Rees-Mogg V Barclay – Brexit Secretary Slapped Down In Committee Hearing

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Jacob Rees-Mogg slapped down Brexit Secretary Steven Barclay during today’s session of the Exiting The European Union Committee.

The backbench Brexiteer pointed out: “The EU would be setting our customs taxes and we would have no say on it once we have left. This is under the backstop, taxation without representation.”

Embarrassingly, Barclay had to admit he did not know the answer Rees-Moggs point, promising to write to him at a later date with the information. A frustrated Rees-Mogg continued: “But if the EU raises tariffs we will have to follow and we will have no vote on that at all so it is taxation without representation, a fundamental constitutional principle given away in the backstop.”

Under pressure, the Brexit Secretary said he did not accept Rees-Moggs contention, however, the Chair of the European Reform Group hit-back that it was obvious Barclay “didn’t know” the text of the article which was a “problem”.

MP’s are due to begin their marathon debate on the Withdrawal Agreement tomorrow. However, tonight the government is facing humiliating censure over failing to release the attorney general’s full legal advice on the Brexit deal as ordered by Parliament.

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  • 1.2K

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4 Responses

  1. Nigel Ely says:

    Ah, a Tory slap down – really! Mogg, all talk no action and will ALWAYS put party before country, and the way a few Ukippers keep promoting these Tories may be they need a slap down too! We are at war,and the Tories are the enemy, after all you don’t see Labour or LibDems fluffing up any Tory.

  2. Love Liberty says:

    In an appearance with Piers Morgan, the newest Brexit secretary listed all the negotiated achievements of the plan.

    Oddly, they seemed to be things that the UK would get automatically if it left without a negotiated deal.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    In general I think I am open to other peoples views. I probably won’t agree with them, but I try to understand them in an attitude of kind understanding, and a wish to not consider that my view is always correct. Aint I a nice chap !
    As our Government leads us, stumbling as we go with every step, on withdrawal from the EU, I find that I am unable to understand other folk who wish to stay in the EU. ….. We entered a trade only Common Market, via the lies told by Heath & Co., and now we have another Tory PM, blatantly telling us that leave is done with certain connections having to continue with the EU !
    Does Mrs May consider that we are all daft ? Is she laying a path for a Presidential or Dictatorial method of Government ? Or, as is my view, is this task just too big for her to handle ? I have started to think that we are seeing signs of mental instability with her, and as most of us would like her to be removed and replaced, preferably by a Brexiteer, I am of the view that she needs to end her job as PM ! It can be no pleasure to go from day to day, calling night, day, and remain as leave ! She is heading for a total breakdown, which will be no good for her, and a disaster for this Nation !

  4. Aelfred says:

    I like Reese-Mogg. Though I think he should be a full Brexiteer. Which is not possible while in the conservative party.

    As for the MPs of the Labour/Liberal/ Conservative parties. Any who think they have the right to ignore the democratic process and the majority vote of the 17.4 million for full Brexit is not fit to govern. Nor should the be allowed to govern or work in any area government national or local. That includes civil servants.

    The only party fit for democratic government is UKIP.

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