OPINION: The Turkish Fox In The Syrian Hen House

Image: Gage Skidmore
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Donald Trump, as of about 2 hours ago at the time of writing, was, according to his Twitter feed sitting alone in the White House. He is waiting for the Democrats to offer him a deal on Border Security. Holding his breath is probably not advised.

A Christmas Card from Syrian Kurds and Tel Aviv is probably more likely and the chances of either arriving are only a shade short of zero. Both have been massively alienated by what looks like a botched and hurried withdrawal of American troops from Syria.

In principle, the withdrawal is of course totally correct, they should never have been there. However, the execution leaves much to be desired:

Erdrogan is an anti-Semitic Islamist dictator. Put simply, he will not eradicate ISIS, whose war with Syrian Kurds Turkey tacitly encouraged, but will instead turn Turkey’s guns on the people who have most consistently opposed ISIS and fought hard and valiently against them. Trump’s actions constitute a abject betrayal of them and the hitherto warm relationship with Israel.

Erdrogan recently encouraged Turkish youth to teach Jews “a lesson” which appeared to include beheading them. No wonder Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, hit back  on Twitter:

BiBi’s reaction to Trump’s decision was decidedly lukewarm, commenting curtly that it is “Americas decision.”

Capitulating to Turkey would be bad enough but it appears the Saudis also had a hand in the decision:

Turkey running riot. Saudi Arabia meddling. Iran militarily invovled (and now in a much better position to ship weapons to Hezbollah to menace Israel). It is hard to see this ending well.

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Foolish leaders have come and gone throughout history. Their kind are nothing new, and their foolishness usually take the form of not having the personal training required for the job of weighing up all the aspects that are present in a war situation.
    Looking at a fairly recent example, Hitler was not up to the job of military leader, but his position gave him the ability to override his Generals, and the Allies gained the benefit. Now Trump, without personal qualifications, takes American forces out of the Syrian area of combat, to US domestic delight, and ISIS and Turkey gain the benefit, with Israel probably paying the price.

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