Rees-Mogg Predicts A General Election If May WINS Crunch Brexit Vote

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One of the key planks of Theresa May’s very own Project Fear, designed to win her the vote on December 11th, is using the argument that her government could fall and cause a General Election and, of course, cost Conservative MP’s in marginal seats their jobs. The Parliament Act makes this scenario extremely unlikely to unfold.

However, Jacob Rees-Mogg has put forward a different possibility. He said that predictions the government would lose by 200 votes were being deliberately blown out of proportion to scare reluctant MP’s into backing the deal: “Expectations on the meaningful vote are getting completely out of hand, the Government will have a very large vote, it will be a close vote. The whips will be working very hard to keep the numbers down, some Labour MPs will peel off, who knows what the Lib Dems will do.”

He continued to say that if the deal is approved then the likelihood of the DUP and some Conservative MP’s voting for a General Election becomes much higher: “The risks of a General Election are the meaningful vote going through and losing the support thereby of the DUP. Because of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, a General Election is extremely unlikely if the deal is not approved. Why? Because the DUP would not vote for a General Election and Tory MPs would not vote for a General Election. If the deal is approved then the DUP would find it very difficult to remain in the confidence and supply agreement as they themselves have indicated.”

The Fixed Term Parliament Act makes a General Election exceptionally unlikely before it is due in June 2022 due to it requiring Parliament to be dissolved by a 2/3s ‘Super Majority’ of MP’s.

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  • 676
  • 676

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1 Response

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I do not disagree with Moggy as a rule, but he has his opinion, and I have mine ! Mrs May is the Tory Party Jonah. So far if she said it was night time, I would check outside first. She has told it one way, and then reversed it upside down. I have never experienced a British Government in such disarray before with its leader being the PM, with such a fast change of Cabinet Members !
    At the start, she might have had some authority, but she has lost that now, and can only hope for the Whips to be able to bring a little unity to her Government. If they do, then the Tory Party will be seen as totally wet !

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