EXCLUSIVE: Gerard Batten, Sargon Of Akkad, Tommy Robinson And Lord Pearson Among Speakers At Demonstration Against Brexit Betrayal

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Tomorrow London will host what organisers hope will be a massive demonstration for Brexit and against Treason May’s sell-out Withdrawal Agreement. Following the march, an array of heavyweight speakers will take to the stage to address the crowd.

Gerard Batten MEP will be the first speaker, talking about May’s betrayal of theĀ  17.4 million Leave voters. Tommy Robinson will then outline the case for Brexit. Paul Oakley, UKIP’s Immigration Spokesman, will talk about the UN Migration Pact. Britain is planning to go ahead and sign the document which makes immigration a human right despite over 120,000 signing a Parliamentary petition opposing the move.

Speakers will also address a variety of other subjects. Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) will be talking on Free Speech, Stuart Agnew MEP will address the issue of farming, Elizabeth Jones will talk about Police and Criminal Justice. The rally will end with Gerard, Tommy and Lord Pearson all outlining the next steps.

All in all, tomorrow promises to be a significant day in the struggle for Brexit. Please be there if you can. You can get the details on Facebook here.

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  • 1.4K
  • 1.4K

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9 Responses

  1. Love Liberty says:

    The rally will end with Gerard, Tommy and Lord Pearson singing a medley of war time favourites,
    “We’ll meet again,don’t know where, don’t know when…”

  2. StuartJ says:

    I will be travelling down from Birmingham in the morning, and I hope this rally is a success, and passes without incident or disturbance.

    While I have objections to Tommy Robinson’s direct involvement with UKIP, my focus is on Brexit, and I hope this rally stays focused on Brexit, and that is the only reason I am attending.

    The UKIP MEPs who have left the party because of this, well good riddance. I might have concerns about the ‘direction’ the party is going in, but lets face it we can either sit on our hands and hope for the best, or we can try and become a bit more radical and ‘populist’ in order to attract members.

    I do hope though that Gerard Batten knows what he is doing, and watches Robinson like a hawk.

  3. Naomi King says:

    Should be wonderful. We shall all be there from Salisbury and South Wiltshire.

  4. Tom Faragist says:

    A plethora of self promoters…

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      Whom would you suggest as alternatives to theses” self promoters”?

      And may I inquire as to where your efforts are directed, in the pursuit of MONUMENTAL change?

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    May I just respectfully remind readers of Kipper Central that this event is NOT a UKIP event. It is about BREXIT but it is an initiative devised by Tommy Robinson, and UKIP is not the only political party to be represented. Members of For Britain will be there in number.
    Let’s hope that on this issue at least, we can find synergy, uniting in our disgust of the pathetic and treacherous behaviour of Theresa May.

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