Salvini Looks Forward To “Year Of Change” In Christmas Message

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Matteo Salvini, Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister and who for my money has been the standout political figure of 2018, has delivered a Christmas message looking forward to making 2019 a “year of change”.

Looking forward to the Euro Elections in May 2019 he said “I wish that the EU will change in May .” He continued asking his followers to spare a thought to all those who are alone, suffer or who work on Christmas Day.

Salvini’s Lega Party are in the lead in the most recent poll for the Euros on 32%. His popularity along with that of that of the Lega  has surged since they entered government with the 5* Movement and have introduced a series of popular measures controlling immigration and a budget set to raise public spending.

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  • 961
  • 961

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I remember when it was common place for Great Briton to lead other Nations by example. That seems to have gone by the board now by the likes of so called professional politicians, like Mrs May !
    Good Luck to Italy, first with its clearance of the Euro, and then perhaps, clearance from the EU as well !

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