CARRY ON GROVELLING: Batten Challenges May

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Gerard Batten MEP has asked a pertinent question on Twitter. He asked how long can Treason May carry on grovelling:

According to sign language experts, the much-touted ‘terse’ exchange between Jean Claude Juncker and May was less political and more personal:

Juncker found time to lecture British MPs over their rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement: “I was following second by second the debate in the House of Commons and I noted there was a deep mistrust in the House when it comes to the European Union. That is not a good basis for future relations, but in order to prove that we mean this seriously the negotiation on future relations and we mean it seriously that we don’t want to have this backstop being permanent, then we have to discuss and to start our negotiations.”

Of course, no progress has been made in any direction, the EU has simply lectured May and then sent her packing with nothing to show for yet another national humiliation.

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  • 642
  • 642

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3 Responses

  1. Deborah A Lovell says:

    That was a terrible thing to call Mrs. May, she has never been rude to him but let’s face it why are we so surprised? he is a toxic vile creature who is drunk most of the time, I cringe every time he goes near anyone because he must smell to high heaven like rancid fish. I bet she is looking forward to when she does not have to go to that awful rat infested place again.

  2. Dodge says:

    Deborah, she won’t mind returning……. her plan was always to deny the vote and sell us all out lock, stock and barrel to her EU masters. As for the stench…….. they ALL smell the same ….. rotten to the core!

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Silly old Juncker, calling Mrs May ‘NEBULOUS’, as in Cloudy, – Vague, – Indistinct !
    He does quite well with his English, but he could do better if he came over here, and listened to what we are calling her !
    The EU is in for a shock, when we have the next General Election. They can take their signed papers and use them in their toilets !

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