ALWAYS COMPLAINING: Maybot Minister Continues The Attack On Brexiteers

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Following on from Remoaning Chancellor Philip Hammond’s attack on all Brexiteers as “extremists”, another Minister has launched an astonishing attack on Brexiteers. Alastair Burt, the Minister of State for the Middle East in the Foreign Office and therefore one of Treason May’s Payroll votes, said Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg and his colleagues were “always complaining”:

Clearly, despite Mrs May’s survival last night, the blue-on-blue civil war over Europe continues. Dominic Raab, the former Brexit Secretary is now the most senior figure, besides Jacob Rees-Mogg to argue that she has to go. He said it is “difficult” to see how she can carry on leading the Conservative Party and the country. Calls for unity from the likes of Sajid Javid have clearly fallen on deaf ears and last nights vote only seems to have intensified the fighting.

One thing is however perfectly clear, Brexiteers are not welcome in the Conservative Party and they have little prospect of ousting May now so this is the perfect opportunity for UKIP to step forward as the Party of Brexit and build for the challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.


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  • 688
  • 688

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7 Responses

  1. Chris FAREY says:

    As I understand it, our trump card final option in these negotiations is the threat to leave on a No Deal basis and negotiate a trade deal on WTO terms, thereby negating the need to pay the billions ‘exit’ bill. Presumably, this would cause havoc to the EU economy if implemented. Are Junker & Co happy to push us to that extreme position, or are we still playing ‘bluff ‘ whereby they believe we won’t go down that route?

  2. Chris FAREY says:

    The No Deal leave is surely a last ditch plan, except it assumes the ruling elite really do want Brexit. I am beginning to have my doubts. The creation of a EU is sold to us as being purely to promote Peace and Prosperity, yet viewed from a different angle it’s creation suggests something far more reaching. The creation of a EU is an essential step towards a Superstate and globalised government as envisaged by Richard Cudenhove-Kalergi back in the 20’s. Free movement of migrants to boost our diminished population growth, the UN Compact on Migration meeting in Marrakech this month aims to make it illegal to criticise its aims of a right to free movement and mass migration. This carries severe consequences for those who transgress this diktat. PC threatening free speech, thousands of uneducated from Africa and the Middle East descending on our undefended shores, multiculturalism being forced down our throats as being ‘enriching’, globalised economy……all point to a secretive master plan gradually unfolding under our very noses, step by step, ever since Step 1 when Edward Heath entered us into the Common Market. A conspiracy theory? Maybe. But Trump is building a wall….

  3. Carol says:

    May is a megalomaniac, arrogant, ignorant and only out for herself (and the fragrant Phillip) and her ego is all consuming. I would not be at all surprised if she has already paid the £39b to the EU. So now she is off to try and gain some ‘Chamberlainesque’ paperwork which will hold about as much weight and authority as her claim to the MPs yesterday she “knows they will not let her lead them into another general election in 2022”, though “in my heart” she would like to. Given her duplicitous record to date, one can take that with a pinch of salt – we all know a ‘gentleman’s or gentlewoman’s word’ is not worth the paper it’s written on.

    Further how on earth was she authorised and/or allowed to sign the UN Global compact for migration? The US refused to participate in drafting the agreement, saying that it questioned national sovereignty and failed to focus on border control. Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Chile, and several other countries, refused to sign the agreement, saying it gave undocumented immigrants too many rights.

    This is the very opportunity for UKIP to stand up and be counted; the NEC must wind their collective necks in and stop whining on about TR and back the Leader. If NEC members don’t like it they should stand down and the UKIP leader can ask for interested parties to step up and go through a selection process. There are many of us who have skills and experience across a range of sectors and professions who would be willing to give of our expertise and time. The NEC have made themselves look hapless and dithering by ‘doing a Teresa May’ – firstly stating publicly they would consider any application for membership from TR after 29th March, then recently stated “through his associations he is barred from joining Ukip.” Get a grip.

    We hear Labour and SNP are flirting with putting forward a motion of no confidence in the Govt – interesting …..

  4. Deborah A Lovell says:

    Perhaps the way to settle this would be through a GE.

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    Why don’t this lot just pull the plug on the EU and walk away? That’s what we voted for – just to leave, nothing more, nothing less. The Referendum didn’t mention anything about any “deal”, so why have this lot spent two and a half years fiddling while Rome burns?
    And what the remoaners don’t realise is that the EU consists, not only of unelected officials, but downright dangerous top-grade criminals ! In fact, they make the Mafia look like babes in the wood by comparison. If we don’t separate ourselves from the EU, now that we have this one chance, mark my words, in the years to come they’ll skin us alive at every opportunity.
    Another aspect is that, if we don’t get a true BREXIT, as sure as night follows day, there will be civil disobedience on an industrial scale, followed in the worst case by civil war. Action speaks louder than words, especially when the will of the people gets ignored by those elected to represent us. Is all this what we want for our country?

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    UNDERSTAND THIS, FELLOW KIPPERS ! There has never been a better time than now for UKIP ! She is daft enough to see this challenge as a win, for the Mrs May Negotiated Deal. – It is nothing of the sort ! – The real test will be when it is put to Parliament, and May will use the Party whips to frighten backbenchers with Corbyn as the seat-eating Labour Devil !
    EXIT FROM THE EU NOW BELONGS TO UKIP ! Remember that there were 17.4 Million voters that wanted out of the EU. Referendum vote was won by UKIP without a voice in the Commons, AND WE HAVE A GREAT MANIFESTO FOR GOVERNMENT TOO. – ADVANCE UKIP !

  7. StuartJ says:

    Sajid Javid will be the next Tory leader, that is the only way that they can try and ‘compete’ with the Labour party for the Muslim vote.

    In the meantime, the pieces on the chessboard are being arranged in order to stop Brexit.

    Theresa May wins confidence vote, keeping her in place for at least the next 12 months (unless she resigns of her own accord).

    ECJ says Brexit can be stopped by cancelling Article 50.

    Theresa May delays Commons vote on her Withdrawal Agreement (WA) until January next year, which will be just under two months until the Article 50 deadline ends.

    If the WA is voted down, she can then go back to the EU and ask for an ‘extension’ to Article 50, in order to negotiate a ‘better deal’ (impossible, just more time-wasting, and would have pretty much the same effect as her WA would).

    She could call a snap election, and as part of their manifesto ‘pledges’ one party can promise to ‘cancel Brexit’ (let’s say Labour). If that party wins the election, they can then claim they have a mandate to do so, “will of the people” and all that. (The Tories will then have washed their hands of the whole matter, and will then bleat from the sidelines how it “wasn’t their fault”). This election would probably be held in early March, which would really leave very little time left before Article 50 deadline passes.

    And of course, a general election wouldn’t be a favoured option, unless UKIP could somehow be neutralised as any electoral threat. Recent actions start to make any sense?

    Alternatively, as part of a condition to extend the Article 50 ‘deadline’, the EU could insist on a ‘second referendum’, in order to settle the matter “once and for all”. This second referendum would of course be heavily rigged and in favour of ‘Remain’, and once again “will of the people”, “the people have spoken” and all that. The MPs in the Commons who didn’t want to vote on any ‘final deal’ will have also then washed their hands and passed the buck in the form of this ‘peoples vote’.

    They won’t just come out and cancel Brexit, as much as they really want to, it is being engineered in a way that it will be the decision ‘of the people’, otherwise any semblance of democracy in this country will be utterly destroyed.

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