Mordaunt Backs May As The Last Of The Pizza Club Brexiteers Caves-In

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Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary, has become the last of the so-called ‘Pizza Club’ Brexiteers to sell-out today.

She even went a step-further, condemning the European Reform Group backed coup as a distraction: “That was not helpful,’ she said. ‘What the public want to see is their members of parliament and their members of government working hard to get the best result for their communities and their country. ‘Everything else that is a distraction to that should cease.”

Effusive in her backing for the Prime Minister, she continued: “She has got my support.We should be supporting her and we should all be working together to get the best result.”

Her climbdown is the latest in a series of capitulations by the Club. Michael Gove was savaged today on Twitter by backbench Brexiteers such as John Redwood:

Once again, Conservative Brexiteers have fallen well-short of the mark and when the crunch has come, the ‘Pizza Club’ have chosen their careers over their country.

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  • 1.5K
  • 1.5K

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7 Responses

  1. John barker says:

    The best result ? That was not what the Referendum was about. The people expect our elected representatives to deliver on the result, LEAVE.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    They have sealed their fate. With this limp Prime Minister and fake BREXIT, we’ll see the last Conservative Government for generations as the country slips into serfdom. Jeremy Corbyn – get set to rule (ruin) Great Britain !!!

  3. William Jaeger says:

    For favours to be repaid at a later date!

  4. Mr B. Greenwood says:

    Andrea Leadsom is the most shameful of the fence sitters. She knew she would have had enthusiastic support had she chosen to take a stand and resigned from May’s pernicious group of EU sycophants but failed the test.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Our leadership and NEC could continue to hold the likes of Tommy Robinson at arm’s length, in an attempt to continue exclusivity with this Party, but time is of the essence. Accept membership wishing to join, but strengthen the ability to take membership away when a member brings the Party into disrepute. Now is the time for this as there is a definite possibility of a General Election coming out of the blue. – Do it not, and we could miss the boat on such a strong possibility, for UKIP to influence much more than just Brexit !

  6. John Wright says:

    Penny Mordaunt, Portsmouth north’s answer to Maggie May (no relation to Theresa May!) has finally declared her undying support for Mrs May? One more self declared Brexiteer without the guts to stand firm. One must ask why her change of tack? It wouldn’t be because someone jokingly suggested she would make a good PM would it? Ah, this shows her credentials as a person quite capable of stabbing any opponent in the back, apparently a necessary qualification in our modern MP’s! Women & Men…But is this the sort of person the residents of Portsmouth north want representing them in parliament? As minister for Women & equalities (whatever this bit means?) one has to search diligently to determine precisely what her grand title entails? Perhaps she’s looking for a senior post now she’s turned her back on her constituents in Portsmouth north? Gosh! How insensitive of me, but I sincerely hope you people from that fondly remembered City look very unkindly on turncoat Mordaunt & remind her how insecure her chosen profession is, especially for one who clearly doesn’t give a damn for what you voted for?

  7. Mark says:

    Well when you take into account the blackmailed pedos, tax cheats , insider traders, sexual deviants along with the easily brought and paid for it will be tight, no doubt about that, but she will loose, thats the plan for cancellation. But it was Clarke and the Bilderburg who put her into office to protect there corporate interests, so let them have a dose of Comrade Corbyn. I think that will cost them more than Brexit. The Poll Tax destroyed the Tory party for nearly twenty years, and most tories supported it, so where the hell they think there going with this, god only knows. “The politics of self destruction”.

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