WORST OF ALL WORLDS: Reports Indicate May On Course To WIN Confidence Vote

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Theresa May appears to be on course to win tonight’s vote of confidence and in doing so strand the Conservative Party in the worst of all worlds with her support possibly falling dangerously close to the 204 votes that led to Margaret Thatcher’s resignation.

Sky News has tallied Mrs May’s public support to be in excess of the required number of 158 MP’s to win the confidence vote:

However, Downing Street is briefing that 165 votes, which would be enough for a technical win, is enough:

If support for Mrs May were to fall that low however it would be hard to see her as anything other than a lame duck with most of her Parliamentary Party unwilling to back her. Since, if she wins, she will be unchallengeable for a year, it could leave the Conservatives with a Prime Minister who is still facing a heavy defeat in the Commons over the Withdrawal Agreement.

In a desperate bid to save her job, May has intimated that she may quit before the next General Election:

However, on the other side of the equation, ERG sources are saying that the public declarations may not hold true during a vote which is a secret ballot:

Nothing can be taken for granted in the current situation but if May does go onto win the vote tonight it looks likely the long-term damage it does to the Conservative Party will be significant and potentially crippling and Jacob Rees-Mogg’s prophecies of serious trouble ahead may well come to pass.



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8 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well I don’t want her as PM, and by all accounts I am in a massive majority !
    I tend to take note of Michael Ellis MP for Northampton North. His vote direction will be interesting. The last election gave him only a majority of 800. I have supported him since 2010, and I have not been disappointed as he is simply the best constituency man out of all the MPs. However I have recently told him that he will only now get my vote, in the unlikely event of him changing Parties. He has enjoyed his time in Parliament, and could go back to Law, as he is a Barrister. Does he support or reject Mrs May ?

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      WELL, NOW WE KNOW ! Death before dishonour ? He voted to keep Mrs May !
      This means that Michael Ellis MP, with a marginal seat, is prepared to back such an unpopular Tory leader as PM ! There is not enough Loyalty about these days, but this is Loyalty to a bad leader, rather than to his supporters ! Misplaced Loyalty is always a problem ! He can always dust off his gown and wig, and return to Law ! What a shame though !
      This makes life easy for me. IT’S UKIP FOR EVER NOW ! So good to be unambiguous at last !

  2. Chris Dark says:

    The brand of superglue this woman uses would make a fortune if it were out on the market. She carries on in the post with totally deaf ears, repeating all the same phrases, the same mantras, telling us that a leadership challenge would be “risky” for Brexit. It couldnt possibly be any worse for Brexit than it is now. If she stays, it will split the Tories at some point….this really is historic stuff in the making, although living through it is a mental nightmare.

  3. Love Liberty says:

    Predictions that enough Tory MPs have declared public support to keep her as leader.

    How different things must look when one is an MP.

    If she limps on, what next? Could her plan get accepted?? If not will it be full Brexit ahead, or will it be the suspension of democracy?

    If they go suspension of democracy (in the name of democracy and a people’s vote) will there be civil disorder or just a swallowed anger and contempt for the ruling class?

    Exciting times we live in.

  4. Sylvi Clark says:

    The sooner the DUP withdraw their support for this shameful bunch of selfservative’s the better.

  5. StuartJ says:

    The cowards in the Tory party will vote to keep her in.

    Perhaps if she loses this vote, she will negotiate a ‘deal’ where she ‘will be leaving her role as Prime Minister’, but remains in power. For an indefinite ‘transition’ period, until the Tories can come up with a leader that she approves of. It could be her own ‘withdrawal agreement’. 😉

  6. Aelfred says:

    The DUP and all the people Northern Ireland to understand that the EU along with its pro-EU Republic of Ireland EU owned government, wants to extinguish both identities and cultures in Northern Ireland. After all Northern Ireland has been through, to not ally with UKIP and support true and full Brexit would mean annihilation for all in Northern Ireland at the hands of the EU. The EU does not believe in negation nor opposition. To back the Tory’s and May and vote for the fake deal would mean Northern Ireland will be enslaved to the EU.

  7. Mark says:

    Well she survived, but to what end?
    If she can only muster 200 in her party then her deal is toast. Labour wont support it, nor will the SNP or the DUP, and there are not enough drink drivers, insider traders, wife beaters and pedo apologists to be whipped into supporting her Rothchild plan. Did any of you notice the armoured cars with EU flags being used against the french protesters? or seen the plans to surrender our entire armed forces to the EU? apparently MPs have been told that anyone raising the issue in the commons “will be dealt with”. Welcome to UK democracy.

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