OPINION: Far From Preparing For ‘No Deal’, Treason May Is Preparing The Ultimate Brexit Betrayal

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Every news outlet today has been full of the seemingly glorious news that the British government is to make “full preparations” for ‘No Deal’ ie, a Clean Brexit. Surely things are (finally) going our way?

Before people break out the bubbly though I have to make a few observations and it is my contention that these taken together suggest that we are headed in the opposite direction to the one that is being signposted.

Firstly, this is not the first time we have been here. Take this quote from Mrs May: “Let nobody be in any doubt, and I’ve always said this, we are preparing for no deal.” It is from September 20th when she was busy trying to railroad people, including the EU, into accepting the Chequers agreement, the monstrosity that begot the abomination of the Withdrawal Agreement.  On July 9th, the then Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, said that preparations for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit were being ‘stepped-up’.  In March, Whitehall was given £1.6bn to make contingency plans for a no deal scenario in the Budget.

Starting to spot the pattern? The ‘No Deal’ drumbeat has been constant throughout the year. It has never been completely quiet and what is more, when Mrs May is in a spot of bother, like she was over Chequers, for example, it gets noticeably louder. The only reason it is much louder now, including quite frankly ridiculous stories about Army mobilisations, is because the hole the Prime Minister is in is larger than it was previously. It is always accompanied by a slew of stories in the media whose basic point is to terrify people about the prospect of no deal. The Prime Minister wants to terrify a recalcitrant Parliament and populace into backing her deal. Nothing more, nothing less. This is deplorable and contemptible behaviour and is worthy of nothing but condemnation.

Secondly, even if we set the first objection aside, have we all collectively forgotten that this is the Prime Minister that told us solemnly that there would be no General Election in 2017 (there was), that the Meaningful Vote would take place last week (it didn’t), that backed Remain (she has basically admitted she would do so again by her silence), need I continue? Mrs May’s word is worth less than dirt. Why, because she is doing what we want her to do, has she suddenly become so trustworthy? It is simply because we are allowing ourselves to see what we want too, not what is really in front of us.

If anything, Brexiteers should be preparing for Brexit’s ultimate betrayal which is clearly coming next year. If past form is anything to go by, the simple but effective terror tactics of Mrs May will probably succeed and Parliament will probably vote her deal through. We will then face a long protracted struggle to truly free Britain from the yoke of the EU and have to challenge the entire structure of the Parliament that has kept us cast in chains. Before Brexiteers rush to the shake the seemingly outstretched hand on offer from Mrs May they should ponder whether they would offer their hand to a crocodile with a grin from ear-to-ear plastered all over its face…..


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  • 1.8K
  • 1.8K

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6 Responses

  1. Mr B. Greenwood says:

    Assuming the worst will happen such as May’s “deal” or No Brexit.The future of politics should be to reject Left and Right and reorganise in Pro Independence and Anti Independence parties.What would be the point of Conservative and Labour Westminster politicians if we become subject to complete EU domination ? With new parties clearly stating their beliefs for the future of the UK voters would have a clear choice.

  2. StuartJ says:

    The ‘No-Deal preparation’ talk is simply to ‘appease’ Brexit voters. It is the proverbial ‘carrot on a stick’, to somehow placate us and keep us quiet, while she prepares her next act of betrayal.

    After last years shenanigans, if Theresa May says there isn’t going to be a ‘second referendum’, then there is going to be one.

  3. Grumpyashell says:

    If she does betray the referendum vote then she will consign the Conservative Party to the dustbin of history and UKIP can help in her demise….there will be 17.4 million angry voters that will want revenge

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The British have had Government from the Conservatives, from the Labour Party and Coalition. From every colour of Government, there have been the odd success mixed with the many disasters with Taxation to Foreign policy.
    I remember Harold Wilson’s Government not being liked, but Mrs May has excelled in utter disgust and disrespect from the people. I am a retired OAP and I have never seen anything like this before. Add to that, the Tory Party eventually getting round to removing her, and they end up with a guarantee of another year for her. THE WHOLE BODY POLITIC NEEDS SWEEPING ASIDE. ENTER UKIP NOW !

  5. Chris FAREY says:

    I agree wholeheartedly and have said this all along. From day one when the ‘Leave’ campaign team first walked through the curtain on the laughable tv ‘Brexit Game Show’ it was obvious by the conspicuous lack of celebration in their faces that things had gone horribly wrong. Boris was not punching the air in victory.
    Clearly, Cameron did not anticipate a Leave majority, but a slim Remain majority with which to threaten Brussels. Ever since then the job has been to concoct agreement terms that would acquiesce the voting public into believing they had delivered what was required by the voting majority, yet at the same time keep us shackled to the main EU thread: control from Brussels. The masterstroke has been to elect a closet Remainer as Conservative leader. Backed up with clever spin, ”…..this deal is what’s best fro the British public….”, we all took it at face value, until reading the fine detail. ‘Best deal’ is not a lie, just depends on how you define ‘best’ – in this case ‘best’ means their belief in the long-term benefits of remaining in the EU – assuming there will be some one day.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If someone entered your house, because your local Council had given them permission, and they proceeded to take charge of your Bank accounts and investments, then it is possible you would take a knife or a gun to them, and correct the situation !
    How is this any different to what is taking place from the EU, with the assistance of this worthless Government ?
    Someone needs to spell it out to Mrs May, that if she pushes the people into an unacceptable situation, very nasty actions could easily come into play. The British are slow to anger, but like an elastic band, if stretched too far, it will break. THINK ON IT !

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