OPINION: The BBC’s Red Button Of Doom!

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If you dare to push the “little red button” and select “politics” – brace yourself. Because what your eyes are about to scan is a list of doom and gloom so “disastrous” that the grim reaper could be lurking behind your curtains.

‘Food prices could increase, if there’s any left on the shelf.’

‘Travel costs may rise.’

‘Our roads could become lorry parks.’

‘Mobile phones might incur roaming charges.’

‘Medicine shortages are possible.

The list of doom is endless.

As well as the above, the usual “Tony Blair” and his anti-democratic “People’s Vote” frightener is often squeezed in somewhere, just to send further shivers down your spine.

I dread pushing it. I mean, our public service broadcaster telling us that life is barely worth living on a daily basis frightens me terribly.

‘Dead bodies may not be moved,’ was a recent “news” article.

It’s just like one big horror movie preparing to play out in HD – and I’m concerned what the next additions to the script may be.

Will drains become blocked causing our bathrooms to stink us into unconsciousness?

Or may water be polluted with evil-acid that will eat away at our insides on consumption?

Perhaps the oxygen we inhale will be contaminated with chemicals that leave us bed-ridden, whilst simultaneously causing bed bugs to breed at rapid rates, producing mutilated offspring that will gnaw away at our rotting flesh as we lay – helpless.

And all of this because we dared to mark X next to “Leave” on a small sheet of paper two and a half years ago.

The Red Button of Doom never lets us down. I fear what next week will bring!

I suppose the closer we edge towards that “cliff”, aka Independence Day, the scare stories will become so frightening that hearts will thud and eyeballs will pop in manic fashion.

BBC’s Red Button of Doom is out to get you. The Brexit apocalypse is near.

If you dare to push it: Be warned!

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7 Responses

  1. John says:

    The BBC News department are full of pathetic snowflakes and closet marxists, all members of the NUJ, that well known Liebour supporting union…..BTW the rest of the BBC, the back room techs at least, hate them for what they are doing and have done to the BBC’s reputation over the years. Unfortunately the BBC has sold off all the people who make real programmes and all that’s left is a bunch of new management and editorial types from our leftist-marxist universities, and of course the News dept Trotskyists……

  2. James says:

    This is easy to sort. Just don’t watch any of the BBC propaganda. UKIP Policy is to get rid of the BBC well unless the writer likes watching people prancing around on a stage in Elstree or again idiots prancing around in Elstree on Eastenders just don’t watch it

    • Steven De La Salle says:

      I don’t watch or fund the BBC anymore, I was taking the mick out of them! I know, I was, I believe, the first UKIP candidate to have “axe the BBC licence fee” on a leaflet – before it was even official party policy. I’ve been pushing to make it sub-based for years and years! Let’s see how good it is then! Why should poor households have to fund the BBC to watch other channels? We don’t have to fund Fosters to enjoy a different lager of our choice, eg Carling! 🙂

  3. Love Liberty says:

    There will be a change in paperwork which could cause confusion and some delays. The other claims leave me confused, because I don’t understand what mechanisms are supposed to cause these huge dangerous disruptions.

    In theory the UK will have to impose on imports from the EU the same inspections and tariffs that it imposes on non-EU imports (but no one can make the UK do this).

    If the government tells HMRC to keep to current procedures it could be a year or two before the WTO complaints process would push for a harmonisation. Why any of that would cause serious problems in imports is something I haven’t seen explained. I am guessing it is based on the idea that UK Customs staff will deliberately harm the UK in a work to rule.

    The claim that exports could be harmed is on safer ground. The day after Brexit the EU is under that same obligation to charge its external tariffs on anything the EU imports from the UK. The bureaucrats may be willing to harm EU importers for the sake of teaching the Brits a lesson. They have the right to place these tariffs and indeed the obligation to do so, unless they do a free trade deal with the UK to avoid them. I assume they will disrupt exports to the EU.

    Also imports into EU from UK could be subject to different inspections. In this there is less obligation on the EU (because standards in UK are identical to EU standards which means that extra tests are not required) but again, the EU bureaucrats may want to impose these checks as a punishment.

    Many of the fear stories seem to be based on an extreme and strict interpretation of tariff and inspection rules. Why our side would delay food or medicine deliveries to the extent of causing harm is beyond me. Also, I am unaware of what mechanism the EU could use to impede exports from the EU to the UK.

  4. Anthony Taylor says:

    Surely, by now it can only be the’faithless few’ that are watching or listening to anything that the beeb puts out ! FAKE NEWS !

  5. Grant Smith says:

    Our reaction to the threats of ‘undiminished perils’ is fully understandable, and this dreadful apology for a PM is happy for the Brussels Bias Conspiracy to continue spreading it deeper than Farmer Giles’s cow-dung in Spring.
    However, what we are currently facing IS an unprecedented situation, and, however ANGRY we all might be feeling, that the same Party who led us down this route to slavery is now attempting to bind us in subjection to the MAY-WAY as the ONLY possible EXIT, we must have a ‘grown-up’ approach; even supposing we all arm ourselves with pitchforks and scythes and storm the Westmonster hothouse, after we have slain all the political parasites, and pronounced the modern-day Wat Tyler as our new leader, there will still be hungry mouths to feed, children to be educated and hospital patients to be treated, etc..
    May I respectfully ask, please take advice from far more gifted brains than mine, and study what is being posted regularly under The Leave Alliance’s banner.
    Mr Rees-Mogg isn’t the only one in the land capable of quiet, balanced thought. There are men and women posting on that blog, who HAVE actually thought about – ‘Is there a better Plan B than the ‘NO DEAL’ scenario, which right now seems so preferable to the MAY-WAY sellout?

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I’M TOTALLY SAFE ! I’m looked after by my Daughter and my Daughter in Law. For the first time in many years, they are all coming to me for Christmas Day. The Children will make it impossible to elevate things to the political level, and I intend to see it all in with my visit to my Parish Church tomorrow evening. I will be counting my Blessings in the heart of my family, and my Son and Son in Law will be the most excellent of friends, all to be repeated in a week’s time for New Year !

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