NO SOFT TOUCH: UKIP Express “Concern” Over Migrant Surge

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Paul Oakley, UKIPs Immigration Spokesman, has expressed “concern” following the news that over 100 migrants have been found off the coast of Britain in dinghies trying to enter the country illegally. Four of those rescued were found to be children and the majority claimed to be Iranians. Mr Oakely said that this news is greatly concerning and that any migrants found should be “treated humanely” and returned to the safety of France as soon as possible.

He continued to say that while Britain is a “welcoming nation” we also “we cannot send the message that we are a soft touch on illegal and dangerous entry into our country.” Refusing to return the migrants would only encourage more to attempt the crossing: “The Strait of Dover is the busiest shipping route in the world and if the route is not closed then deaths are inevitable; not only of migrants themselves but quite possibly of the crews of our coastguard and rescue ships as well.”

Sajid Javid should strengthen the UK’s Border Force and send a clear message that Britain will not tolerate migrants risking their lives and the lives of others by trying to enter the country illegally Mr Oakley said.


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  • 559
  • 559

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4 Responses

  1. Paul Oakley is absolutely correct. It is not in France’s interest for them to prevent migrants entering our waters so we must do it for them.

  2. Chris Dark says:

    There might not be such a thing as illegal immigrants any more if Treason May signs the UN Migrant pact. It’ll be their “yuman right” to cross the Channel, barge into the country and demand acceptance.

  3. StuartJ says:

    Exactly, we should not fall into the same trap that Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy have fell into. By ‘rescuing’ illegal immigrants and bringing them to our shores, it just encourages more to do so.

    And yes, the UN Migration compact must NOT be signed, otherwise we’ll be compelled to ‘rescue’ them and bring them in.

    I have no problem with migrants entering our country legally through proper channels in order to find work, but illegal immigration is the big ‘unseen’ problem that too few politicians want to openly discuss.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This Nation has a Home Office that enjoys deporting perfectly decent, law abiding folk. I know, because one was my commercial Tenant from China, who had started an excellent business. ”No extension to visa” and no reason given ! Then we have illegal immigration over the English Channel, which endangers lives, yet no plans are in train to deal with that.
    This Nation has taken the wrong road totally, but my opinion is that UKIP will make many belated corrections !

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