OPINION: Fake Democracy

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* The BBC
* Sky News
* The House of Commons
* Various newspapers
* L.B.C.
* Channel 4
* Social Media

How many others are continuously promoting: FAKE DEMOCRACY? And how many more will jump on the bandwagon?

“How can democracy be fake?” you may ask. Well, I can explain in three simple steps:

1) The people, yes, “us” have a vote to make a binary decision. It’s really not rocket science.

2) “They” (the establishment) don’t like the result. In fact, they despise our “ill-informed” choice. I mean, how can we be so stupid? We must have our backsides tanned.

3) “They” – yep, those “powerful” elites again, claim they can’t deliver what we voted for – it’s all a bit too “difficult” for them. So there’s no other option but to go back to the people (us naughty lot) again, whilst simultaneously, “they” state this outrageous process is “democratic.” LBC’s Maajid Nawaz even says “more democracy can never be undemocratic.”

Like I said, it’s FAKE DEMOCRACY.

What should happen if the UK is a truly democratic nation?

Easy peasy no need to pleady! The result – to LEAVE the, in my opinion, corrupt EU gets implemented immediately and the UK once again becomes a proud, independent nation in full control of its own affairs.

But of course, “they” won’t do this. These inexperienced know-it-alls are so smart that we must listen to them and appreciate their superiority. From Alistair Campbell to Tony Bliar to shipped-in champagne socialist Chris Leslie to Anna Sourface – they cannot accept that they were in the minority. It’s shocking.

If these EU-loving lot (all of whom are extremely wealthy by the way) want the UK to be part of that failing club run by unelected gangsters – then fair enough. Let them put their intention in a manifesto, stand on it, and see if the public back them. But they won’t do this. I wonder why… (cough)!

Fake democracy is approaching and it must not be allowed to settle on our shores. Ideally, it should be washed away with the tide – before it does permanent damage to our society.

This Fake Democracy is lurking and ready to pounce. We must not allow it to cause a fatal blow – let’s give it the elbow.

This con trick must be exposed, because dictatorship is not something I want to live under. How about you? The 2016 referendum result MUST be implemented first and foremost and to try and overturn the mandate can never be democratic. It is, I’ll say once more: FAKE DEMOCRACY.

Please share this deception far and wide. Expose it. Don’t let it “hide.”

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  • 384
  • 384

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6 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Well said Steven – I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said here. We certainly need to drain the swamp !

  2. Carol says:

    Absolutely spot on Steven, excellent. Drain the swamp!

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Lovely dream last night ! We had a General Election, and 600 new UKIP MPs arrived in the Commons. Ken Clarke had shot himself ! The seating arrangement in the Commons chamber had to be re-thought ! The residue of about 50 MPs of other Parties had a punch-up due to wanting to be Leader of the Opposition, and the Speaker ! Gerard Batten had appointed his Cabinet, but their inclination was to first make retirements of so many Senior Civil Servants ! ….. Then the telephone rang which woke me up. – ”Have I checked my due PPI ?” ….. Went downstairs to check if anything was left in that bottle ! ! ! ….. AN EARLY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ! ? !

  4. Mike. says:

    Yes, without a doubt, we have been since 1972 when the traitor Heath took us into Europe. Three years later we were given a referendum whilst being exposed to project fear MK.1, and from then on the truth about what lay in store for us was kept hidden. It’s only with the advent of social media that we are finding out more and more how devious the elite have been over the decades. How I wish I had a magic wand because they would suffer tenfold of what we have over the years.

  5. Dodge says:

    Watch, listen, learn…….. deploy

  6. Chris Conway says:

    VERY well said Steven de la Salle

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