MONTIE V BATTEN: Conservative Home Creator States May “Loves Her Country”.

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Tim Montgomerie, the creator and former Editor of grassroots website for Conservative members Conservative Home, has launched an extraordinary attack on UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP. Responding to Batten’s call for a “patriotic Prime Minister”

Montogomerie blasted back:

Batten hit back:

Part of the problem Conservatives have is their inability to see a nation as its people, the British people have already expressed their wish to be free of the EU regardless of the wish of its national institutions to remain shackled to it. The Conservative Party is a product of and an ardent defender of British institutions even when they are set against the nation which are its people.

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8 Responses

  1. Pauline says:

    Oh well said Mr Batten! How they can say May is patriotic when she is bending over backwards to please the EU !

  2. Dodge says:

    Theresa Maybe loves her country so freaking much she sold you ALL out to the UN migration pact and her EU masters! We were NEVER consulted when our country was signed away…….. never consulted when they signed the Lisbon, Marrakesh treaties………. Our political elites DO NOT CARE about the people of this country…….. we work, pay our dues …….. and more……. WE ARE NOT UNCARING…………WE ARE NOT RACIST……… WE ARE A DECENT PEOPLE! ……… Our taxes are wasted …….. given away to undeserving despots……… countries with space programmes…….countries with nuclear weapons………. I DENAND A FULL AUDIT OF EVERYTHING THESE INCOMPETENT IDIOTS GIVE AWAY! We do not look after our own yet we waste money on those who despise our people??””….. We are expected to work all our lives…….. after the age of 35 we are dumped…….. yet expected to work until we are 67 …..?” It’s like LOGANS RUN……So many issues…… we suffered austerity, our wages are screwed down, our kids will never be able to leave home…… our savings earn nothing….. our assets will be taken and our kids get NOTHING…….yet newcomers who’s kin have never sacrificed nor contributed will squander all we have built…. support our own…..FIRST! Britain must be free….. F.U. E.U!

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The Tory Party will fight tooth and nail to get its point across, as will any political Party. That’s the way politics work, and long may it continue. When a point of view fails, or in the case of Mrs May as Party leader and PM, IT FAILS BY HER OWN DESIGN, and is clear that it is wrong, the Tory Party enters into FIREING DRIVEL, AIMED AT ANYONE THAT IS NOT TORY !
    I have to admit that although I am a floating voter, I have supported Conservatives predominately. This will now end, and I will never vote for them again in the few elections that are left to me ! How many other Tory voters feel the same ? UKIP FOR EVER !

  4. john webster says:

    why doesnt someone bring to the attention of the british people the article foc 30/1048 available now on google after being kept secret for more than 40years…this shows clearly just what the intentions of the british governments …past and present are…to sell this …nay…GIVE…this country and its people away to the eu…it is deciept and corruption at the highest level…….the uk government and the other traitors in the house of conmens are terrified of the de facto clause of the brexit fiasco….leave the eu in its entirety was the peoples vote…but no they connive and lie …they will do anything to keep us in…WHY ?….

  5. Aelfred says:

    Well said Gerard. Theresa May does not love OUR country. Which is why she is destroying it and turning it into a slave nation owned by the EU. If the majority of those in the conservative government loved OUR country they would have voted Brexit and we would have been out by now on our terms. That also applies to the labour and liberal parties. Who also want OUR country made into a slave nation. The conservative, labour and liberal parties stopped being patriotic decades ago. They have just been lying to voters they are. And putting in jail people like T. Robinson who investigates the corrupt measures the establishment will go to to achieve its end. I use to vote conservative but will never again vote for them or the labour and liberal parties. Only UKIP gets my vote and support.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I echo the views made by our family of Kippers upon this blog.
    Flights of fancy maybe, but I wonder how history would have panned out, if The Duke of Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson had got together, just over two centuries ago, and adopted the same view of Mrs May in regard to Europe, France in particular ! – ”Well Horatio, that little French fellow is quite keen to run the Continent, and I’m not totally sure that we are wise to make a problem for him. He may well have trade thoughts that we would find convenient.” ”I have been thinking along the same lines, Arthur.”
    Instead, woof, bang, wallop, the Frenchman got clobbered, and Great Britton had its hay-day !

  7. mary says:

    Funny way of loving her country: turning it from a free relatively prosperous place to what will be a poverty stricken totalitarian hell hole; and treasonously making Britain’s taxpayers liable for huge amounts of money when EU institutions finally fail. Gerard Batten was for years an excellent UKIP Justice and Home Affairs spokesman and he has made many youtubes plus booklet on the EU police state, EU Arrest Warrant, Europol. Eurojust, EU criminal law.
    And, while declaring that she was going to put a stop to untrammelled immigration and free movement of people, sneaking behind our backs in 11 Dec signing the Global Compact for Migration which will open the immigration floodgates. The GCM WILL be binding (the EU will see to that). Oh and approving the institutionalised gross abuse of our children (e. g see the latest news about kids being told that “boys can have periods, ” turning them into mere shadows of human beings.

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