FRENCH REVOLUTION: Protests Rock France And Demand Frexit As French People Back The ‘Yellow Vests’

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The Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vests have taken to the streets of Paris once again. Despite President Macron announcing a moratorium on the fuel tax increases which acted as the spark that ignited the flame, they continue to demand his resignation.

8,000 officers and 12 armoured vehicles were sent into Paris to meet the protestors who are raising a variety of issues such as the need for higher wages, lower taxes, easier university requirements, better pension provision, etc. Some are carrying banners demanding France leave the EU.

The protests are about as popular as Macron is unpopular with 66% of French people backing the protests and a whopping 80% saying that Macron’s concessions are “insufficient”.

Macron has been hailed as the ‘saviour’ of the crumbling EU and has expended considerable effort in a bid to rally support for it amoung the French people. He unleashed: “an army of volunteers, including his ministers, to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors around France and 26 other countries, asking them what they want from the EU.” Now it looks unlikely he will be able to save himself as he faces a no confidence motion in the French Parliament on Monday.

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  • 7.5K
  • 7.5K

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5 Responses

  1. Love Liberty says:

    I hear that Macron removed a wealth tax that, I presume, was mostly paid by wealthier persons and then imposed a fuel tax that would especially hit people who live in the country.

    That seems to have been the trigger for an outpouring of frustration and anger, but what will bubble up through this angst to be the mob’s demands?

    Sadly, the tactic of violence seems to be key in obtaining concessions. I doubt that much would have happened by large peaceful rallies on their own. But the violence seems, to me, to be from antifa far left extremists whose real demand is the collapse of the state and the end of capitalism.

    Their demands will not be met. The demands of the rest are currently mixed, unknown, inchoate, time will tell which bubble up and which catch the attention.

    Will this fizzle out or become a long debilitating destruction of the State? Will the President quit? What direction would placate the protesters? Does anyone know?

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    Vive le peuple de France ! Bravo les gilets jaunes ! Prenez FREXIT bientôt !

  3. Msbridgit says:

    “8,000 officers and 12 armoured vehicles”

    Christ, are they about to invade the Sudetenland….or wot?

  4. Miss Bridgit says:

    “8,000 officers and 12 armoured vehicles”

    Christ, are they about to invade the Sudetenland….or wot?

  5. John Wright says:

    The French have, since the initiation of the EEC/EU always managed to gain concessions where others fail? This could be diplomacy of the highest level, skilful negotiation or both, but somehow they manage to get what they want. Just look at the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) which has served the French very well indeed, at the expense of every other EU member? The Strasbourg debacle, where every month the whole of the EU administration decamps, along with everybody else from Brussels to travel at staggering cost to Strasbourg only to then have to return after just four days? Absolute madness, but the French insisted on this circus? (There are many more examples of EU gerrymandering which has cost the EU (meaning those member states that are nett contributors!) billions of €uro’s quite unnecessarily?) This cosy little club formed almost exclusively to benefit France & Germany has, over many years dominated the EU’s agenda! It was no surprise that more than once De Gaulle refused Britain’s request for inclusion simply because he feared Britain would push his nose out? This from the Man taken in by Britain when he fled France! Ah! Gratitude a le France. Whatever the outcome of France’s problems, Macron as predicted will fail, & if I’m honest, I can’t help admiring the French who, when really upset by maladministration show their anger on the streets & force changes. Whatever one’s reservations, perhaps we here in Britain should copy their example & take to the streets? Viola’

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