OPINION: The Persecution Of The Faith

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Christmas is one of the few times in the year that Christianity permeates the popular consciousness. However, it is also one of the most persecuted faiths the world over, not that you would hear this from the mainstream media which is more focused on nourishing the victim complex of one of the chief aggressors against Christianity, Islam. This, for Christians is truly a return to the beginning of the faith when the Roman Empire eyed them with weary and suspicious eyes and, bluntly, brutally oppressed them.

The case of nativity scene in Ilford where the baby Jesus was beheaded by vandals is an interesting. It was paid for by the British Pakistani Christian Association who have been prominent supporters of Asia Bibi, the women who Theresa May has betrayed by refusing to allow her the protection of British citizenship. Christian persecution is widespread in Pakistan and again this is something neither our temporal leaders in Westminster nor our spiritual ones in the odious person of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby care to talk about much. The BCPA’s support for Bibi could well be a motive for the vandalism.

In countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, the pressure from both authorities and peers to convert to Islam is extreme and often violent. Saudi Arabia, the apple of Western globalist eyes, is a hotbed of Christian persecution. In particular, “The ongoing rape and sexual harassment of Christian women is particularly concerning”.  However, it is not just Islamic regimes that dole out oppression to Christians.

Newspapers are full this morning of the story of how the Chinese government has banned Christmas on the grounds of a “return to tradition” which point to the threat posed by a rising tide of Hindu and Buddhist nationalism and, of course, the atheistic (not secular) dictatorship that typifies the few remaining Communist regimes. Earlier this month Chinese police raided one of the largest house Churches and over 100 Christians were arrested for no good reason other than that they are perceived as a threat to the state.  Reports are being filed that police in China are being given quotas for the arrest of Christians and there is a bounty being paid for their successful incarceration.

Yet Western leaders, some of whom espouse fidelity to the faith, continue to openly fete governments such as the Chinese one. Political leaders we almost expect to be duplicitous and self-serving but even less excuse exists for spiritual leaders such as Welby who still finds the time to pump out pro Project Fear and pro-EU propaganda. It is a poor shepherd who let’s the wolves ravage their flock in such a way. So, this Christmas it would be worth putting this cause to the front of your mind and demanding a more resolute approach by our political leaders who are often happy to preach noble sentiment but are totally unwilling to use their power in a practical way in the defence of persecuted Christians who will be spending this Christmas essentially in hiding.



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  • 336
  • 336

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5 Responses

  1. M Catling says:

    I totally support this piece, and those who are Christian in places of power should be very aware of the contempt we have for them. I simply do not recognise Britain as the Christian nation it is.
    Where is the balance between Christianity and Islam, when the Police and Judiciary constantly give different approaches to arrest and sentencing ? Long gone I’m afraid. I am truly disgusted with a government that cosies up to the Muslim community for fear of being judged themselves.
    Britain’s history is based on Christian principals, that are currently being used against us.
    We will not go quietly into the night! Christ too had a mountain to climb, and so will we.

  2. Malcolm Jackson says:

    Christianity and Islam are mutually dependent.
    Christianity thrives on martyrs, turning the other cheek, and generally providing a door mat for Islam to trample on.
    Islam needs Christians so that Islam can either convert or kill the non-believers.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    When the Roman Empire took action against The Christian Faith, they did so from a holding position of ‘belief’ in their many gods, who were proved to be false, and without any usefulness to the Romans. In fact they were without a ‘religion’.
    Islam is no different. It is no ‘religion’ at all, except for a very large following, and many voices saying the same thing does not make it a ‘religion’. All it does is to make of itself a nuisance. It has lasted into its fourteenth century, due to internal fear.
    Judeo Christianity took many centuries and Prophets to bear witness of Almighty God’s intentions, and which all came to pass in God’s own timing. Why else would the Koran make such issue with our true Religion ?
    It is possible to confront such nonsense, in a very simple way. Christianity holds forth upon God’s love, and our love for the Redeemer, whereas Islam uses internal fear in the mortal world for backsliders. One holds to freedom of belief, or an absence of it. The other demands obedience based upon fear of other followers !
    I have said this before within Kipper Central. Islam is the Insurance Policy, brought into being by Mohammad. It is nothing more than that, but has been very successful, ….. as an Insurance Policy !

  4. Anthony Dennison says:

    I went to an ordinary council school in East London in the 1960s. We had Scripture lessons (which was of course the Christian scripture). Lord’s Prayer every morning at assembly, and The Grace before we had our school dinner. But back then the school was 100% working class English children, whose parents worked in local shops and factories. All the shops and factories have now gone, and the indigenous families fled in the 1970s and 80s, when unskilled mass immigration from Pakistan took hold. Walthamstow (where I grew up) is now famous for being the centre of power for hate preacher Anjem Choudhary and his aggressive Muslim gangs who periodically try to enforce a ‘Sharia Law Zone’ in the High Street. The baker’s where my Mum worked is now a Jihadi bookshop.

    These people have another country to go to (Pakistan) and countless other Muslim majority countries. This Christmas, I am reflecting that I have nowhere else to go. My only consolation is that I have left London and have no children. I would not send my dog to school now in the borough of Waltham Forest.

    Any point in copying this to the blond, mini-skirt wearing local Labour MP Stella Creasey? She was elected by the Muslim block vote – she does not ‘cover’ but is a useful idiot for us and will above all else protect Muslims.

  5. StuartJ says:

    I found it deepily inappropriate for Jeremy HUnt to be on the BBC News this morning calling for our government to ‘do more’ to protect and help persecuted Christians around the world.

    This I found mildly offensive considering Mr Hunt is part of the same government that refused to give asylum to Asia Bibi – an actual persecuted Christian from Pakistan – on the grounds that Muslim communities in the UK might be ‘upset’.

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