HUMPHRYS BLASTS MAY: You’re Not Listening!

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It has to be said that the Prime Ministers promised ‘tour’ to ‘open a national conversation’ about her wretched Withdrawal Agreement has been nothing of the kind. Basically, it has consisted of her sofa-surfing and channel-hopping from one radio/tv show to the next.

However, it has been refreshing to see her roasted and toasted by members of the public and hosts alike. John Humphrys is the latest. Confronting May, he said; “Do you really believe you can get that through on Tuesday? Because what a lot of people say is, clearly, the Prime Minister has worked very very hard at this, she believes in what she’s doing, she has been very, very persistent. The problem is she isn’t listening to any of the other arguments. That’s your difficulty.”

She claimed she has been listening: “We have been listening which is why we have been very careful about elements of the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration for the future that we have negotiated. Take an issue that was of great concern for the people of the UK when we went into the European Economic Community in the first place, how our fishermen had been dealt with. I’ve listened very carefully to the fishing community, to colleagues, to members of Parliament who represent seats with real fishing interests about the importance of that. That’s why we have rigorously and robustly defended our fishing industry in the negotiations we have had. And we’ll continue to do so.”

Obviously, no one has been listening to grassroots organisations like Fishing For Leave:

It is truly a measure of the PM’s desperation that reports indicate today the vote itself may have to be postponed.


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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It matters not whether its a man or a woman that is in charge, if that person has their own view, then time after time a defensive cloak will descend upon that person, where little or no alterations can be acceptable. Add to that the previous PM who was subjected to the EU broadside, with abject failure, and then Brexit Secretaries who held different views to the PM, and it is not impossible to understand the mind set of Mrs May ! She has become something between a headless chicken, and the start of a mental breakdown. Just on its own, this should have actioned the backbenchers to activate the 1922 Committee, to replace Mrs May as PM ! TOO BIG A JOB !

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    In 1972, I was a politically aware 19 year old, a rebel, refusing to agree with my Father and Grandfather more or less on principal, about more or less everything. One evening a very unusual event happened during a conversation following a TV interview with Ted Heath, the ladies of the family decided to leave us to it, the language was not really suitable for my Mother to hear from her sweet innocent son! I made a comment, and my Grand Dad agreed, we were very close, and he would accept my view on some things, realising that the world was a different place to the one he grew up in when Victoria was on the Throne! Suddenly the room went quiet, I waited for the telling off for swearing, instead, in a Normal voice, my Father said, “Yes, I agree”, we just sat there with bated breath, waiting for the World to stop spinning, the unheard of had happened, 3 Generations of the Stanley Males agreed on something. My Mother and Sisters could not believe it, 3 self opinionated men, unafraid of expressing their views. The odd thing was that, particularly between me and my Father, our arguments became less volitile, and over time we became mates, he would even come to the pub for a game of darts, although I always ended up paying somehow!
    When I look back on the Ted Heath interview I remember all to well, his attitude, it is complicated, without an understanding of International Trade and Politics, the man in the street could easily fall into the trap of Patriotism, yes we dought a war with Germany, but we were now allies, united in defending Western Democracy from the Bear of the USSR with the rest of Europe, it was very sensible to have closer trade ties with the common Market, and so on and on. everything is his measured level tones. In those days our Politicians were far more respected than today, we took their word, and it was hard to get the information you needed, we had no Internet, a computer with as much power as a cheap smart phone would fill a house and it would take weeks to program a simple task. If you wanted official paperwork, you had to apply to HMSO and pay for anything you wanted, taking a long time to get it and not cheap. I am convinced that, had we had the access to official paperwork we have now, there is no way we would have joined, that in its self a good enough reason to Leave ASAP Listening to Mrs Maynot during the ongoing Debate, I recognise the same superior tone when describing her so called deal, it is all about “Trade”, we get thrown the odd bone, when Border Control and our Laws are mentioned as an aside, almost an afterthought, but for me, and I suspect many others, it is not just about Trade, but about controlling who enters our Country, about our Courts being supreme within those Borders, and many other details. London is one of the 2 or 3 major Financial Centers of the World, they seek to control that as well, Our position in World finance has been built over many years, evolving over time to where we are today, are they so arrogant that they think they can muscle in on 2 or 300 years of financial evolution at the stroke of a pen, trying to cash in on the trust of so many years of personal relationships. passed down from Father to Son (or Daughter now), particularly when, with our experience, nations we have fought many wars with over time, we are suddenly going to allow them some measure of control over the savings, pensions and cash in hand of every person in the Country. This is what is at risk with the Maynot Document, the only deal on the table. We hear that it is this or “No Deal”, if we do not come out on the terms she has laid down, we then have 2 choices, stay in the EU as a Vassal State, or live in some sort of Limbo, an impotent force in the world, in every sense of the word.Of course we could play the blame game, Cameron had no plan for anything beyond faithfully following the EU to our ultimate total destruction, as I said, various countries within the EU have wanted for centuries to knock us off our perch, if they can’t do it by force of arms, they will do it with the pen. So come March, if we do not have that elusive Deal, what do we do, run like headless chickens, saying we made a mistake by voting to leave and Pretty Please could we Please Please wind the clock back and rejoin the EU. Of course the answer will be yes, but there will be strings attached, well unattached, as we will have no say, although we had precious little with our MEPs, that small measure of control will be gone, we will be possibly the first of the countries of Europe to be fully regionalised, our Parliament little more than a district council, such will be the power of our Government, that is what No Deal means in reality, But there was never a No Deal position. When we do not strike a deal, we simply revert back to WTO Rules, the way 68% ( I think) of the World Trades.
    to go back to the start, and Heath, he was interviewed by Peter Sissons on one of the political programs in 1995, when as a specific question he replies with 3 words “YES, Of Course”, sorry I did not quote the question, so here goes. “Mr Heath, did you realise in 1972 that signing up to the Treaty of Rome was the first step in becoming a part of the United States of Europe?” If you check that Treaty, it is on page 3 I believe it says, more or less that the Common Market was the precurser to the Federalisation of the European Countries. I wonder what Mrs May will say in 20 odd years time, if her so called deal goes through, I will be approaching 90 by then, if I am still around, and still have most of my brain cells, I will be interested to hear what she has to say about her deal. Eventually Heath was honest, will Maynot be as candid. We have wasted 2 years with Article 50, court cases and time wasting, of course Trade has it’s place and is important, but I believe less than the UK regaining our true Independence, and our place in the World. We have Nations lining up to do deals with us, the Commonwealth, the Chinese, the Americans and the Russians, Nations who know us well, were our allies in WW2, and who trust us to do what we say we will, even when pressed by others to break our word on agreements. The world called on us to hang onto Hong Kong, despite the fact that the Lease was up, and China wanted their land back, so as agreed we handed the city state back, they trust us, and that is the basis of good Trade Deals. If trust is there, anything is possible! If my Father and Grandfather were still around they would agree with my position, and maybe the World would stop spinning for the second time in my life!

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      An interesting ‘family listing’ Jim, and so different from my own ! My Grandfather was a Conscientious Objector in WW1 due to him being a Lay Preacher for the Baptist Union. My Father, probably due to this stigma, had unhappy early schooldays, and made sure that his life would be different. On the day of Chamberlain’s speech, my Father joined the RAF, and served on the North African desert, Ceylon and India, then back home to start me, and rejoined for the Normandy landings. He went with his Fighter Squadron through France, Belgium and Holland, and was on Luneberg Heath when the surrender was signed. He also acted as a witness for the coming war trials by his visit to Belson Camp as a Senior NCO, in the first 24 hours of the camp’s liberation !
      At the ‘Common Market’ vote, we cancelled each other out. I voted to join, and Father voted against. I asked why, and was told that he had seen enough of European Nations, and their take on life. I did not enquire further at that time. At the fifty year celebration of D.Day, just the two of us were together, having a drink and a chat, in front of the TV. I made a comment and there was no reply, I turned round to see my Father in floods of tears. Then it all came out about Belson, and how every sense of the body was assaulted in that moment. Father never told my Mother, or his Parents. His war stories, which to me as a youngster were rather tedious in their repetition, never so much as hinted at Belson. Poor old boy had kept it locked away for fifty years ! Although these were actions taken in war, it is possible to consider that huge differences exist in the character of Nations, and I’m not sure that even Heath’s Trade Policies would have been acceptable ! Wasn’t Heath in tanks during the war ?

      • Jim Stanley says:

        Thanks for this Mike, my Father was “lucky” in WW2, the closest he got to service overseas was when he was on a boat to Dunkirk from Southampton, but the Evacuation Order came through so he had a trip round the Isle of wight and back to Blighty! My Great Grandfather, and Grandfather spent WW1 in the family factory in Aylesbury making shell and Torpedo casing, some of which were used at the Battle of Jutland, a far cry from the village Blacksmith shop that grew to producing cars and motor cycles before realising that the capital was not there to manufacture en masse, so they did a series of machine tools, supplying the car builders. My Father spent most of the war involved in training recruits for the Second Front, something I only found out recently, which surprised me, until I was told by a friend that as a Training NCO, he was considered at the top pf his profession, his value, not in what he could do overseas, he was a damn good shot with both pistol and rifle, but in passing that knowledge on. when he passed away I found letters from some of his young recruits, written from France, thanking him for what he did for them. While I fight for a true Brexit for myself, I fight in the memory of some extraordinary young men who died in 2 major conflicts, so that we would have the freedom to decide our own destiny. without real Freedom, and Independence, we, as a Nation are nothing, their sacrifice in vain, and as long as I have breath in my body I will fight, just as hard as they did, fortunately without the bombs and bullets (so far!) to restore the same Freedoms they did, freedom meekly given away by Heath, and yes he held a commission in a Tank Regiment.

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