting people of your own, younger, generation. Whether you are a secular libertarian, a Christian rooted in family-centred values, or someone with a deep love of our unique history and the people it has produced, there is a coherence now that we can all aim for. And I should say how welcome it was to see those representatives of other movements from other nations at the recent YI event – to appreciate the legitimacy of those others from beyond our own land to stand firm in their own beliefs, gives the lie to absurd charges of xenophobia and the like. We are properly speaking part of a movement which is international in a sense which the architects of socialism, whether national or international, can only imitate, and distort for their own ends. I think the development of UKIP has only just begun to apprehend its true place in the regeneration of our politics, our dispensation of governance, and with it our nation itself.

  9. Tom says:

    Would you like to justify the lie that Batten has added an average of 4-6% in polling by posting your flawed analysis. Or did you just make it up.

    If you look at by elections in the last 6 months UKIP are less than 2% of all votes.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      It’s really simple. Under Henry Bolton, UKIP’s National Polling Average was 2-3%, now across the board in every opinion poll it’s in the 5-8% range.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Your measure is flawed because UKIP hasn’t participated in every by-election, thus reducing the average artificially. I haven’t done the math but would imagine if you look at just the contests UKIP are actually involved in, your figures don’t add up and UKIP’s average is higher than that.

      • John Ferguson says:

        Well no. Would imagine, is the defining phrase in your last sentence. Just have al look at the Coatbridge South by-election last month. 14 people voted for UKIP, after running a campaign with an MEP visit, street & door to door leafleting. The candidate has considerably more relative & friends. So maybe you need to do the reality of the math & figure out what fraction of less than 1% that equates to, before eulogising about the current personalities & direction of the national party as a sure fire vote winner.

      • Tom says:

        If UKIP can’t even field candidates in most places like the main parties they obviously won’t get that vote share. But regardless your vote share is no higher than under Bolton.

        Here are the results from the most recent 10 polls: 6%, 7%, 8%, 3%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 5%, 5%, 5% and the high ones are only a protest after May’s awful deal.

        Maybe you should look at some sources that aren’t heavily biased like this site, which hasn’t even mentioned the two MEPs leaving over Batten’s obsession with courting the far-right

        • Darrell Goodliffe says:

          If we were to mention them I am sure we would have to mention a) the fact that both never paid anything into the Party b) one, Louise Bours was hardly ever in the European Parliament c) both have broken their written promise to vacate their seats in the event of leaving UKIP. Both are totally without honour or principle.

          If your so exercised write a counterpoint. As long as it is reasonably presented ie not personal mudslinging we will consider publication especially if it makes trenchant political points.

          • Tom says:


            1) There’s almost always no good reason to attend the european parliament other than to obtain more taxpayers money for nothing. The 2014 UKIP manifesto (when we actually fought and won elections) said

            “We don’t go there to make the EU better, more powerful, and help it pass more laws. We go there to find out what it’s up to, and let you know. Some of us spend a good deal of time there, unfortunately, making sure we know what they’re cooking up”

            2) If you’re taking a stand against the party you have been elected for becoming unrecognisable and obsessing with Islam and encouraging the far-right when the British public has no appetite for this, it makes zero sense to resign only to allow yourself to be replaced with someone still behind this party.

            And, since its Thursday, you managed to stand in 2 out of 7 by-elections today. In the one that’s been announced you got 2.8%. If Batten was a competent leader he would insist UKIP got organised across the country and stood candidates everywhere, then actually got out knocking on doors and campaigning rather than speaking anti-Muslim bile within echo chambers.

            • Darrell Goodliffe says:

              a) yes there is do to do the job you were elected to do.

              b) yes there is you signed a commitment to say you would do so. So if you stay on your a parasite. You openly admit it’s ok for MEPs to behave in an amoral way towards the Party without which they would be nothing as its a list, none of them have a personal vote.

              3) In Kelsey & Eden Park, UKIP polled 6.1%.

              • Tom says:

                Perhaps it’s more “amoral” to legitimise neo-nazis by having a leader saying there’s no such thing as Islamophobia and he doesn’t know what ‘far-right’ means.

                • Darrell Goodliffe says:

                  Now your just being hysterical. There was a time when being for withdrawal from the EU was labeled ‘Far-Right’ and look where we are now. This labeling apart from anything else is really bad and unhealthy for our democracy as certain points of view get labeled, demonised and stigmatised and people get excluded.

  10. Patricia Wallis says:

    We are great supporters of Nigel who without doubt gained us the Referendum, and we listen avidly to his radio programme. However, after reading the article by Stuart Agnew, we are persuaded of the case for Tommy Robinson because FEAR of being called a racist in the present climate, is no reason at all to deny a genuine cause. Women’s rights should extend to ALL women in this country. Furthermore we must not support the twisted narrative of the political and media class.

  11. Mike Watts says:

    After many years of inactivity, in view of the present political climate I decided to have a look at the various parties with a view to taking an active part, my family usually vote UKIP (five of us). However, I am a former member of the BNP the people who the new leader Batten has once again vilified. However, all is not lost, a branch of For Britain has just started in my town and lo and behold I am allowed to join, so even if suddenly UKIP came to their senses and let us lepers join I wouldn’t be interested. I look forward to being a candidate for For Britain and will ask friends and family to switch support from the Tory Party mark 2.

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