“Why Don’t You Listen?” – DUP Relationship With Conservatives At Breaking Point

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A breakdown in communication is a tell-tale sign that a relationship is on the rocks. So, when the DUP’s Nigel Dodds stood up in Parliament today to ask why the government does not listen it told us alot about the state of the relationship between the DUP and the Conservatives.

Mr Dodds was speaking during the debate on an urgent question regarding the full publication of the legal advice the government received on the draft Withdrawal Agreement. MP’s are pushing to see the full advice before the vote on the agreement on December 11th however, Downing Street will only commit to the publication of a summary.

Solicitor General Robert Buckland has had many offers to come to the Commons Mr Dodds said:¬†“So why doesn’t the Solicitor General listen and the Government start listening?¬†This has been the problem all along. What is it they have to hide?”

Sir Keir Starmar joined in the attack, claiming the government is displaying “contempt” for Parliament. Buckland however insists that it is merely a matter of finding the “right time” to brief MPs.

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5 Responses

  1. Chris FAREY says:

    ”The right time …..”? Sounds ominous. When it’s too late to take in the finer points and discuss over drinks at the club, you mean.

  2. Rob Bryant says:

    The Tories have never told the truth about the treachery they have always had in store for us. Heath kept his MPs in the dark, let alone us.

  3. Mark says:

    Her deal will get binned. Then its her way or the highway. she has said she wont resign and she will reject WTO rules, so whats next, A GE with more strong and stable national interest bullshit. She will fail and like John Major another grey dull puppet of the banks, she will consign them to electorial oblivion.

  4. Carol says:

    May has been proved to be a liar. We all remember her denial of telling the police not to ‘cry wolf’ and then the video went viral – but not an apology in her. We will never get truth from May or any of the cronies, or the unelected civil servants like Olly Robbins who have been finally exposed as the ones who run the country. My crystal ball foretells this abject betrayal of democracy hails the end of the old comfy 2 party politics, ‘vote for us because they are worse than we are’ – a new day is dawning, so all you Lib/Lab/Cons etc – you heard it here first, see it and weep.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Darrell, don’t you think that the DUP took the money that was offered, but with no guarantee of unquestioning support ? They saw the Clegg Lib/Dems get taken in, and then the opinion of the voters, shred that Party. The DUP will look after themselves first !

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