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We note with some sadness the news that UKIP Daily appears to have disaffiliated itself from UKIP to a degree. It has relaunched as Independence Daily, a cross-party platform for the Brexit grassroots.

While we welcome this initiative and wish the UKIP Daily team every success in their new endeavour, we have to decided to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to UKIP and our shared belief that whatever other questions may divide us within the party, we remain committed to supporting it as the only route through which Brexit can ultimately be won. It was UKIP, not any one individual, that won the referendum and it is UKIP that will win Britain’s independence from the abomination that is the EU, no matter how long that takes nor how hard the battle.

We will continue to retain editorial independence and while the editorial team is united in its personal support of Gerard Batten MEP and the direction he is taking UKIP, to be a truly populist party, that does not mean other views are not welcome. If you have a different point of view, write it down and send it in. We are committed to providing a platform for a diverse range of views within the party but, having said that, no one would surely expect people to advocate points of view they do not agree with to achieve a false sense of balance.

Now more than ever the swelling ranks of Kippers need a platform that is independent of the control of the central Party but remains a friend of UKIP albeit sometimes a critical one. The best friends are those who are critical at times, after all, were you to see your friend careering off the cliff and were you to say nothing you would rightly regard the person who failed to stop you as a somewhat useless friend. It is time for the powers that be in UKIP to realise this simple truth and accept it.

We now stand alone as the only platform of its kind that continues to support UKIP and we intend to carry on doing so at this critical juncture in not just it’s but British history and with your vital support, we will continue to build on the successes of this year. Thank you for your time and continued support of Kipper Central.

Reece Coombes

Owner And Founder

Darrell Goodliffe

Editor In Chief

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Kipper Central is here to spread the real news with the British and global public, without political correctness and without lies.
However, we are an extremely small team each putting in several hours a day, despite none of us having full-time jobs.
We, therefore, rely on the kind support of our readers to keep reporting on the stories that nobody else will and to keep promoting what is truly happening in Britain and across the world.

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  • 378

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13 Responses

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    I will continue to support Kipper Central as the ONLY unbiased purveyor of news that represents the beliefs and interests of the majority of white indigenous Britons.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    CHEER UP. If this is handled well then it could become an ace in the hands of all those who want severance from the EU ! Lets face it, we could be getting back to our core requirement of Brexit ! Without Brexit, UKIP and the other groups are lost, and in time could be history, so we have all got to hammer this matter home in unity !
    Kipper Central should welcome Independence Daily, and I hope that ideas and editorials will be shared in commonality of purpose. We all have a job to do as we confront the common enemy, the Mrs May Government that is linked into the EU ! ADVANCE UKIP AND FRIENDS. ….. On this one issue, together is the way to victory !

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Hi Mike,

      We did welcome it. UKIP Daily, however, acted in a degree of bad faith – we had an Editors Coalition and were not even told about this move other than in the email announcing it and it is the wrong move politically and is a thinly-veiled attack on UKIP as a Party launched because the Editorial Team doesn’t agree with Gerard and his direction.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Thanks Darrell, and I had no idea of the ‘Overtones’ that took place. It would seem that I am against the ‘Editorial Team’ as I am 100% with Gerard, and would support his view on Tommy Robinson.

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Good on yer fellas. In my book, KipperCentral presents a topical and tolerant forum, which encourages wide-ranging political concerns and debate with some excellent editorials. Please keep up the good work – which is much appreciated !

  4. forthurst says:

    Now that Gerard Batten has left the EFDD group because of Farage, would it not be better for UKIP to join the ENF and join the French and Italian nationalist parties amongst others, not forgetting Janice Atkinson who is a staunch Brexiter; perhaps she could be invited back as she was never charged with an offence?

  5. Sussex man says:

    Good for you, Darrell. The old guard who have left UKIP, and by association, UKIP daily, claim the party has left them. Sheer self indulgence and petulance in my view, and they clearly have no self awareness as they claim GB is distracting from Brexit. Did I miss their Brexit Betrayal march?. They seem unable to grasp that the grotesque broad daylight betrayal of democracy means that rules of UK politics have to change. Ask the French.

    • Pauline says:

      I don’t accept the excuse that UKIP left them – they abandoned UKIP but the MEPs didnt feel abandoned enough to hand their seats back though! Nigel abandoned UKIP directly after the Referendum. Many people are now relying on him to form another party – my prediction is he won’t be. I see Nigel through different eyes now.

  6. Alun Elder-Brown says:

    In total agreementl with the last post.

    Good luck with your endeavours Reece and Daryl

  7. Aelfred says:

    Good on kipper central. The growing ranks of UKIP members and supporters are loyal to UKIP and Gerard. How can anyone think that a party that is growing in numbers and strength is going in the wrong direction? Any who criticise the majority pro-UKIP, pro-Batten supporters, please do a bit more research. We are not your enemies. UKIP are the only party for true and full Brexit and local national polices. That a are not just for Brexit. They have an excellent manifesto.

  8. StuartJ says:

    In this age of “divide and rule”, it is important to remember there is still room for both KipperCentral and Independence Daily, and again we should not be fighting each other.

    I believe from several comments that have been left on recent articles that the Independence Daily editorial team are still very much UKIP members and supportive of the party, however the site as a whole has been rebranded to appeal to Brexit supporters across the political spectrum, not just in UKIP.

    I do agree that Brexit is the priority focus at present, unless this happens, and we leave the EU entirely, then there is very little that can be done about the ‘other issues’ that UKIP is trying to champion.

    There is a concerted effort, both within the party and from the outside, to nullify and discredit UKIP as any electoral threat.

    KipperCentral can and should continue to be a UKIP-friendly news and debate website, and should lead the way in bringing members together for honest, open and frank discussions.

    I’ll keep following!

  9. John Ferguson says:

    I see even Lenny the lion has quit & gone off to join Independence Daily. He’s another one blaming Gerard & claiming the party has left him.

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