BREAKING NEWS: Nigel Farage Quits UKIP

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore/Gerard Batten
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Nigel Farage has announced he is no longer a member of UKIP. Speaking simultaneously on LBC at the same time as an article was published in the Daily Telegraph he said that he had made the decision with a “heavy heart”.

Farage, who led UKIP between 2006 and 2009 and then between 2010 and 2016, was a founder member of the party like current leader Gerard Batten.

Announcing his decision on LBC, he said: “Over the course of the last few months, he seems to be pretty obsessed with Islam. Ukip wasn’t founded to be a party based on fighting a religious crusade.

“He’s also obsessed with this figure called Tommy Robinson, who is seen by some to be a great hero standing up and fighting for working class people, but who has a pretty suspect record – and who brings with him a group of people amongst which we see scuffles, violence. Many have criminal records, some pretty serious.

“All of it has been dragging Ukip away from an electoral party into a party of street activism.”

He wrote in the Telegraph that under Gerard Batten’s leadership, the Party had “changed fundamentally”: “Analysis of weekly local council by-elections up and down the country shows that Ukip now fields very few candidates. Worse still, many of our very best organisers and activists on the ground have resigned their positions. This means we no longer have a professional campaigning team. The party of elections is quickly becoming a party of street activism, with our members being urged to attend marches rather than taking the fight to the ballot box.”

He continued to say that he believed Tommy Robinson was “unsuitable” to be involved in any political Party. He said that the march against Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement “was the most ill-judged political event I have ever been aware of in British politics”.


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  • 1.2K
  • 1.2K

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23 Responses

  1. John says:

    He can now return to the Tory eurosceptic fold that he feels happiest in them…

  2. Linda Hudson says:

    Sad to see one of my heroes leaving U.K.I.P., nothing stays the same!
    You and a few others made it possible for me to see many sacred places in the French fields of the fallen!
    God bless Britain and all it’s people and hope for peace throughout the world!

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    Nigel Farage has changed fundamentally. UKIP now has a leader of a populist party who is determined to DO something to keep our country free of political correctness and mass inward migration, even if it means taking to the streets and fighting for what we know is right for the INDIGENOUS British people. I am quite happy to man the barricades to repel those who preach hatred and import terrorism into this once green and pleasant land. Let’s take the fight to them.

    • mary says:

      I think there may be trouble at the march on Sunday, but predict this will be stirred up by Govt Antifa thugs. Then the media will try to blame it on our side. We will need to expose this spin.
      I think that the time for fighting the establishment in a nice gentlemanly way has long gone. But I hope that if we man the barricades we don’t lash out willy nilly. The French are experts at hitting the Establishment where it hurts eg they’ve just brought Macron to heel for the time being. Would have thought though that they had more to protest about than fuel prices though.
      Glad to see the back of Nigel. Gerard Batten deserves a medal putting up with all the carping and criticism by people who do nothing to help, I think this will flush out much of this.

  4. Sean says:

    Nigel left UKIP a long time ago. I am sure his statement will be forgotten in a week’s time and planet Earth will still be rotating.

  5. Chris Dark says:

    I’m not sorry to see him go. It is very sad, but we are at a desperate point in this country’s history now and we can’t have distractions like this. Let him go. Our enemy is trying to break UKIP up, don’t let them do it. There is a war to fight and a country to save; far more important than drama queens.

  6. M Catling says:

    I am not impressed with Nigel Farage over this. If you leave a party for whatever reason, and the successor Bolton, proved to be unsuitable, you either take the job back or you help in another way. If Gerard Batten had not taken the helm of UKIP in February, there would be no UKIP.
    Since then, politics have changed again and Nigel finds himself wanting to get
    back as the leader.
    Call for a no confidence vote in Gerard was an evil thing to do. Leaving UKIP is best Nigel.

  7. StuartJ says:

    It’s been a long time coming, many people would have thought he had already quit the party after standing down as leader in 2016.

    He is better off out of UKIP, and UKIP will be better off without him.

    I have a great deal of respect for Mr Farage, it was through his actions that I became aware of UKIP and started voting for them at the European Parliament Elections in 2014, and I thank him for his efforts in getting UKIP that monumental election result in 2015, as well as the EU referendum victory in 2016.

    However, one then has to ask the question, what went wrong? UKIP was riding on the crest of a wave, and should have done really well at the 2017 General Election (though no-one really saw it coming).

    Nigel Farage stood down in 2016, declaring “job done”. A mistake. He also ‘threatened’ to then return to front-line politics if Brexit was betrayed. When Brexit was finally being betrayed, his ‘return to front-line politics’ became making speeches with Tory buddies from ‘Leave Means Leave’ which people had to pay to hear.

    It was Nigel Farage who I believed urged UKIP supporters to “back a Brexiteer” at the 2017 GE.

    Nigel Farage also endorsed leadership candidate Paul Nuttall, then Henry Bolton.

    Since he stood down as leader in 2016, Nigel made lots of noises about Brexit, but was rarely seen or heard to publicly support or endorse UKIP or Gerard Batten.

    He did not attend this years Conference in Birmingham, apart from the gala dinner.

    I’m sorry to say this, but UKIP has moved on, and is growing in stature again. UKIP is no longer ‘his’ party, it is a party that belongs to the members again, and is trying to reach a broader audience, the disaffected working-classes pissed off with the lies of the Tory/Labour/LibDem Establishment clique.

    I may not agree with Tommy Robinson’s involvement with the party, but it is clear that UKIP is moving beyond Nigel’s little ‘comfort zone’. Actions speak louder than words.

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if Nigel attempts to join the Conservative party, in some kind of thinly-veiled hope that the Tories can be ‘reformed’ and deliver Brexit, and to bring many Farage-following UKIP supporters on board in the hope that Farage could win a leadership contest and become Prime Minister.

    Sadly I think they would all be deluded. There is only one party that truly believes in a full clean Brexit, and that is UKIP.

  8. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Really glad to see the back of Nigel Farage.
    Hopefully this will see the end of Farage and Crowther using UKIP as a party of ‘useful idiots’ for the evil cult of Islam.

  9. Dodge says:

    Mr Farage seems to be attempting to torpedo the party below the waterline…….. for some time now his rhetoric has become more mainstream, sniping whilst sitting comfortably in his radio hosts chair collecting his wage, losing touch with the groundswell support growing for a NEW, rejuvenated party with a national agenda that we can all get behind……. a party FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE! The current pantomime politics are driving me insane, I know what I voted for , I am not mentally deficient, I am sick of being patronised……… I voted to LEAVE! All Farage is doing is to try and split the party…….. he is yesterday’s man. ENOUGH ! For the good of the UK move on!

  10. Pauline says:

    Nigel left the party immediately after the Referendum. He has done nothing for UKIP since then. Time for UKIP to move forwards without him.

  11. Cliff Taylor says:

    It’s good news week! Let’s hope it keeps up. I’ve said it before so I don’t want to drive it in the ground but I reckon today is the day to say it again: Good riddance; I have never liked Nigel Farange. I always felt he held UKIP down. Always measured and missing many opportunities to do maximum damage to the Lib/Lab/Con scam.

    I understand the need for a saviour syndrome, but it isn’t going to happen as long as politicians are bought and paid for by the central banks. As long as usury controls world finance and countries have to go begging to the International Bank of Settlements to finance debt thru borrowing to finance government bonds continue (with the crippling interest payments that enslave us all) we will ALWAYS be slaves. The ultimate leader at the top of this financial pile is The Rothschild Banking Trust. Anybody unawares of this reality is either incredibly naïve or part of the problem.

    Nigel Farange never spoke of any of this reality — and he backs Trump, another Step ‘n Fetch it shill for the Satanic/Masonic moneylenders that destroy this world. Sure Trump may say things that we can all agree on, but it’s all a ruse, like saying he was going to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Once elected it’s what “nice people” the Clinton’s are and how he, ” dosen’t want to….”hurt them” sniff, sniff. I knew it was BS when he ignored their Cocaine empire in Mena, Arkansas. Search The Clinton Chronicles on YouTube for a major shock. This pony show just keeps getting better and better. The notion that Trump is at war with the mainstream media is blatantly false. Convenient how it’s always CNN; a company connected to Time Warner with the major shateholder being an Israeli billionaire and major campaign support to the Donald Trump for President PAC as so many are. His top advisor was top man at Goldman Sachs!! You can’t be anti-establishment and have all your money and support coming from the elite establishment. Anybody believing this needs to be red pilled badly.

    I just heard the figure for child rape by Asian gangs in the UK is set at 250,000. Any figure like this with racial implications from an official body, just double that figure. Same for the number of migrants in the UK.

    What do we get? Pages and pages of a survey with the huge number of 1,000 minorities on the scourge of racism in Great Britain today by The Guardian. It would be comedy material if it was not so seriously flawed with blatant lies. It makes chilling reading indeed and is a portent of things to come. Each question (I assume) denotes horrific racism in the survey; such as, “have you been mistaken for working in a store”? Can you believe it? And another journalists whining because people get his name wrong! If I had a penny for how many times people get my name wrong or ask me if I work in a store, I’d be a millionaire. His statement is the British have still not learned how not be a racist country. As if his whole reason to live was to get to Britain at any cost and teach those nasty white supremacists a lesson. Mate, the Indian subcontinent is on its knees, what did you do for it today? All I read is how fraudsters from India and Pakistan get personal details from the TalkTalk data breach and clean out people’s life savings after gaining access to their computers. Police do nothing and the clear-up rate is about 3%…but hey that’s not RACIST, no, it just regular crime. No wonder the police can’t do their job any more. Btw/ how many times was Nigel Farange up North consoling victims of Asian Rape Gangs? I never saw it. Anymore misspellings of my name or any minorities asking me which aisle the curry paste is on, I’m phoning police next time.

    • Nigel Ely says:

      I agree with 90% which is good form. Very enjoyable.

    • Mark says:

      The list of issues Farage avoided was massive, what about the geo-engineered climate scam? The dumbing down of education, The rank criminality of the NWO, the list goes on.
      But i know whats going on, Farage is setting himself up as a media lovie. He is 54 has got two failed marriages, and in a few months time the EU gravy train stops for him. So what he going to do? Better to crap all over your supporters in the name of sanitising your opinions. Make sure your teflon on race , religion, liberal issues, so you can keep your job on LBC and Sky. Also lets not forget he is the son of a stockbroker who was privately educated, he is a natural Tory, and too be honest, a bit of a snob. Which has been demonstrated by his description of Tommy and his supporters as “Skinhead thugs”.
      Ukip is changing. People are waking up to the criminality of the Banker “Uniparty”scheme that passes for our democracy. They can see the silencing of conservative opinion online, and the personal persecution of anyone who challenges the Neo liberal globalist cabal. This isnt a red flag/blue flag supporters club. This shit is getting real.

  12. Aelfred says:

    Nigal Farage did excellent work in the run up to the referendum. But on the question of T. Robinson he should understand, that the subject i.e. Islamic extremism, which is a world wide problem, is for good reason part of political life now as terrorism and grooming gangs are fact. UKIP are still very much first and foremost about achieving full Brexit and providing excellent local and national polices. I think Nigel has taken his eye off the ball. He has not been leader since 2016. UKIP continue to move onwards and upwards.

  13. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Farage wanted shot of the EU. UKIP wanted shot of the EU. Batten wants shot of the EU. I want shot of the EU !
    So what is the problem ? It can only be private and personal with Farage, or of ‘other outside interests’. You chose !
    Nigel could have had the continued respect from UKIP, which was his due. He decided to blow it ! Why ? I don’t know !
    I do know that Gerard Batten is our leader, and that he has my respect. Respect that could have been Nigel’s. Real shame !

  14. Naomi King says:

    Yes it was more than time for Nigel to go. Gerard and Tommy are the future now, and political success in Westminster !

  15. mary says:

    While all this distraction about Nigel Who? is going on, plus Brino, let us not forget for a minute that the Govt is sneaking off to Morocco on Monday to sign two UN Global Migration Pacts which all sensible countries are avoiding like the plague. They’ve tried to keep it pretty quiet, although a short piece in Mail and Telegraph. Spread the word about the petition : the petition wont stop it now I dare say, but it will spread awareness. In conjunction with ECHR and Brussels as legal framework to enforce it, this Pact is beyond lethal for Britain and will also sweep away what’s left of free speech. This alone should be enough to swing a second Leave vote .

  16. Caitlin M Forester says:

    nigel farage has turned into such a cuck.

    100% behind gerard batten!! he is no coward like nigel!

  17. Pauline says:

    IMO Nigel left UKIP immediately after the Referendum and has done nothing for the party since then. Batten is doing great job and I am happy to have leader who doesn’t baulk at confronting difficult decisions or topics. So what if we add street activists to our bow we are more than just a political party we are a party for the people and that means all classes too!

  18. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I rather liked Nigel Farage and backed the call for him to be given a knighthood, ( so much more sensible and well earned than Clegg ) ! When Nigel made his attack upon Gerard, via our NEC ! When he promoted the Bolton waste of space ! When he was only able to see Tommy Robinson as a nuisance ! When he looks at Islam as a respectable ‘religion’ ! ….. My interest in him attained the same level as the question of, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road ?’ ….. Nigel Farage has made it into our Political History, and certainly within the story of UKIP. He could have done so much better if he had tried ! ….. ADVANCE UKIP, NOW WITH GERARD !

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