OPINION: In The Gathering Gloom, Tommy Is A Morning Star

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Editors Note: The author is UKIP’s Spokesman For Families And Children. 

The deep national crisis has been a long time coming and it’s bigger than just Brexit.

It’s even bigger than a “quasi-constitutional crisis” Michael St George about whether we’re a functioning citizen’s democracy or unwilling subjects of an unaccountable apparatchik-elite.

In full scope it’s an existential crisis about the United Kingdom and its identity, meaning and role in the world.

It started in 1971 when Ted Heath deceived the nation by claiming the EEC was purely about trade and cooperation. The project’s purpose was economic not political he insisted, in clear contradiction of the EU’s Founding Fathers like Robert Schuman.

We believed Heath and hadn’t heard of Schuman’s schemes, so we voted accordingly.

We now know where that has led us. In the name of erasing Europe’s nation-states, a bureaucratic and unaccountable Leviathan has arisen in Brussels. By bribing most of them with our money, the monster has succeeded where Napoleon and Hitler failed: it has gobbled up and strait-jacketed other European nations large and small, ancient and modern, and now struts its stuff across the world stage complete with its own nation-state emblems of flag, anthem, central bank, diplomatic corps and an incipient military force.

Hypocrisy and hubris have become the food and feces of the Brussels Leviathan.

And, after a thousand years of independence, our once-proud nation has been reduced to the status of an off-shore province and a cash-cow for the management of the monster.

Over the past half century too, and in close cooperation with the Brussels elite who now legislate and regulate our political life, the UK’s liberal political class has busied itself with interfering in our personal and social lives by imposing its language and values on us. It has achieved this via the organs of state – including the fourth estate of the mainstream media – that, like Stalin and Animal Farm’s Comrade Napoleon, arbitrate between “correct” and “incorrect” thoughts, words and deeds. It now controls our discourse and sets the agenda of what we may or may not talk about.

As a result we have been disabled from challenging the establishment’s own deep-seated Anglophobia, fawning Islamophilia, support for mass immigration, minority-worship, devaluation of marriage, promotion of gender fluidity among primary school-age kids, preference for emotion and ideology over facts and evidence, ‘hate-speech’ bans, and all the other progressive-liberal harms and cultural destruction that they’ve foisted upon us.

If we do challenge them, we are subjected to their full arsenal of hate words – we’re xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, misogynist, a hater or similar – and, if we’re not hauled into court, we are cast into outer political and social darkness.

By June 2016, this liberal hegemony and control of our lives and language was almost complete.

But then the British distaste for lying tyrants and self-serving dictators – even liberal ones with their sleek stage management, their glossy self-presentation, their smooth language about tolerance, compassion and inclusion, and their grasping hands thrust smilingly into our pockets – led the people to vote decisively for Brexit.

It was a volcanic eruption of unprecedented proportions. Britons, especially working-class and middle England, voted for freedom from the reserves of independence and liberty found deep within the national psyche, and this of course threatened to break up the smug and settled liberal landscape on the public surface.

Inevitably the elite mask of civility and tolerance slipped: the response became venomous, the gloves came off and the fight to overturn the democratic will of the people commenced.

Tory Remainers were installed at both addresses in Downing Street; quisling staffers and inexperienced civil servants were sent to negotiate terms with hard-nosed Brussels apparatchiks tasked with punishing the departing non-believers pour encourager les autres; prominent big-beast Brexiteers were enervated by lucrative contracts with media outlets, proved impotent around the Cabinet table or staffed the Dad’s Army of incompetent and tribal Tory backbenchers; and by November 2018 the light of Brexit and freedom was dying, snuffed out by the Prime Minister’s surrender document of vassalage and servitude.

But against the gathering darkness of national decline and Brexit treachery by the ruling elite, a morning star has arisen out of a council estate in Luton, flickering at first but now shining ever stronger. The star has confronted the darkness, outwitted the elite and given people hope. The star is called Tommy Robinson.

Working almost alone Robinson has created a huge supporter base by continuously promoting his views and activities over social media. He currently has over 1 million followers on Facebook – more than any of the mainstream political parties.

When he was wrongly arrested and sentenced to jail in a flawed trial earlier this year, 30,000 people took to the streets of London, his name was written in the sky over Sydney Opera House and protests took place outside British consulates and high commissions around the world, including Auckland, Ottawa, Vienna, Copenhagen and New York.

Tommy is everything the politically-correct elite despises: working class, white and male – although he is still too young for them to dismiss him as ‘gammon’. Nor does he drive a white van.

He is intelligent, quick-witted and courageous, and learns swiftly from his mistakes. When he recognised the English Defence League he founded was being infiltrated by racists and thugs, he resigned in disgust.

He had formed EDL when Al Muhajiroun extremists led by Anjem Choudary hurled abuse at Royal Anglian Regiment soldiers as they marched through the streets of Luton on their return from Iraq. He was incensed that it was the St George’s Flag-waving Regiment supporters who were arrested, not the Choudary Islamist groupies.

Tommy has since single-handedly and successfully insisted that we must talk about the Muslim grooming gangs that have brutally raped probably quarter of a million underage girls over the past three or four decades. He is, too, increasingly naming the authorities that persistently turned a blind eye to the atrocities and thereby left many thousands of vulnerable girls in the hands of Pakistani perpetrators.

He would not be silenced when he was banned by Twitter for publishing “hateful” tweets not about Muslims but about Islam. He promptly led a #FreeSpeech march of 3,000 through central London to Speakers Corner, the traditional home of democratic debate.

He has bearded the judiciary in their Old Bailey den with a brilliantly-timed personally-composed Defence Statement  that caused the judge to cancel the legal trial, release Tommy from bail and refer the issue up to the Attorney General for a political decision.

He has out-manoeuvred the military establishment. When the Muslim Council of Britain complained to the Ministry of Defence about pictures of Tommy alongside British Army cadets at Newport Pagnell service station on the M1, the military denounced the pictures, investigated the cadets and, the young soldiers revealed, dismissed one. The MCB said “Jump”; the British Army said “How high?” – so Tommy collected 200,000 signatures for a petition demanding the reinstatement of the soldier. He presented it at 10 Downing Street on the same day it emerged that the soldier was not to be dismissed after all. This was, of course, not a coincidence.

His detractors point out he has a criminal record; he illegally entered the US on a false passport, lied on a mortgage application and head-butted an off-duty police officer who intervened in his on-street domestic dispute with his wife.

But supporters retort that these are minor infractions compared with, say, the dodgy-dossier lies, fraudulent prospectuses and illegal wars of the former prime minister, establishment Remainer and BBC favourite, Tony Blair. Blair is only protected from a substantial criminal record by his membership of the ruling class.

And anyway, Tommy has had to grow up recently and put foolish things behind him.

He may be a rising star but he is also a marmite figure; you either like him or loathe him. But he is not divisive; rather he forcefully highlights the divisions that others have created, especially the chasm between the well-heeled politically-correct globalist elite and the rest of us.

On Sunday week Tommy is turning his attention to the current crisis facing the country. Together with UKIP leader Gerard Batten, he is calling for a ‘Brexit Betrayal’ demonstration in London just days before Parliament votes on Theresa May’s pitiable surrender document.

It should be electric. It might light up the political firmament. It’s an event not to be missed.

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  • 224
  • 224

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18 Responses

  1. John Mallows says:

    Excellent, and the perfect way forward to make UKIP more than a ‘single issue’ party!

    • John Ferguson says:

      Well I suppose technically that’s correct. Adding another single issue does make you more than a single issue party.

      • Howard Keating says:

        Maths not your strong point John? Or didn’t you read the article before commenting?

        • John Ferguson says:

          As far as the voting public is concerned, it’s a one man, one issue bandwagon & unlike you, they don’ t give a hoot what the article says, because they’re never going to read it. Members of the personality cult can portray it differently & continue convincing themselves, it’s just that nobody else out there is going to bother tuning in to this particular frequency, believe otherwise or vote for it. That’s the way it is.

      • graham humphreys says:

        Read the manifesto have you ………….

        • John Ferguson says:

          I’d wager most of the voting public certainly don’t & it’s their perception that matters………. whether I’ve read it or not & what I think is totally irrelevant in this regard.

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Three cheers for Tommy Robinson.

  3. Love Liberty says:

    What do the British do when the Government holds a referendum that was repeatedly described as leaving the EU in all its aspects, and then that Government is re-elected on the basis of leaving the EU in all its aspects, and then that Government says it has an agreement that means leaving the EU in one of those aspects, but the actual agreement pushes Britain even deeper under the control of the EU and pays reparations too?

    What do they expect the British to do? Tug our forelocks and say, “Yes M’lady?”

    We are not the French, we don’t have compulsory yellow jackets & we don’t have the custom of civil disturbance the way the French do.

    So what will the Dec 9th Brexitrayal demo be like? Small, large, civil, furious?

  4. Carol says:

    Excellent, I am so sorry I can’t be there but it is my birthday and a special jaunt has been planned for a long while! However as a fellow Bedfordian of Tommy Robinson, I fully support him – a local boy made good in my humble opinion – and many other Bedfordians too. To those who have criticised him I say ‘go and listen to him on Youtube’ surprising how many have changed their opinion. Yours truly, a proud ‘Little Englander’ from a ‘nation of shopkeepers’ as Napoleon described us, and look what happened to him.

  5. Ian Hensman says:

    The Lad deserves support at an organisational level. We need him Whatever the outcome of parliaments vote. He should be an asset able to help push UKIP into mainstream British Parliament

  6. Marilyn Catling says:

    The best piece I have read in a very long time. Thank you for explaining exactly why I feel so angry every time I listen to the news. I think you are absolutely right, the reason large swathes of the country are so depressed is entirely because we have just discovered that our country has been secretly agreeing to a destiny we have had no say in. It is far far bigger than Brexit. It is a complete failure to disclose the truth for over forty years.

  7. uklcr says:

    Brilliant. This is one of the most thought out balanced description of the phenomenon “Tommy Robinson”

    It’s pleasing to see this ‘Robin Hood’ mature into a man of stature. As this article rightly points out, the EU is angry and so is the country. This is just the beginning of the conflict.

    In my view WW3 has started and with the rise of social media and instant connectives this was will not be a shooting war but a very masculine cold war with hot debates.

  8. skipper says:

    In Britain it was Ted HEATH deceiving the nation in 1971.
    In 1972, in Denmark, the name of the deceiver was PM J O KRAG – one would think all PMs in European countries planned that strategy for each their country:

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    TOMMY ROBINSON is an individual with items in his past that are unfortunate, but he has had time to grow up, and should be judged upon that. He has also become something of a celebrity, but we should still look at the individual.
    It has been stated by a number of folk, that they would support UKIP if Tommy was given membership ! I don’t follow the logic in that as UKIP members must support the Party, due only to what the Party stands for, rather than a view of ‘If Tommy is a member, then I will seek the same membership’. READ. DIGEST. THEN SUPPORT AS INDIVIDUALS ! I want Tommy on board NOW !

  10. Tony T. says:

    I think he is a distraction that we do not need, I do not agree with Mr. Batten on this.

  11. Cliff Taylor says:

    Good article but still naïve. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling it Islamic or muslim, you will be called a racist. Not looking at the Cultural Marxism and the reasons why it infects the UK is ignoring the elephant in the room.

    Aljazeera has done a very good documentary on Israeli spying in the USA and it’s fact that you will be called racist for opposing Zionism too. The Russian smokescreen rolls on.


  12. Sylvi Clark says:

    Very well written Alan, many thanks for this report, and yes I am 100% behind both Tommy Robinson and also Gerard Batten as leader of UKIP. I am also a paid up member of UKIP, as well as a Secretary for our local Branch.

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