UNIQUE BETRAYAL: Gerard Batten SLAMS Government As ECJ Says They Can Stop Brexit

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Speaking after the European Court Of Justice announced that the British government CAN unilaterally revoke Article 50 without the consent of the other EU member states. However, the only provision in the Article is for it to be extended without the agreement of the other member states.

Gerard Batten MEP said that the ruling has provided the British establishment with a “get-out” clause which it can use to reverse Brexit: “This is entirely as I have predicted. The British political establishment has sought to delay and impede the leaving process until a means can be found to overturn the decision of the Referendum. The CJEU has handed a solution to our treacherous political class on a plate. The only question is will they be treacherous enough to take it or not? If the House of Commons does revoke Article 50, thereby keeping the UK in the EU, it will be an act of betrayal unique in our history.”

The ruling follows the announcement today that the vote on the Withdrawal Agreement scheduled for tomorrow is to be delayed by the government and Theresa May is set to return to Brussels to renegotiate the Agreement. Following the Prime Minister and the Leader Of The Commons in making statements to the House this afternoon is Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary who will address directly the ruling and it’s implications.

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11 Responses

  1. Ian Hensman says:

    How do we persuade Madame May to issue a unilateral declaration of independence walk away and prove to Europe we are not desperate for their approval.?
    The whole Pantomime is now getting assinine. we had a vote, she should honour it, THEN enter trade negotiations if we want them.

  2. Dodge says:

    It was blatantly obvious from the result of the vote to leave that the establishment in cahoots with their EU masters would derail the will of the people. For months I have found my blood pressure increasing to the point that I am no so incandescent with rage I am going to explode!!
    This charade/pantomime willl no doubt run its course and we the people will have been betrayed completely by our own elected representatives……. when that day comes I know that my vote is worthless, democracy is truly dead and the time for talking and platitudes is OVER!

  3. paul rawlings says:

    democracy is truly dead if the vote to leave is over turned. i fear civil war is on the horizon, god help us .

  4. Chris Dark says:

    Democracy died a while ago; all the niceties and diplomacy are worthless efforts. The only thing these people understand is a form of gilets jaunes.

  5. Ian Hensman says:

    What now? Can all the “Leave ” groups get together and sink their differences until this sorry mess is sorted.
    Surely there are enough sensible folk left to form some sort of united front.

  6. Ian Hensman says:

    Surely if HMG can revoke article 50 with no objection from the 27 and that is fair it must be fair for HMG to declare we are leaving the Union.

  7. Aelfred says:

    It appearers Theresa May, and the EU are hell bent to see this country in a similar situation to what France is now. in order to use the EU army jackboot.

    It is up to us to keep going and not give up no matter what. They are doing all this because they are so scared. The EU is a foreign power.

    David Cameron “Your decision. Not politicians. Not Parliament. Just you” … “If we vote to leave, we will leave. They’ll not be another renegotiation or another referendum.”

  8. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I don’t often repeat anything that is said by Dennis Skinner, but he was right when he said ‘The PM is frit !’ ….. The job of PM is way too big for this Mrs May MP, or for this Tory Government. Leaving the EU has turned into total farce !
    The people were asked to vote for IN or OUT ! A majority of over a million wanted out, and at that point no negotiations were required. Article 50 should have been enacted by the end of June 2016. THEN, AND ONLY THEN, should negotiations have started with the EU for any possible trade terms. ….. Instead Mrs May has made UK/GB into a total laughing-stock !

    • Ian Hensman says:

      Mike, It seems that them upstairs are a bit lacking in the upper story if they didn’t see this. Are we sure they were being greedy wanting to be on the make and got burnt?
      How we could wish for The Resurrection of MRS Thatcher and Winston Churchill

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Quite right Ian, but we are stuck with political midgets. Have you heard about the Globalisation move of the UN ? Migrants to be allowed free unfettered access to any Nation. – Our Government has signed up to it ! – I can’t remember being asked about this, so has Democracy been killed now ?

  9. Ian Hensman says:

    Even after today’s effort to remove one of the fleas in the in the ointment to give us a chance of a better flea, we must not hold our breath, whatever happens next we need people to push for a WTO result and need enough political unrest to persuade the fleas that we are seriously scratching. AND OF COURSE, IF YOU SCRATCH HARD ENOUGH AND LONG ENOUGH YOU CAN ERADICATE AN ITCH.

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