UKIP Launch Veterans Group And Direct Debit Membership

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UKIP launched a couple of initiatives today aimed at continuing to increase membership. You can now join the Party by paying just £4 a month via Direct Debit. A welcome move which will make Party membership much more accessible to people on varying incomes who are understandably perturbed by parting with a £30 lump sum.

Equally as important is the launch of the Veterans Special Interest group. UKIP has made a virtue of speaking for groups that are not represented by the mainstream parties. The group will encompass serving personnel and veterans, serving and former police officers, prison officers and members of the security services.

It has been launched in a climate where a myriad of issues affect veterans such as problems with the implementation of the Armed Forces Covenant; the ticking timebomb of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the specter of homelessness. Also, those in other services such as Prison Officers face a host of problems performing their roles.

Both developments are welcome and should help grow UKIP’s membership as it continues to grow.


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3 Responses

  1. Nigel Ely says:

    Pity this group wasn’t active the other week when Gus Hale, an Airborne brother of mine who went on hunger strike, yes you did read correct, hunger strike – google ‘Gus Hale. He asked me to reach out to UKIP’s Veteran Spokesman Mike Hookem. I did via a well respected UKIP spokesperson but nothing came back. Only a Falkland Island Minister and T Robinson visited Gus who was camping outside Combat Stress, Audley Court. UKIP needs to get a grip. If we were a business I’d give UKIP 0/10 for the Customer Service experience.

  2. Christine Newall says:

    Any consession for OAP’s ? Lots of us oldies would join if half price.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Tommy Robinson is not a UKIP member, for utterly bonkers reasoning ! Please, please, please, think of a discount for OAPs to join our Party. – I know that many of them are keen, and so many could do with a little bit of help with costs !

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