AU REVOIR: French MP’s Plot To Bring Macron Down NEXT WEEK

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The end looks to be pretty much nigh for the pin-up of Eurofederalism, French President Emmanuel Macron. Left-wing French MP’s, led by the Communist and Socialist Party, are plotting to table a motion of no confidence in Macron as his popularity, along with that of French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, hits record lows.

First Secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure wroteWe decided to work together to put a motion of censure next Monday. During the coming days, we will seek to expand the scope of the signatories. It must be shown that other ways are possible. #YellowVests #directAN

The vote follows weeks of mass protests by the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement which achieved a victory when the government was forced to abandon planned increases in fuel duty. The movement’s leaders however dismissed the concession as “too little, too late”.Benjamin Cauchy, one of the movement’s organisers, told AFP; “The French don’t want crumbs, they want the whole baguette.”

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  • 4.1K
  • 4.1K

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8 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Definitely not the right man for the job. Delusions of grandeur with a preference to be the King of France. Not a wise wish in France !

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    No sympathy whatsoever for toady little Macron, who would stab Britain in the back at every opportunity. Step forward Marine Le Pen, who at least has her nation’s interests at heart.

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Full marks to the french people in using the tactics they did to get rid of this puffed up despot. He’s lucky he’s not facing the guillotine !
    Maybe we, the British, could learn one or two things from our french cousins……….don’t you think?

  4. M Catling says:

    My respect for the French people has grown enormously this past week. I cannot wait to see Macron and his wife unceremoniously kicked out of the Elysees Palace. They have blighted Paris with their politics, and that is unforgivable.

    • John Ferguson says:

      What’s his wife got to do with it, that she deserves to be kicked out too, other than his former school teacher. Is Sippenhaft making a comeback in 2018 after 70 odd years ?

  5. StuartJ says:

    We could indeed learn a great deal from the French, both their ‘ordinary’ people and their politicians.

    While I don’t condone violent protests, I applaud the ‘ordinary’ French people for making a stand and rising up in numbers to cry “NON!” at their President – a fresh-faced young man who rose from nowhere promising to be ‘different’, but who proved to be even worse than the politicians and presidential candidates they had turned their backs on.

    As for their politicians, at least they have some balls to stand up and call for this no-confidence vote in M. Macron. But sadly, while the ‘tired old’ parties got pushed to the side, rejected by their electorate, all they have been doing is biding their time, letting M. Macron’s ‘new’ party keep their seats warm.

    The problem with France is what happens next? The old left-wing parties get themselves back into power, but nothing will really change, France will go back to how it was before, not that much has changed since Macron took power.

    We have the same thing here in the UK; voters get sick of the Labour party in government, so they vote for “something different” and get the Tories in. After a few years, we get sick of the Tories, and vote Labour in, because they appear to offer ‘something different’.

    The underlying problem needs to be addressed: why do we get sick of either party? Because for all their supposed ‘differences’, nothing really changes and things just continue to progress as they are, regardless of which party is in power.

    Also, it does not matter which party you have in government, or which president you have, while your country is governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussells. They are the ones pulling the strings and calling the shots. Our national governments are simply puppet governments, there to give some kind of impression that we live in democratic countries.

  6. Janice horner says:

    Trudeau will go next oh yes he will! Canadians have had enough . He is an incompetent bully!

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This looks good for UKIP ! Comments made so far indicate that a percentage of voters might well chuck their voting allegiance of many years, for real change. How large that percentage is, or will be, won’t be known until the next General Election !
    This is of course a ‘pie in the sky moment’, but being rather detached politically myself. – Pleased to call myself a ‘floating voter’ for many years now, I have taken membership with UKIP, as the only Party that makes any sense to me. I am no Tory, but I have voted that way as they always seemed to be the Party that would do the least harm to this Nation. THEY HAVE BLOWN THAT NOW !

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