LAME EXCUSES: Coburn Rebuffs Request From UKIP Scotland To Hand Seat Back

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David Coburn MEP has rebuffed requests from UKIP Scotland to hand back his MEP seat and allow his place to be taken by the next UKIP member on the list.

Ukip Scotland’s Regional officer and five regional chairs signed a letter urging Mr Coburn to stand aside. They thanked him for his service but said in light of his decision and the fact that voters backed UKIP as a Party as opposed to Mr Coburn as an individual. The letter pointed out: “140,534 people voted for UKIP at the election in question. They did not vote for an Independent MEP and therefore the democratic process should not be compromised by denying the wishes of these people.” 

Coburn arrogantly dismissed the letter: “Essentially the party left me – I did not leave the party. There’s no way that I’m removing myself. I’m not going to be handing the seat over to anybody who is a supporter of Tommy Robinson.”

To say the conduct of UKIP’s ex MEPs has been disappointing, to say the least. They have shown no regard for the wishes of the people who voted for UKIP nor the Party itself and it reflects exceptionally poorly on their character; they should hand their seats back.


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  • 108

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10 Responses

  1. Deborah A Lovell says:

    David Coburn has always been an arrogant so an so IMO, so I am not at all surprised.

  2. Peter Dawson says:

    The man needs to go on a fact hunt

  3. Pauline Davies says:

    Appalling behaviour from someone who is purportedly representing over 100,000 voters. But then he’s already on the gravy train!!

  4. Paulski says:

    Apart from Nigel Farge no significant number of voters voted for anything other than the badge and name when casting their decision in EU elections.

    Who the hell does Coburn think he is? No one forced him to go and I find it rather tiresome when they trot out the same excuse for continuing in a role that UKIP and its supporters got for them. Incidently this also applies to those councillors who resigned from the party. What happens to their allowances when they choose to go independent without consulting the people who voted for them?

  5. Sponplague says:

    Bollocks! David C. Is the MEP famous for a press release where he explains his boyfriend makes sure he has clean underpants on!

    ALL MEP candiadates, during my time on the NEC, agreed that vacation of seat meant next on the list would inherit. And no, under any circumstances, employing of wives.

    The rot starts with Nigel… 😡

  6. Alan Hill says:

    He is a man without honour. The sooner UKIP purges itself of these folk the better.

  7. Aelfred says:

    David Coburn is obviously another one who does not believe in integrity and democracy.

  8. K says:

    Well done David. UKIP has left many.

    • Pauline says:

      UKIP hasnt left anyone – its still here! Those of you who point the finger at TR, who BTW isnt a member and is not paid by UKIP, as the reason for leaving UKIP is irrational. Do you know anything about TR at all, have you done any research yourself or do you rely on MSM for your information?

      Give the chap a fair hearing – look at the YouTube video of TR at Oxford Union. He has been unfairly treated by the establishment and you are adding to it!

      Pesonally I think the conduct of UKIP MEPs has been appalling, those who resigned had signed a document promising to pay 10% of their salaries to UKIP and to resign their seats if they left UKIP. None of them have done so !

  9. StuartJ says:

    Sod ’em! Our MEPs should hopefully be surplus to requirements come March next year, and honestly what have any of them really contributed to the political discourse in this country? Apart from maybe Nigel Farage of course.

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