NO DEAL NOW: Parliamentary Petition Close To 300,000 Signatures

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The Parliamentary petition calling for a No Deal or clean Brexit is close to 300,000 signatures. It currently stands on 273, 809 signatures well over the 100,000 needed to be considered for a Parliamentary debate.

Seven days have elapsed since it passed the 100,000 mark however it is unlikely to be allocated a slot until Parliament returns from the Christmas recess.

Meanwhile, Project Fear continues apace. Today brought the news that Environment Secretary Michael Gove is allegedly preparing to employ a military planner to deal with potential disruption to trade between Calais and Dover.

The news comes after Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced earlier this week that thousands of soldiers were on standby to help with potential disruption from a no-deal Brexit.

A Whitehall source said: “This is just sensible contingency planning for a worst-case scenario. It’s unlikely to happen but it is responsible to prepare, just in case.”

You can sign the petition here

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  • 3.5K
  • 3.5K

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5 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Could i just say that this close to Christmas, how offensive i find having to look at Micheal Gove, please remove the picture and replace with a picture of a rats anus please.

  2. John Wright says:

    So our government are actively preparing for confrontation it seems?
    Does this not suggest they fear we people for having the temerity to seek a better life free of the EU, or is it to be a repeat of the disgraceful behaviour of our gov’t & their police stooges during the miners strike back in the dark ages? Our quite useless gov’t needs to get a grip, that’s if they even know how? Or is this another example of the threatening & bullying tactics we’ve grown familiar with in recent times? Whatever it is, let our authorities be aware they are supposedly on our side & any form of antagonism detected will likely end-up infuriating we ordinary decent, honest & hard working people to the point of rebellion. The answer is simple, get us out of the EU by walking away, stop dithering & act like Brits, not worms!

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    WHAT A GREAT PICTURE OF MR GOVE, and he is one of our Ministers of the Crown ! No doubt this picture will be shown around the EU, so are we sure that however low we consider the EU to be, is it not reasonable to expect them to see in him, our beloved little Nation, and to fall about laughing ?
    Add to that picture, our useless and bent PM, plus the mess that is The House of Commons, and you can probably understand why I am so embarrassed right now ! FELLOW KIPPERS, WE HAVE A JOB TO DO, AND IT IS AS ENORMOUS AS IT IS URGENT !

  4. Roland Taylor says:

    I blame dear Mr Gove for the state we are in. If he had not stabbed Boris in the back we may have got a Brexit PM who would have been able to stand up to the EU. I do hope that when our Mrs May decides to call it a day Gove does not get a chance to go for the job & cause us problems again.

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