EXCLUSIVE: UKIP NEC To Discuss Leadership Election In January

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Marietta King, a member of UKIP’s National Executive Committee sent the following email to all members of her branch, Grantham and Stamford:

“During the NEC Meeting on the 2nd December 2018, a discussion took place regarding the upcoming Leadership Election early in 2019.

Gerard Batten has previously and did again repeat, that he gave the undertaking to stand down after a year, for Leadership Elections to take place. On Sunday he indicated that he had not yet decided if he would stand again or not.

There was the discussion about timing, as we didn’t want a Leadership Election to clash with the Local Elections, so it would be held prior to the local elections. It was felt that we should get on with it as soon as possible and therefore should we hold the next NEC Meeting earlier in the New Year?

In the end we settled on the previously arranged date of 20th January 2019.

(Unless our Chairman decides to bring the Meeting forward to an earlier date?)

Please, can I ask for two things to be done NOW?

1. That these facts are published now.

2. That preparations are made during early January, so that a Time Table, dates for applications, date of Election and count etc. are in hand that we can simply Approve at the Meeting, rather than discuss at length.”

Now it is all very well and good saying that we do not wish a leadership election to clash with the local elections but with rumours that the Meaningful Vote on Theresa May’s ailing Withdrawal Agreement could be pushed back to January do we not have to consider the political reality we may all find ourselves in at that time and how we could be facing a second referendum and/or a General Election. Gerard Batten’s 12-month commitment expires in April next year, after the March 29th end date of the Article 50 process and by which time we will certainly have a much clearer indication of the state of Brexit and the challenges ahead to it and us. It seems that Brexit has taken a back-seat to internal wrangling which has totally diminished it as a focus of the Parties energies, a charge somewhat ironically, critics of Batten’s leadership lay at his door.  Can we not wait until April for this contest or is Brexit somehow suddenly not important enough to merit the wait of 3 extra months? I think this is a question that members of the NEC will now have to seriously ask themselves.

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37 Responses

  1. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Message to NEC: Leave Gerard alone, don’t you dare try to remove him before he is due to put himself forward to stand again, you have seen how angry the members can become when crossed, please don’t risk it again. What’s wrong with you lot? Concentrate on Brexit like we all are.

  2. John Mallows says:

    Spot on Deborah!

  3. Marilyn Catling says:

    Totally agree with the above comment. It would be a terrible time to have a leadership contest when Brexit is SO unpredictable. If UKIP wants to be a serious party, as we have seen today, timing is everything. Having confidence in Gerard Batten is crucial, and all those members who are plotting to distance themselves from him because of Mr Robinson, should remember that this young man was mistreated because of the colour of his skin. Being white these days is a real handicap, especially when the government is being ruled by the globalist elite…..who hate white men and women. If Mr Robinson had been born a Muslim, reporting on white rape gangs, he would have been applauded, not imprisoned for no reason. Gerard is RIGHT to have sought his advice on prisons today in Britain, and how many young girls have been used for sex all over the country for decades WITH NO HELP from anyone. We would still be ignorant of these facts if he had not taken the time and trouble to go and find out. UKIP itself would have been proud to uncover these atrocities………what a coup that would have been! If you have a problem with Mr Robinson, take the time to read up on him before you form an opinion. I did, and found that he has been vilified for no good reason. He is just a man who loved his home town, and decided that it was worth protecting. I think that was admirable.

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      You are absolutely SPOT ON Marilyn, the ‘unfair’ treatment that TR has been subject to by the Establishment and the MSM of this country is a bloody disgrace.

      I fail to understand how anybody who subscribes to the ideal of ‘ Fair Play’ can, after researching Robinson, arrive at any other conclusion that he has been made a VICTIM of a vindictive and DISHONEST Government.

      With regard to the NEC and its continued ‘shambolic state’, I think we can fairly predict that they will again, shoot themselves in ‘both feet’, which is precisely what the ‘fifth columnists’ and the pathetic excuses that are loosely termed
      ‘ politicians’, will delight in!

  4. Ryan Waters says:

    I find this compeltly outrageous on two counts.

    1) Gerard is Leader, and when he took over he said he would stand down in April – AFTER our due date to leave the EU. We are at a crucial time and for the NEC to be discussing this when we are fighting to leave the EU is a dereliction of duty
    2) Leaking of NEC information by an NEC member is not something which an NEC memeber should be doing… Information, if deemed necessary to disseminate, should be done through the chairman of the NEC and to all UKIP memebers. This leaking must stop.

    Gerard has saved the sorry and is doing a fantastic job fighting for brexit. He helped found Ukip 25 years ago, the NEC should be ashemd of themselves, and Marietta more so.

  5. Aelfred says:

    There is no need for a leadership contest. The majority want Gerard to continue as leader and left alone to get on with the excellent job he and his team are dong.

    I agree with all the above comments. Be quiet NEC. I have been a UKIP member for many years and never belonged to another party. And be sure that if Gerard left that would be an of UKIP so what are you playing up? What is more there is no need to put that on here, send it to all members by internal email. Very unprofessional of the NEC. Stop being petty NEC there are far more important things to get on with right now and called a fighting for Brexit or maybe you had not noticed? It seems you are very much against the majority who want Gerard and against Brexit. What don’t you understand about UKIP now being a successful party under Gerard’s leadership.

    Gerard brings in thousands more members, gets more money coming in, gets UKIP out of debt, UKIP is growing in popularity but the NEC appear not to like any of it. There is nothing Gerard and his team are doing wrong they are all thing right. The only weakness I see is the NEC irresponsible unprofessional behaviour toward Gerard, his team, the majority UKIP loyal patriotic members, and supporters. All whom want Gerard as leader and do not agree with this behaviour from the NEC.

    • Margaret Tindale says:

      I agree 100%. I thought the NEC would be fully behind Gerard seeing as he has got UKIP back on track and gaining in popularity. Time they lessened their burden’ and concentrated on supporting the Leader and his team, and forget about Leadership contests when none is needed.

  6. Garry Lelliott says:

    Spectacularly bad timing if true. We need to be clear of the local elections before embarking on a leadership election.
    Changing leaders before then will leave the new leader, and the party, virtually no time to prepare for the local elections, not to mention a possible general election.

  7. Alex H says:

    I would like to see Gerard still in charge when we leave on March 29th.

    There is no point in having a leadership election unless contenders are likely to meet with both high approval rating and has an unforced charisma which attracts members of all classes.

  8. Cliff Taylor says:

    Sounds to me like the NEC is controlled by the Elite Moneyspinners….not hard to see, you can smell it a mile off. There needs to be some big changes in UKIP. It’s true, being white means a jail sentence for speaking out about who the elite are and who really runs this country. Within UKIP I see some very disappointing signs that traitors are everywhere ready to quickly brand you a “RACIST” for spelling out the truth about the usury that enslaves us all and the international bankers that control it. Cultural Marxism infects the land. Every fake migrant is proof of that.

  9. Alan Hill says:

    The NEC should extend GB’s tenure by at least six months provided of course that he is agreeable. The very last thing we need now is a leadership election which the media would immediately latch onto and cause all kinds of trouble.

  10. Anthony Taylor says:

    VERY WELL SAID Marilyn.
    Anybody but anybody that has a problem with Tommy Robinson, know not the first thing about him.

    I would charge all doubters DO YOUR RESEARCH and if you have doubts or misgivings THEN, CHALLENGE the MAN in DEBATE – But please don’t just ‘label him’ . To do so is a disservice to him and to yourself! Something that the Establishment and MSM excels in.

    Divide and Rule has always been the TOOL of the TWO Party Political system in this country. Currently, thanks to the internet and social media facilities, this OLD system is under threat of being smashed, and QUITE RIGHTLY SO!

    Unfortunately, I sense that UKIP NEC are about to commence playing around with the Favoured Tool of the Establishment and will only assist in the continuation of the status quo !

  11. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Agree with both of the above comments, leave Gerard alone and concentrate on Brexit like he and we are, in other words do your job!

  12. Dodge says:

    Is someone in the NEC trying to destroy the party from within? A Farage stooge maybe? A quisling traitor who wants to stop Brexit? Stop this right now, we need to be sharply focused on the task at hand if you hadn’t forgotten it’s supposed to be BREXIT! A situation that is changing day by day, hour by hour, we need to be a strong, coherent, credible opposition to the lib/lab/con that the nation is sick and tired of just in case there is a general election. LEAVE GERARD ALONE! A leadership election may actually need to be postponed for the good of the party, the cause and obviously the nation.

  13. Dodge says:

    Maybe the membership should openly discuss purging the NEC on these notice boards with a view to forcibly replacing them as obviously some are either incompetent or working against the interests of the membership and the country!

  14. Dodge says:

    The membership obviously need to debate openly on these forums whether they believe the NEC is acting in the interests of the cause, the membership and the country!
    A leadership contest at this time is beyond stupid!

  15. Pauline says:

    Seriously NEC if you try and remove Batten UKIP will indeed be finished.

  16. Deborah A Lovell says:

    I agree, I think it is about time we decide what to do about the NEC not Gerard, are they fit for purpose? if not then dispand them and maybe manage without them, see how that goes.

    • Dodge says:

      Spot on Deborah, how do we remove the NEC? What is the constitutional procedure to do so under these extraordinary circumstances? There must be one surely, if they cannot focus on the objectives of the party and continue to act against its leader and membership they MUST stand aside! Who has the power to instigate such a motion? Can it be invoked from the grass roots membership? Or are we just here to pay up our dues and suck it up.?

      • Deborah A Lovell says:

        I don’t know how we go about it, but I think we really need to find out, I am sick of them meddling and causing chaos in the party, they don’t seem to achieve anything positive, form this prospective I agree with Nigel when he complained about them. We do all the bloody hard work and they come in and wreck it quite honestly, let’s get rid of them and make the party work as it should.

      • t g spokes says:

        The nec lacks legitimacy as a representative body. I would suggest that,with 26 000 members, it be dividedint areas of approximately 2000 to 3000 in any aproximate area. The representative tohave lived for five years in that area and have been voted in by FPTP. This would give legitemacy to the committee.
        Next throw away the rule book and rewrite the constitution to give us simple eg you will not kill. NOT divided into 1a)..by blunt instrument,1b) Workers tool 1c) with projectile etc . 1 c) .3.XV1 ] Explosive propelled etc

        this, i think, would, with tweeking, give cast iron validity
        Give nec one executive power only :-Membership, leadership and elections

  17. My husband and I discontinued our membership as a result of successive leaders scoring own goals and bringing the party into disrepute. We re-joined when Gerard Batten restored stability to UKIP. The party does not need the likes of Marietta King and those on the NEC who share her view who wish to start rocking the boat again.

  18. Carol says:

    This NEC must have a death wish for UKIP – what on earth is the matter with them? It absolutely beggars belief that someone – most of them? – are working against the Leader Gerard Batten – a true statesman. Whoever is leaking this information – and however many of them are in cahoots in doing it – should all be named, shamed and fired.

    I pointed out in my response to another thread that the NEC have already done a ‘treason May’ by first saying they would review any application for membership by TR after 29th March and then just recently saying he was not eligible for membership. There are thousands of us who would be better placed and loyal to UKIP and ready to give of our time and expertise. I am a seasoned Non Exec Director so believe I might have something to bring to the table, and there are so many others with a myriad of skills and experience who would bring loyalty and credibility, gravitas and stance to the NEC. Root out the bad apples and throw them in the bin. Time we drained the swamp of this crowd – let’s have an NEC election sooner rather than later.

  19. John Mallows says:

    Well said Carol, I thoroughly agree!
    It seems that there are a few who think UKIP should only be a BREXIT pressure group…
    Well, Gerrard Batten has saved UKIP and massively increased membership, making UKIP a real party with more than one subject to put forward.
    With the rise of populist parties gaining traction in Europe, we could easily be the UK’s populist party, that is, the party with popular ideas, goals and support!

  20. Deborah A Lovell says:

    As I have said before, let’s get rid of them, they are holding us back for whatever reason I actually don’t care, they should not be allowed to get away with it this time, there is more of us than them and we have more sense and foresight, they have signed their own death warrant as far as I am concerned. we can’t afford to be messed around like this anymore, time is of the essence and they are wasting it so get rid.

  21. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The NEC is not our leader. – Gerard Batten IS OUR LEADER. ….. UKIP must have a leader. – The NEC is a chosen option, not a necessity. Rules were drawn up for the Party, but if those rules are seen to be wrong by the membership, then the Members will need to make correction. I have said many times now, that UKIP MUST BE INCLUSIVE, not exclusive. Rather than withhold membership, it would make better sense to withdraw membership where necessary, as in bringing the Party into disrepute. – Accentuate the positive, not the negative ! We must get this right, just as we have got our leadership right at last !

  22. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Mike, you are absolutely bang on, the NEC will have to go if they don’t start using some common sense and as you say show some decent leadership, personally from the way they have been behaving I do not think they are up to it. Some one said to me today that UKIP is falling apart, I had to correct him that it was the complete opposite, but if the NEC get there way that will be the outcome. I am not prepared to stand by and watch that take place and I feel we would have many members who would support that stance, it’s ‘face off’ time.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      OK Deborah, I’m with you ! I have never been a member of a political party before, but at last, in retirement, I have found my home with UKIP. Of course nothing can be that easy, as there are always those who’s job is to make difficulties where none exist !

  23. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Mike, don’t we just know it, there are some real awkward Kippers that just seem to be deliberately difficult for no apparent reason, but this is not about individuals anymore, this is about saving our country and hopefully we will get a true Brexiteer in Government, but to my eyes Gerard is the only real true Brexit politician around.

    • Dodge says:

      Totally concur with you Deborah, because Gerard is the only genuine Brexiteer leading the only party that people can now trust on this issue It makes sense to dig in and back him all the way. Purge the NEC of quislings or dissolve it before they can do any more damage!
      17.4 million voters need a voice and a party that will deliver what we all voted for….FREEDOM…… I never thought my own party would drive my blood pressure up as much as the others.

  24. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Agree, and I know that feeling too!

  25. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Thank you, Margaret for agreeing with me but have you noticed the NEC have gone a bit quiet at the moment, interesting is it not?

  26. Informed says:

    Sorry late comment, been away for a bit.
    Agree with much of what’s been said, Gerard needs to stick around for the big Brexit betrayal which is about to unfold. My own understanding is that nothing much will change until the NEC members adhere to a brand new constitution. Its that that needs changing.

    It’s become quite clear now a lot of the so called Brexiteers in the Tory party have sold their sole to the devil and are pushing for support for a sell-out tour. In case you’re not aware; Andrea Leadsom last week said No deal is UK default position – now after her Turkey dinner she’s backing Mrs May’s disastrous deal.

    Never trust a Tory!
    Happy New Year.

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