IT’S OUR TURN: Patriots Flood Through London’s Streets Demanding Treason May DUMP THE DEAL

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Sometimes you can measure your own success in the response of your opponents and the fact that the only real negative that the mainstream media could place against the ‘Brexit Means Exit’ march and rally was to hyperinflate the number of counter-demonstrators and even then all reports were forced to concede that patriots thronged through London’s streets in their “thousands”. Apocalyptic predictions of violent scenes simply turned to dust and this flatfooted the MSM’s response.

It was as the organisers intended it to be, a family day out, there were clearly families in attendance and there was a pleasing political plurality and Brexiteers put petty differences aside and ignored voices within the movement calling upon people to shun the march. I saw placards bearing the logos of Leave Means Leave, Reignite (Pro Rees-Mogg Conservative Brexiteers) and even one placard bearing the insignia of Leave EU. UKIP was obviously heavily represented, For Britain fielded a sizeable contingent and Generation Identity flags were also present in number. Alongside these were flags from all four of the Home Nations, Poland and Israel and I am sure there are some I did not spot.  One organisation I did not see a single flag from was the English Defence League. Young and old, working and middle class, different ethnic backgrounds, all were present.

The argument that including Tommy Robinson in the organising of the march would narrow its appeal has been left shattered by the objective reality of today’s demonstration.  Occasionally, speaking from the platform both Tommy and Gerard Batten MEP mocked the smear tactics employed not just now by the mainstream media and the usual suspects in the establishment but openly by people who would have us believe they stand shoulder to shoulder with us, such as Nigel Farage. In his speech, Tommy thanked Nigel and all those who have made Brexit their life’s work. I couldn’t help but wonder if Mr Farage would be able to display such grace and sadly concluded that the chances of this ever occuring are very slim indeed.

Both Gerard and Tommy were at pains to emphasise how important the electoral process is and they are right but, and this is a big but, especially in Britain, with its two-party FPTP-sponsored duopoly, there are limitations on the power you can exert through this. So, for example, we will have to fix a broken electoral system before that pressure will yield mass amounts of UKIP representatives. Matteo Salvini spoke to a rally of 80,000 Lega supporters at the weekend so it is clear that there is a degree of synergy between what people are snobbishly and boorishly calling ‘street politics’ and electoral politics. Brexit was won at the ballot box but it is also being betrayed in pretty much the same place, by our elected representatives and therefore to a degree the system of representative democracy so we must be prepared to be bold, daring and flexible in the methods and tactics we employ.

This is being made into a binary choice by political opportunists who want to advance their own agenda by exploiting perfectly natural anxieties amoung UKIP members, especially long-standing ones, about UKIP’s changing and evolving identity in the very fluid and ever-changing political reality we now inhabit. I hope next time such an event is held more come to the event with a spirit of open-mindedness because they will feel those fears melt away within roughly five minutes and they will start to realise that far from threatening imminent collapse this new aspect of the Parties identity, while of course presenting challenges that will have to be overcome, presents it with an opportunity to grow, realise its goals and set new ones as it, in time, becomes a Party fit to govern and lead this country to the freedom it so badly needs.

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7 Responses

  1. Pauline Davied says:

    I was there today. Your report on the rally was spot on, whilst we came from different groups we all stood together, united as one, in the single issue of leaving the EU. It was a fantastic day and one which I feel proud to have been a part of. Gerard, Stephen, Lord Pearson and others gave rousing speeches which resonated with us all. When you are united you can achieve anything, and that’s what we need to do to defeat the corruption and deceit of many of our political class.

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    Despite my reservations about the Brexit March earlier today, it seems that things went off, more or less as planned. Apparently there were 3 arrests , the result of minor incidents, and the actions of the Police who kept the 2 marches to different routes, a move, no doubt brought about by the problems in France. I hope that, just because there was little or no trouble at today’s event, they (the Police) will not back off their vigilance next time as often seems to be the case. While I still believe that taking to the streets is an invitation for trouble, and my own reservations of the direction UKIP is taking, it is pleasing that sane heads were at work, and the event a success.
    Normally, I would be far from happy to be proven wrong in my predictions, however, in this case the fact that , on the day, my worst fears did not come to pass, so far from being upset, in this case I am pleased that I got it wrong. I just hope that in the future the trend continues, and I am proved to be wrong when every event supporting Brexit is as trouble free.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Thank you Darrell for your coverage of this event. Yours is in stark contrast to MSM coverage, but then that’s not new is it ? Good to hear that families were involved, and that Brexit opposition groups took the day off.
    A further move in the direction of UKIP membership for Tommy Robinson has been made. Frankly I am unable to understand why this matter has not been resolved, as Tommy is clearly ‘One of us’.
    Due to health issues, I was unable to be there, so again Darrell, many Thanks.

  4. Russ Littler says:

    So, this event further highlights how bad the MSM have become. They blatantly lie on the airwaves and Tabloids, to a public who have social media at their finger tips? Do they really think the British people are that stupid?

  5. Aelfred says:

    Well done Gerard and Tommy for getting together for this what a great success. Congratulations to all who organised this and those who took part. And those who made the positive, factual and patriotic videos. You should all be very proud. This is what is needed. You can see the positive videos on youtube and other sites. Just forward them to those you know. I always do.

    Vote UKIP, Support UKIP, Join UKIP
    The peoples party the patriots party

    The MSM are a disgrace to all factual and objective reporting. They remind me of North Korea.

  6. Cliff Taylor says:

    Send these facts to every lying news outlet and demand an explanation. Also, make a formal complaint(s) to all regulators etc., Regardless of outcome. Try to generate some milage out of their (media) evil manipulation.

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