U-TURN: Mogg BACKS May And Says She “Has His Confidence”.

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In a stunning U-turn, Jacob Rees-Mogg has backed Theresa May and says she has has “confidence”. The leading Brexiteer made the remarks in the House Of Commons during the statement made by the Prime Minister earlier today.

Mr Rees-Mogg was one of the 48 Conservative MPs who submitted a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister which triggered the vote which she won last week by 83 votes. Immediately following the vote, he demanded her resignation saying that someone winning the vote by such a slender margin would normally be on her way to see the Queen to hand in her resignation.

However, today he offered his congratulations to Mrs May for winning the vote. Such a stunning u-turn can only mean the Conservative Brexiteers are a spent force and that the ‘Blue Wave’ which sought to propel Mr Rees-Mogg or another Brexiteer to the top-spot has crashed against a rock.

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20 Responses

  1. Pauline says:

    What a disappointment – how could he? What’s next will he be approving her ‘Deal’!

  2. Deborah A Lovell says:

    What the f**k is going on, is there no one there with any moral fibre?

  3. Robert Bryant says:

    JRM is a loyal Tory.
    Being loyal to CCHQ and shafting the people of Britain is what they do.
    Why are you surprised?

    • Anthony Taylor says:

      GCHQ, up until relatively recent times, is one of the few bodies that has worked diligently in the back ground to keep you and members of your family in a safe place. No question !

  4. M Catling says:

    Don’t agree at all. JRM would NEVER capitulate unless he had another plan ready.
    Watch this space, something is about to unfold.

  5. EB says:

    Rees-Mogg and Farage have two things in Common, first they are both clever charming accomplished speakers. Second, they are both squirming cowards when push comes to shove and as a result totally untrustworthy.

  6. Anthony Taylor says:

    The Mogg appears to have just lost all credibility.
    Devious doings in DARK places.
    Surely there can’t be ANY ‘Right Honourable’s’ left in the Palace?

  7. Stanley Cutts says:

    She “May” have his confidence but neither of them has mine ! Let’s just get out of the EU and go for a General Election next year. I’ll vote for a coalition of UKIP and For Britain – anyone else?

  8. Mark says:

    He called for the vote of no confidence in May, and it failed, so now he has to respect the out come. That is the legal position, his only choice otherwise is to resign the whip or leave the party.
    I watched the debate live on TV, and when the little prat (speaker) called JRM, you should have seen Mays face, if looks could kill. Also the deafening silence of a sulking Boris on the backbenches, should not go unnoticed.
    One thing i will say is that i have been a Leaver for ever, supported a candidate i didnt like, delivered UKIP leaflets in the rain, campaigned for leave to the point of boring everybody stupid, but as of now, i have no idea of where this is going now!
    The only upside of all this is that a vast amount of people now understand that there is a deep state that controls the media and the political discourse globally, and that cynicism in the political process has never been higher, and the stock in trade of the politicians has never been lower.

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    There could be more to this than we are being told. It is certainly a fact that Mrs May and the Party whips have successfully engineered a year’s extension to her unwanted premiership, and Moggy sees no value in being against his Party and leader for the next year.
    I think it best for clarity, to interview Moggy so that further detail can be received. As it stands right now, he can be seen as a turn-coat, but I recon there is more to this than we know about right now !

  10. Carol says:

    Nothing surprises me to be honest. These MPs are just playing silly games. it’s all theatre to them and acting – and how they love an audience when it’s applauding. Unless this is a bit of fake news, or a comment taken out of context, it is one more nail in the coffin of the Tories being unelectable for not just a generation, but generations – ditto Labour who have clearly demonstrated that my horse could run a better opposition party than Corbyn who has abjectly failed to lead anyone anywhere or do anything. The days of the old comfy Con/Lab 2 party politics are over ‘vote for us as they are worse than we are’ a new day is dawning and UKIP will be very much on the map.

  11. Mr B. Greenwood says:

    Moggy stabs himself in the back.

  12. Pauline says:

    Why is it all the heroes have feet of clay? First Farage, now Mogg!

  13. GeoffL says:

    I think it is right they now consolidate behind her. If she falls, so does our leaving the EU. She has heard loudly and clearly that the ‘deal’ is not brilliant, she was rudely rebuffed by the EU last week (when she was only asking for them to confirm her understanding of the deal) and I imagine she is now more willing to lead through a No-Deal than she was before.

  14. John Rutherford says:

    The Conservatives are going to split. JRM is now positioning himself and his group as loyal Conservatives so they will inherit the assets. The party will split when remainer Tories rebel and support Labour to win a second referendum or even support a Labour no confidence motion to bring down the government and stop a no deal Brexit

  15. StuartJ says:

    Does anyone honestly really trust the Tories to deliver on any promise they make?

    Does anyone honestly think the Tory party had any intention of delivering Brexit and getting us out of the EU?

    For the last two and a bit years, the Tories have been expertly character acting as ‘Brexiters’ and ‘Remainers’, and that’s all it has been, pantomime acting. Johnson, Gove, and now Rees-Mogg are just taking off their face-paint and resuming their true roles within the party.

    They will all fall back into the fold, just to present a seemingly ‘united front’ against the “hopelessly divided” Labour party, ahead of an impending General Election.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      90% of my voting has been for Conservatives, not that I am in any way a Tory. I used to think that voting that way Stuart, was the least damaging to the Nation ! ….. Well that’s gone for a ball of chalk now. It’s UKIP or nothing now ! Answers to your questions are No and No, and delivered with total disgust !

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