BREAKING: UKIP’s NEC Votes AGAINST A Motion Of No Confidence In Gerard Batten

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore/Gerard Batten
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UKIP members have just received the following email from Chairman Kirstan Herriot:

Today, the UKIP NEC voted overwhelmingly against a motion of no confidence in the leader Gerard Batten.

The NEC also decided the following:

“The party does not endorse the appointment of Tommy Robinson in any advisory role. He is not a UKIP member and through his associations, he is barred from joining UKIP.”

“The planned march on 9th December was not organised by UKIP but members are free to attend should they wish.”

The decision follows Nigel Farage writing to the NEC and calling for a vote of no confidence in Mr Batten’s leadership following his appointment of Tommy Robinson as a special advisor on prison reform and grooming gangs.

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37 Responses

  1. Ron hughes says:

    The n e c made a good decision at last they have left our party open to get on and plan For the coming general election come on let’s go for it. Ron ukip

  2. I do not believe what I am seeing , ” a vote of no confidence in Gerrard Batten, by the NEC” . Public opinion will see Ukip as aparty of many elected Leaders , who we are unable to keep for very long . I think yet again we should sack the NEC and get a NEW lot in.

  3. James says:

    TBH I don’t think Gerard’s Leadership was ever really under threat. The NEC aren’t stupid and they can see what Gerard is doing. 10 months ago under Bolton UKIP was almost dead and buried, I think Bolton was probably out UKIP casket shopping with his bit on the side at that point. Gerard stepped up took the bull by the horns, see everything that was wrong and turned it all around. He put the right people in the right places, which is what a good manager or in this case Party Leader does and got us back on track.
    I know Gerard said he’d only do 1 year as Leader and then call a Leadership contest but I think we’d be better to just stick with him aslong as he wishes to carry on as Leader. Also I can’t really think of anyone to replace him.

    • John Ferguson says:

      Then he goes & ruins it all by getting personally hung up insisting on the future involvement of ONE person, irrespective of the amount of grief, aggravation & damage it’s caused. Then gratuitously smearing umpteen prominent people, for simply making it plain they wanted nothing to do it who then felt compelled to walk away. Looks more like single minded, divisive, confrontational leadership, with a touch of nastiness reserved for those who happen to disagree.

      • James says:

        Who Gerard chooses to give him advice is his business as far as I’m concerned. Do I agree with it being Tommy Robinson? I’m not going to say yes or no. But I do believe Gerard is doing things for the right reasons. Why wouldn’t he? He’s a founding member of the party and if anything UKIP is his life’s work. He’s not going to sink it by bringing in Tommy Robinson. If he thought that I’m sure he wouldn’t do it.

        • John Ferguson says:

          He’s the leader of a national political party, realistically no, his choice of advisor is not just his business, as the backwash caused & need for this NEC meeting shows. Nobody questions he genuinely thinks he’s doing things for the right reasons, but just because he’s a founder member it doesn’t make him right. That’s a facile argument anyway, because there is another founder member of equal or greater standing who also no doubt genuinely believes he’s correct, that it’s a huge mistake. So that whole argument you’re putting forward is a score draw I’m afraid.

          • James says:

            OK lets take one of PM May’s advisors Olly Robbins. Do you think he’s a good choice of advisor? Would you prefer him to be advising Gerard as opposed to Tommy?

            • John Ferguson says:

              Robbins is not a political advisor. He’s an otherwise faceless civil servant career beaurocrat, who works for whoever happens to be the minister. So it’s a rather facile comparison.

      • Lynne Lawer says:

        That ONE person is extremely brave and has a huge following, including me. He is a true patriot and he speaks for the ordinary people of this country. He is not racist, he has friends of all colours and races (including “Asians”) and he stuck up for the children who were being gang raped when the police and social services wouldn’t do anything. Please watch his Oxford Union talk.

        I think Gerard is doing a brilliant job. What damage has it caused by taking on Tommy Robinson as his personal advisor on rape gangs and prison reform? Who better to advise him on those subjects? I am not aware of Gerard “gratuitously smearing umpteen prominent people” who then felt compelled to walk away but if they have taken their information about Tommy from the blatantly biased mainstream media, instead of researching him themselves, maybe UKIP is better off without them.

  4. Caitlin M Forester says:

    Well done NEC, well done UKIP!

    Gerard Battern is the leader we need right now. Farage dumped us and left us and look at the mess of Brexit now, that Bolton guy almost destroyed UKIP, Gerard saved it.

    He says what is needed to be said, he holds no barrs. He’s intelligent and honourable. Nigel seems to have turned his back on his roots and has utter contempt for his (mostly former now) supporters.

    Lead us to victory, Batten! We’re all behind you!

  5. John Ferguson says:

    Another wishful thinking communique from the NEC attempting to dodge reality. They made it clear last time round the party wanted nothing to do with Robinson right now. Five days later Batten as leader, blows the agreed party line wide apart by publicly appointing Robinson to a position & inviting him centre stage at what was being billed as a UKIP Brexit rally. Today it’s confirmed, they still definitely want nothing to do with Robinson & it’s not a UKIP march or rally any more even though Batten said otherwise, but we’ve still got confidence in him as leader. NEC decides & communicates one thing, Batten just ignores that & in defiance communicates the total opposite. It’s been made abundantly clear over what’s already occurred, they can’t have Batten without also having to have Robinson in tow. They’re simply continuing to live in denial about that, for the next few days at least, till Batten fires of his next e-mail directly to the membership undermining the collectively agreed stance around this issue once again.

    • Lynne Lawer says:

      Tommy Robinson organised this march and rally so of course he is going to be centre stage. Most of the people who will bother to show up will be Tommy fans. I know because I’ve been to protests against Tommy being in jail and to Brexit marches. Most Brexiteers are keyboard warriors who can’t be bothered to get out on the streets. Tommy’s followers are willing to make their voices heard. Without Tommy’s involvement, there would still be no major demonstration before the vote next week. He was waiting for a Brexit leader to organise something but nobody did. We have all been waiting for someone to do something that we can get behind to show our feelings about May’s betrayal. Nigel did nothing except organise paid talks around the country. What good is preaching to the converted except for his own pocket?

      • John Ferguson says:

        So now the truth is, it’s not a UKIP march after all, but in fact Tommie’s march for Brexit. Which is just as well, because the idea of Tommie taking centre stage at a UKIP event as if he’s some veteran Brexit campaigner is quite laughable. Well of course if it’s his actually his march he’s quite entitled to take centre stage. But that’s not how it was being portrayed……before I read your post. I have never regarded most Brexiteers as just keyboard warriors, on the contrary, like myself, I’ve found many of them regularly out on the streets in all weathers over months & years. Strangely though, I do not recall ever seeing Tommie or any of his accolites out with us on the streets campaigning for Brexit either before or after the referendum till now. Which rather leads me to conclude that he’s either a new believer or recent convert to the cause, which if is always welcome, but equally, because it is a bit sudden, may simply be taking advantage of an ideal opportunity to hitch a ride for his own agenda on the back of Brexit perhaps. He has his own agenda & place with his many followers. UKIP is a political party that has to have a much wider appeal to gain electoral traction & success. No matter how huge Tommie’s following is, it’s just never going to be enough to make a dent in the massed number of voters that a political party needs to appeal to. That requires broad appeal, which his agenda simply does not attract. These moves simply do not help further either the agenda Tommie propagates or UKIP’s political fortunes, but risks replicating the same mistakes made by other parties who attempted to politicise a similar agenda & failed miserably. It’s all just counterproductive, unhelpful to anybody’s cause & frankly not politically astute at all.

    • James says:

      John, by any chance are you a flag waving Henry Bolton supporter?

      • John Fergusobn says:

        No, I rarely given two hoots about any of the personalities involved. Some of the most obscene boot licking adulation posted should carry a health warning, no matter who it is. Sadly it’s the boring Boycott school of political calculation that tends to influence my choices. But hey, anyone’s entitled to run around getting all worked up about their hero, whilst overlooking whether the strategy they’re employing actually furthers their agenda or is indeed counterproductive

  6. Dan says:

    Well done the NEC. Whatever one’s views on certain topics right now, no party member with any sense or decency should try and depose the leader at this time.
    Anybody doing so is intent on the destruction of Ukip.

  7. patricia hunter says:

    WELL DONE COMMITTEE…. this was nothing to do with Tommy being “involved” with UKIP… BUT… I do have to add, had this “trick” of Nigel’s worked, and Gerard Batten been badly treated here… I, and im sure hundreds of others would have left instantly although I just joined lately because of the link however slight with Tommy…. Im pretty sure IF you checked your membership figures, they will have increased substantially of late… THANK YOU for seeing this exactly for what it was…..

  8. Mobo says:

    They have voted against the vote of no confidence by Nigel Farage – good for them, about time they realised that Gerard Batten is top man for the job of leading UKIP.

  9. Dominic says:

    Would be curious to know who put this motion forward. Certainly one NEC member went public before the meeting in asking for a vote of no-confidence, but not sure who actually proposed it and seconded it in the end.

  10. Carl Avery says:

    Foolish move by Nigel FARAGE and the nec lost my vote nigel

  11. Aelfred says:

    We the majority of UKIP members, supporters and voters, the people overwhelmly support a motion of full confidence in Gerard Batten.

    You may also note that even the now plastic Brexiteer Farage didn’t even like the NEC.

    Farage’s family has never been the victim Islamic extremist paedophilia gangs support nor has the. NEC not have spine to stand up to them and is obviously.

    The NEC did NOT save UKIP. Gerard Batten and true UKIP staff, members and supporters saved it. And since Gerard’s leadership thousands have joined UKIP and are still joining, it makes more sense for many those within the NEC to leave as they are not needed. Obviously they do not care about UKIP and achieving full Brexit. If they did they would be streetwise and politically wise and encouraging new members and supporters and as Gerard does.

    All those who do support Batten are a disgrace to UKIP and an insult to the 17.4 million who voted Brexit. NEC are so self-righteous that they say UKIP members can go to rally if they wish. It has nothing to do with them goes and who supports the rally. UKIP patriots do not need any permission of the NEC.

    I would advise anybody who has have been listing to the z-rated celebrity Farage (whom once I supported) whose radio show seems to have gone to his head. You know the manwho dropped UKIP in it when he left UKIP after the referdum was won but Brexit not yet fully achieved. Sheer Incompetence and no excuses are acceptable. The majority of UKIP supporters and members support Gerard and now have no time for Farage nor traitors.

    Gerard must to continue as leader until full Brexit has been achieved. He has the support of the majority and the growing numbers of supporters. UKIP is the peoples party of all class and all walks of life and Gerard represents us all and is the right person for the job.


    UKIP patriot

    • Lynne Lawer says:

      I thought that about the NEC too, Aelfred. Like they could stop us going! lol Batten is definitely the right man for the job. I just wish the NEC could be abolished. They have done the correct thing this time but it isn’t very democratic to have to get their permission to ballot the members then it goes back to them to decide if they will implement the result! Sounds like something the EU would do.

  12. Jules says:

    Under the circumstances, this was probably the best set of decisions that the NEC could come to.

    But how have they got feedback from Members ?

    Given the importance (and potential publicity) of subjects like this, surely the Members should have a direct and formal route for feedback?
    The logical, practical – and accountable route being Regional Representatives on the NEC

    When are Regional Reps on the NEC going to be implemented?

  13. uklcr says:

    This was a dangerous decision and will fulfill Nigel’s prophecy. He predicted that the Brexit march will damage Brexit with violence.

    David Lammy has invited violent fascist thugs to oppose the Brexit Rally. There has been a lot of social comment about how to make sure it is a peaceful rally.

    The door has been opened for the full force of violent opposition that will come from the left.

    While this was being billed as a political Rally organized by UKIP. (reference photo of organization) This took the ground out from Lammy and his thugs.

    The NEC think they have a gentlemen’s club to manage. They do not have respect for the real world. The chance for UKIP to be embraced by middle England was there as low hanging fruit. The fruit has now been fenced in.

    Now that Farage has done what maybe irreparable damage he has publicly announced he will probably leave. The support for Batten as leader will open the door for Farage to leave. Like a woman scorned hath no fury – brace yourself for the bile that Farage will unleash.

    Expect personal attacks on Batten and expect all negative comment about Brexit to be blamed on Brexit Rally 9th Dec.

    UKIP need to think hard a long for a solution because they have handed themselves a hand grenade and lost the pin.

    Tommy Robinson is a controversial person. His political views do not suit everyone. They do however strike a chord with many as can be seen when he calls a rally. I would be interested to know of another political party with stringent rules that prohibit growth.

    Gerard Batten was on the right path – he took the leadership, he is a humble man and that resonates with the electorate. He pulled the party back from annihilation and part of his strategy for moving into a competitive political position was through Tommy Robinson. You can dig into the backgrounds of any prominent person and you will find skeletons. Tommy Robinson’s are on public display and exaggerated by the MSM vilifying him.

    Final thought:- Gerard Batten does not treat UKIP like a private club with member being suitably attired – read dress code! Brexit is for the people UKIP should be for the people.

  14. Nigel Ely says:

    I listened to the last hour of Farage’s show yesterday where he tried to do a right old number on UKIP. I once supported this man (probably the greatest politician of the 21st century so far) but now I have trouble listening to him let alone looking at him. He sounds so petulant and is ego has put him in a field where even his beloved Tory Traitor Party chums snub him. Farage is now in the political wilderness because of his EGO. Farage just loves to use military analogies, well here’s one from me, an gnarly old veteran – he ran away from the field of battle to a hot bath and glass of wine before the re-org was secured leaving his brave, brave troops to fight a rear guard action. A basic mistake NO commander should or would ever make. Yesterday, he almost destroyed UKIP with his ‘motion’ but the irony is, UKIP are stronger now than ever (scouring social media). And something good will come out of this. Perhaps all those fifth columnists among our ranks (covert Tories) will now be exposed. Lastly, I’d like to thank the NEC for allowing me the option of attending the Great Brexit Betrayal march – oh how so Faragist. Get a grip NEC!

    • John Ferguson says:

      Well if I may say so, that’s all a bit contradictory. If, as you say, he’s probably the greatest politician to date of the 21st century, whose judgement you apparently now scorn despite being a proven winner, I doubt he will be left languishing in the political widerness for very long.

      • Nigel Ely says:

        Well, just because I “question his judgement” does not erase what he achieved, that would stupid! But, he is now in the political wilderness so maybe he’ll feel safer answering questions on subjects he’s always ran away from like. FCO 30/1048 or Finchley Road or the ECA 1972. Yes, Farage the man who constantly uses military analogies now runs away from the field of battle once more and as a vet I do laugh at his petulant cowardness!

  15. mary says:

    I think events will prove Batten right. Poor chap, he gets criticised if he tackles the Islam issue, criticised if he doesnt.
    The NEC have done right. Lets get on with supporting him at the march at Whitehall 9 Dec.

  16. Stanley Cutts says:

    This is the UKIP that I remember! Divided, confused and hoisted by their own petard. Why must this party of mostly decent people forever score own goals? There is a constant dysfunctionality about UKIP that, over time, erodes the soul of the membership. I believe it stems from two inescapable truths: (1) The composition, complexity and lack of cohesion of party management, and (2) The egoist culture that exists at every level above the loyal foot soldiers.

    Thank God that UKIP is not, and never will be, in government.

    • mary says:

      I get fed up with this constant scrapping too, and wish members would just bury their differences long enough to make a dent in our mainstream establishment. But frankly I would rather have a bunch of well meaning plonkers (your description ), than by the mad evil traitors that are in government now: marxist-globalist con artists, who turn truth on its head and are hell bent on turning our once lovely country into an alien totalitarian 3rd world hell hole . A lot of the squabbling is in fact I’m sure deliberately stirred up by infiltrators and saboteurs, and even have a theory that the Tories are behind a lot of it; don’t fall for it.
      While we’re having this little distraction, I hope everyone is aware of the UN Global Migration Pact which unlike other more sensible countries, the UK Govt is hell bent on signing: I recommend Janice Atkinson MEP’s You Tube and the government petition.

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