BREXIT BETRAYAL: Establishment Will Betray Brexit ‘At Any Cost’ – Batten

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Gerard Batten MEP said this morning that the establishment will “reverse the decision of the referendum and betray Brexit at any cost.” He was speaking following the legal advice that was given to the European Court of Justice by  Advocate General, Mr Manuel Campos Sanchez-Bordona that the UK could unilaterally reverse Article 50 and remain in the EU.

Mr Batten said: The entire strategy of Mrs May and the political class over the last two years has been to arrive at a ‘deal’ that was so bad neither Leavers or Remainers would accept it. The narrative they are pushing is that leaving the EU is impossible and therefore Britain has no option but to stay.

He pointed out that the whole Article 50 process has been a “trap” designed to keep Britain in the jaws of the EU:”I have said all along that Article 50 was a trap designed to delay, impede and overturn our attempt to leave the EU.  I have also said that Article 50 could indeed be discarded, not to stay in the EU, but to unilaterally leave.”

Clearly the jaws of that trap have now snapped shut.

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  • 763
  • 763

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5 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    UKIP has a further job on its hands, and that is to clear the ‘Establishment’. It won’t be easy as the Civil Service is utterly entwined within every part of it ! Also a number of Laws will have to be raised and entered to statute, with most of them backing our Democracy and the rights of Her Majesty’s Subjects. For instance, when a referendum is called, the result must not be ‘Of interest to Government’. It has to be seen as ‘A direct order to Government’. Democracy must be seen as the will of the majority, and nothing less !

  2. Ian Hensman says:

    We should be looking into announcing a UNILATERAL DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE Like IAN SMITH did for RHODESIA!!!!

  3. Chris Dark says:

    Although we knew the blighters would oppose us, I think to be honest that the lengths they have gone to, to deceive, blind, twist and insult the British public are quite beyond extraordinary. The hatred is no longer in the closet but out there for all to see. They have behaved like a pit of poisonous snakes, hissing and spitting. And these are running the country! God help us all. We really do have to drain this swamp, utterly and totally, along with the other snivel serpents.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Chris, why are you surprised at this ? Our history shows that we are head and shoulders above the Nations of the EU, and if we just concentrate on the last century, UK/GB freed most of them with liberation ! History can be awkward for the also rans !

  4. Aelfred says:

    Because leading civil servants have become so politicised they are not doing their jobs of protecting our national interests before all else, our identity, culture, way of life, history, industries, business, laws and independence. Instead they are working against us to serve the EU, which in effect now controls them. This is what happens when native independent sovereign apparatus of State are replaced by those of a foreign power i.e. the EU. Which in turn is supported the labour/liberal/conservative parties whose only loyalty is to their party, their elites and not to our country and nation.

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